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The Most Successful People Explain Why a College Degree is USELESS

Well, often times Business Education today, and I see it all the time Kids come out of college, the best colleges Wharton and Harvard and Stanford and some of the great business schools and they’ll come out and they won’t have practical experience. There’s too many case studies that aren’t practical. You know, we ask kids that are 16 to 18 years old to make $100,000 debt decisions when they go off to University, and they are not prepared for that. They don’t know what they’re getting themselves into, they just assume ‘Okay, I’m gonna pay four years of education at twenty-five thousand a pop and when I come out the other side somehow I’ll be able to pay it back’. Reporter: Right. That’s not how life works anymore. There’s no need even to have a college degree. At all. We’re in high school- I mean, if somebody graduated from a great university, that may be an indication that they will be capable of great things, but it’s not necessarily the case you know, if you look at say, people like Bill Gates or Larry Ellison, Steve Jobs these guys didn’t graduate from college but if you had a chance to hire them, of course that would be… a good idea. [laughs] I think having the flexibility to explore a lot of different things which you can do when you’re in college which is one of the amazing things about being in college is you can work on all these hobbies and encode a lot of stuff and try a lot of different things. It’s this amazing flexibility that I think most people take for granted and once you decide ‘Okay, I’m gonna start a company and I’m gonna do it with someone else’, you immediately now need to convince someone else if you want to change your mind on something, and I think people really undervalue the option value and flexibility. I think explore what you want to do before committing is really like, the key thing and keep yourself flexible. Interviewer: [chuckles] No, I think that that’s… Interviewer: Yeah, I agree. I mean, it’s actually kind of funny like- you know, if you think like ‘what is education’, like you’re basically downloading data and algorithms into your brain and it’s actually amazingly bad in conventional education ’cause like it shouldn’t be like this huge tour If someone is standing up there kind of lecturing at people and They’ve done the same lecture Twenty Years in a Row and They’re not Very Excited about It and In fact i think a Lot of Thing People Learn It probably There’s no point in learning them Because It that They never use them in the future because the like Kids Just in school Kinda Puzzled as to why they’re there i think The People Who are doing the work that we care about are Figuring Out What to do next not following the person who told them what to do next and the problem with most Colleges Is They are high school But with more binge Drinking The entire purpose of a Good University Is to give you a Foundation to fail Not a foundation to get an a and if You graduate from college with straight A’s you have to do some serious soul-Searching? As to why you chose to spend your time doing that a student’s Work for the b students The C students Run The Businesses and that These students dedicate The Buildings it’s like The Newspaper Industry Write more printing presses more Big Buildings write Makes this look Grander We Have Brains That we’re putting them Out there there’s There’s a Point of diminishing returns in Terms of What it’s worth for a college Education and How much Debt you’re Willing to sell Yourself with a Lot of People file a Lot of People are following if Not we’d have problems we Have too many Entrepreneurs we have too Many Successful people look how many People Go through Business Classes iF Everything You Needed Was in that Actual Business class in that book it’d be too Many Successful Business People Right How many People graduate Matter of Fact the professor Wouldn’t have The time to sit there and teach you He knows this book Damn near Broke a them page by page he knows all right cuz he be entrepreneur he too busy i’m Too i’m doing Way Too Much Right Now cuz i got the palm trees and We do It we Sell It so much Right Stuff that I’m doing that i ain’t quite got time to teach and so when You walk into a Boardroom With a Bunch of Guys in suits who all went to college you’re fine Yeah i Mean Because They Read a bunch of Words I’ve Lived a Bunch of life That Self-Esteem From Seriously I Mean Most My mom first and Foremost Just live in Life like you know being in real situations and Happen to be a person of High integrity and Honesty you Know you never embarrassed Yourself of Course not You never walked in and Said how Everybody Thinks I’m ignorant Here i’m stupid i Never i don’t i don’t Feel ignorant right you know i don’t ryan felt like i came up in this Situation or time you know where i wasn’t afforded Certain opportunities and if afforded Opportunities I could Be Oprah could be Bill Gates i could Be Warren Buffett in My Experience in Business There is Very little difference if Any Between a Very High-Priced Business Education and What’s available a Lot for a Lot less Money i went to the university of nebraska-Lincoln My last Year in college i went to Wharton for a Couple Years Before That I learned Just as Much At University of Braska As I did at Wharton you Need to be prodded in the right Direction but an Awful lot of It Is Self As Self taught It Isn’t Necessary to pay Thirty or Thirty-five Thousand Dollars a Year to go to some big-name School to get the Education at all i mean if you’re gonna Learn accounting if you’re going Is the probably the most important of Course You’d take in Business iF you’re gonna Learn to count you learn in accounting Absolutely as Well and My view going to you and Always going to harvard i mean i see i Would i bet on that and so i Wouldn’t run Up Huge Bills and Education Is Very Good at Training People to do the same Things that we’ve done over and Over again? And i think there’s Always a question What the nature of The Educational Good is You Know you can Say It’s a it’s an investment Good we’re investing in the future you can Say It’S a Consumption Good like college Is a Four-Year Party you Know i think most of the parents and students think of It Actually as an insurance Policy Where you’re Buying This Really Ever more Expensive insurance So that The students don’t fall through The really Big cracks in our society and We Should Be Asking some big questions why the insurance Costs are Going Up and Up like That and if you were the president of Harvard or stanford if You wanted to get a Lynch Mob of students alumni Faculty to come after you and try to lynch you What you Should Say Is something Like This you know we we live in this much larger more Global World We Offer a Great Education to everybody and so we’re gonna double or triple our Enrollment over the next 15 to 20 Years and People Would They’d All Be Furious because the value of The degrees comes from This Massive Exclusion and and What you’re Really running is something Like a studio 54 Nightclub i hate It i Hated School i Really Hated School i Really all i hated School Generally Right Because It Was this Instruction Following Thing Now i bet you it’s probably also Because i wasn’t good at It and some People Like I’ve Got a Great Conceptual rep Memory and a Terrible rote Memory so if i have a Story i could tell you Year By Year Kind of What Happened Within a Story Within a Context but if i was to go into You Know like a Memory Based Learning it’s terrible i have a Terrible Road Memory? Ego Barrier Is the worst Thing and if we Were raised differently Just imagine in the schools that all Along The People will always Say Everybody Makes Mistakes Everybody has Weaknesses the Key is really to Understand What Your Mistakes and Weaknesses are so that You can Learn from them right i think in Punishment is it’S a terrible Concept punishment means that You made a mistake and you’re being Punished i think Instead of punishment Every time somebody Makes a Mistake you Should Say The Only Thing that you need to do To get out of your punishment his first think What Kind of mistake Was that so if i’m in this Situation That’s like That Again How would i do deal with It differently not to make that Mistake so that Learning Should Come from The mistake not punishment because you’re teaching People not to make Mistakes Where’s Where the learning comes from Not the appreciation the if you keep Doing this over and Over again you’re gonna Keep encountering The Same outcomes you Know it’s an Extremely Corrupt System We Have at This point There’s we have an Education bubble in the u.s We have a Trillion Dollars of student debt To first approximation this has gone to pay for a trillion Dollars Worth of lies about the value of The education People Have Received And and i it’s not at all obvious Yet Though What’s going to What’s going to replace This or how it’s going to change My Um you know the the you know the and I’m somewhat Skeptical That It Will Be replaced By Any Sort Of single Unitary System and i have This fellowship for Young People to start Companies and You know it’s not my claim is not That Everybody Should Do This i don’t think everyone Should become an Entrepreneur and i think i think there is no one-size-Fits-All so i think the future will be much more heterogeneous Much more diverse in terms of What People do And What’s What’s Really Anomalous is the sort of Unitary tracking Where you have to go to an elite college You go to yale or you go to jail There’s nothing Else You can Do you know and so the The i think the universities are Perhaps in Perhaps in the same Place as the catholic Church Was in 1514 if we Go back 500 Years Where you have sort of This is monolithic Way newton’s universal Way of Body of Knowledge of teaching Things the difference Between the yale and the Harvard political science Faculties are probably No greater Than the differences between the dominicans and the franciscans we have all Kinds of small Debates Within This context? We are we Have a System of Indulgences That’s costing more and more to support this priestly or professorial Class of People We are told That it’s the only Way to Salvation You Must get a diploma to be Saved if you do not get a diploma then You Will go to hell And i think and i think the i think the the message that i have That’s like? The 16th Century Reformers That’s a Somewhat Troubling Message Is that you have to work out? Your Salvation on Your own you have to save Yourself and and And That’s That’s i think i believe that is the truth but it’s a it’S a somewhat uncomfortable one

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  1. PLEASE READ –> Hi everyone, this is a completely different video than normal. Videos will resume back to normal on Monday with an EPIC video by Simon Sinek. I want to explain that College is a perfect solution to many, however to others it may not be a good fit. For myself, it was perfect, for one of my good friends, it wasn't a good fit. If you are currently in college, do not rely on that the piece of paper that you receive at the end to get you far, it is your own commitment and perseverance that will get you far. College is one of the best places on earth to develop networking connections with fellow students and professors, as well as create experiences that are extremely valuable. I want to emphasise that you don't need to go to the best and most expensive school to get the best education or be successful. My advice is to BECOME INVOLVED, make friends with as many people as possible, help others, and be true to yourself. I REPEAT, this is not a video saying that College is useless, but rather we put too much emphasis on a piece of paper, thinking that a degree is going to catapult us to great success. Make the most out of your time, go out there and make connections with other people, and take risks!

  2. College can be a waist. I'm a community college student and some of my math course subjects are useless in real life.

  3. Hmm…some people I have seen you tube think their whole life is about a degree…then you see people who have degrees but can't get a job….unfortunately the facebook creator left out tips or strategoes on how to get a job without having to expose your whole life to strangers and without networking and rely on skill……Depopulate

  4. "Political Science teachers jobs exist only because political science majors need a job." Political Science Professor September 04, 2019

  5. A college degree is worthless they say yet everyone needs it to get better pay and promotion opportunities. Zuckerberg just got lucky and made a billion-dollar empire.

  6. You need degree to be a doctor, highly ranked police officer, military officer, college professor, school teacher, news anchor, lawyer etc. Thing is degrees do matter for 90% of the people. What doesn't matter is at what age you get degree. Just get the degree whenever you can.

  7. People who are genius or borderline genius prob don’t need college. That being said, the rest of us do. In order to learn how to think critically and analytically, you need to be educated, not just in terms of a trade, but in a broader sense. An educated person is more likely to sniff out misinformation and bullshit as well. I’m wary of these elite Harvard and Stanford dropouts asking average people to follow in their footsteps. Convenient to build their companies on the backs of sheeple, instead of educated individuals with the capacity to think and articulate themselves.

  8. The most successful people say that degrees are useless? Really? So, how many successful people hire other people without degrees to run their business? I bet not many. How many of these successful people will choose a person practicing medicine without a degree or a lawyer without one? Probably zero.

  9. Only technical degrees like nursing, lawyers, doctors, engineering , etc…..are meaningful or if u want to be a teacher.. but degrees in general Ed, business, etc.. are meaningless

  10. My friend has a master's degree in business from Cal State Fullerton CA..pointless… U can go into real estate in be highly successful without no college degree…

  11. Right, no need for a college degree. Yet their companies only hire people with Master/ PhD degree or BS with many years of experience.

  12. I hate when they ask a rich guy to give people advice. they have fucked thousands of people's heads to get rich, and now they want to tell you how to live well. STUPID DELUSIONALS

  13. Almost all people here are bunch loser and need an excuse for being dumb. Laughable. I bet if you fucker create a company i doubt you would hire a nega with no degree. Just look at them they put all degree on their job site.

  14. So how does one know what to major in? I just graduated highschool and dropped out of my fall semester as I knew it wasnt for me.. I dont really know what I like and I dont want to waste my money as Im looking at winter semester programs

  15. I have a 6th grade education and I make more than anyone in my family (and I’m younger) including the members with masters degrees. This couldn’t be more true. All it took for me was a good idea and the ambition to chase the dream. It’s very much true that IF THERE’S A WILL, THERES A WAY!

  16. What they are telling is IF you are a genius with dozens of good ideas before your twenties then don’t waste your time and money at university. Else you better go for that paper or your best hope is serving those ppl at a drive thru.

  17. It sucks that you have to learn stuff that is 80% useless (most of the time) in order to get a degree and then get hired

  18. I see college students and graduates on tv, …they are saying things like this…."well uh, you know we's gots da do better at de running backs en du line isa , you know, not too good rite now, know whut I mean"…..besides , you know, we lost de bestes player on, you know, the linebacker…know whut I mean."

  19. If you have plenty of starting capital, and you know what to do, then yes you don't need a degree. However, if you are broke, you need a degree to get a job that at least leaves enough after basic expenses to grow some capital.

  20. Sadly, a college degree is a necessity to compete in today’s economy. Because of the advancements in the economy and technology you can’t drop out and become Bill Gates in 2019 anymore.

  21. It's actually beyond me people go to college when you could take online courses or read books and research on the subject you want to learn. If you need to go college go, but if you don't need to don't.

  22. Completely untrue that all college degrees are useless. Engineers and scientists are greatly benefited by the structured and methodical approach to learning, and we do NOT learn memorized answers. As a chemical engineer my JOB is to innovate, to solve problems that are difficult and sometimes that haven't been solved before. Sure, skipping college might be great for someone that is into art, or coding (lots of classes online), or some other less technical fields, but many careers require skills and knowledge that cannot be gleaned from positive thinking and excessive ambition. Also, the title of t he video is obviously misleading as many of the speakers did not say education was useless, just that we are definitely overpaying and maybe overstaying at most universities.

  23. so Would you be treated by illiterate Doctors? If education is not necessary, where did you get your private Doctors?
    it's the business world highly corrupted, not the education

  24. Without schools and the "not so great" education system..who would manage McDonald's and Pizza Huts?..Who would make up the lower management in 1000s of companies.where they remain for decades..The entire system is built AROUND this education..As someone commented..They won't hire you if you don't have a degree…Plus these people were gifted people..So, I suggest you realize they dropped out of Harvard or Yale..not Saint Yolanda of Niger High School…YOU are thinking of dropping out from.

  25. I have a college degree in Math and became an actuary. When I took a new job in Tennessee, we rented a house. My landlord, worth millions, had an 8th grade education. If you want to be somebody's bitch, get a college degree, study/do what you're told and work in the corporate world. If you want to be a master, study what is important and take control of your own life.

  26. It all has its own purpose. This kind of stuff confuses people. The real point is being part of a social tank to create opinions and solutions to real world problems and ways of life

  27. School is a business remember that. You yourself are a business. There is some serious explanations for these things and you decide or you accept or you reject

  28. People who said college is worthless are the ones that dont want to go to college and dont want to feel bad about it. I get it, you can have money without going to college but money and success are not the same. Good luck in your whatever job. Im going to be an engineer next year. I bet u would die to have this feeling😂🙌 plus ill be making money. Bothers is what it is, we all knoe whats the best decision. But whatever🙄. See you as your boss😬😬. And please dont say that u are the .0001 % that will be rich without going to college. 😂😂👍.
    People who liked this video are dropouts 😂.

  29. WOW!!! after reading this comment i agree "WHY"? I am entitle to my own opinion, and it might help some people out. First of all, NEVER LET NO ONE OR WHAT OTHER PEOPLE SAY dictate the outcome of your life, there is a saying "believe half of what you see and none what you hear". Now a days, people believe anything they hear, why? because you don't stand for something so your looking for roll models. All these people having negative input on education, believe or not they had some type of education in their life weather it was from a college or not. Music industries, there is successful people that are in the music industries, look it up if you don't believe me. look at it this way, WEATHER YOU GOT LUCKY OR NOT, ASK YOURSELF ON THE DAY YOU DIE. "ARE YOU HAPPY OR SATISFIED WITH WHO YOU BECOME AFTER ALL THE SACRIFICES YOU MADE TO BECOME SUCSESSFUL"?

  30. I really hope no one believes this because this only happens to people that have brilliant ideas that come on in a life time.

  31. This is where im at in life i have every adult in my life pressuring me to go to college and i guess its because they want me to have a life they didnt have. These people think that a degree is a way to this better life but i think its a more convenient life depending on what kind of life your looking to have. I have friends with degrees and i think because they have these degrees some young 20 somethings have thrust themselves into this 9-5 work life in a hurry and didn’t even explore natural talents. Now they are stuck unmotivated and lazy and the creativity has been sucked dry by the education system. The key is changing your mindset changing your thinking and regaining the power over your life people don’t even know they have power over the life they live.

  32. Hi 👋 Mark Zuckerberg You are absolutely right.

    Brain 🧠 is not to store 🏬 information ℹ️

    Brain 🧠 is to discover and grab new ideas 💡

    Instead of college exams and test and learn what you will do in job in college and have fun

  33. A college degree is useful, if you apply yourself and what you've learned in college…and a positive attitude about yourself, others, and your work life will likely lead to success.

    A college degree is useless, if you fail to apply yourself and your college education…and a bad attitude about yourself, others, and your work life will likely lead to failure.

    Is your head on straight? Do you know your worth? Are you aware of your environment? What do you value most?

    What good is all the money in the world when there is no one to share it with?

    Love yourself and enjoy your life with your loved ones…life is short, so make it meaningful.

  34. Ill be honest its true.
    I was in the military the reason gi bill(free college) its a scam to get people into the military(an honest scam that delivers…the college is a scam, gi bill just offers a way in.)
    Ironically i figured how worthless it really is.
    America is America…and its what you can do outside of the vegas job machine that matters.
    If you have the gi bill…id say take a limited time online class to get money if you need to…but to hell with going to be an employee after.
    America is built on tax cuts for big business…not doctorates(there are jobless doctorates now btw).
    But heres my path…i dont care that i have 12k in benefit amounts in post 9/11 gi bill.
    Id rather spend that time aquiring real estate property to turn into profit.
    Cuz i feel that is worthwhile.
    The college scam machine is only there to feed the job machine scam. Cuz degree or no degree(its 40% taxes). But big business(10%) puts in the same conversation as any boss on this planet.

    So in closing, take it from this old former war tactician fighter.
    Be a man, run a business, get control and security in your life.
    And vid poster…thats coming from me.
    Feel free to point the arrow to me if you need to. 🙂

  35. Going to college simply to go to college is not the smart way to do things today. What you need to do first is decide what you actually want to do to earn money. That will decide what steps you take afterwards. There is a vast majority of people who go to college simply b/c they have no clue what they want to do. College puts them in a holding pattern while still doing something productive, for the most part.

  36. I'm currently in college and I love it. I traveled and experienced a variety of things for a couple years before school (including living in a couple other countries) and I liked that too, but I think saying college is worthless is just bonkers. Maybe it depends on where you go, but the amount of new ideas and challenges to my way of thinking that I've experienced in school have helped me grow as a person just as much as experience did. I've learned that I need to be more open-minded and that differing opinions are healthy and help us all to learn. I've learned how to really look at things objectively and use critical thinking to evaluate situations. I've learned how to control my emotions and eliminate logical fallacies that we're all prone to. And there are hard and soft skills I've learned from reading books and hearing people who have more experience than me that I consider invaluable as a human being, and as a future professional.

    Obviously, nothing can beat experiences in the long term, but learning to think like an academic does have real-world advantages. Just think about what the world would be like without colleges, everyone just learning a trade and running their own business… it would be the 15th century basically. Learning about things around you, even if you never use them to make you money, is still, in my opinion, valuable. I'm never going to use my micro-biological knowledge to make me money, but it does help me understand more about how illnesses and how medication works, and that's useful in my life. Being less ignorant is always a good thing. I think that if college were not main-stream, the average intelligence of our communities would suffer, and it wouldn't be a good thing. Another thing to consider is that PhD level research, which is made possible because universities exist, discovers really important and amazing things all the time.

    Having said all that, college is business, and there are things we could do to improve the system, but it's not worthless. And the logic that "this person didn't go to college and they make more money than that person who did go to college" is not exactly sound. Statistically speaking, income significantly increases with a degree. People love to talk about these super famous and wealthy people who didn't go to college, but if you look at college grads and non-college grads on average, the college grads are statistically WAY more likely to have better job security and make more money in their lifetime. Now, if you don't want to go college, then don't! Obviously you can still be successful, and you can be way more successful than people who go to college, but that doesn't make college worthless.

  37. Stop telling people not to go to college. Most people are not going to do as well as Bill Gates and the rest of them. College may not be perfect, but you certainly learn many useful skills. Today you need a degree in order to get a decent job with benefits. Most people don't go to college because they were passed through high school and grammar school. They never learned the skills that are needed to be successful in school, no fault of their own. The school and the parents failed them. These companies want someone with a degree; they don't have time to train you. Education is the way out of poverty.

  38. I don't care what anyone tells you. A college degree will open up so many doors for you. If it wasn't for my degree and the years I spent obtaining it I would be up s** creek without a paddle. It shows to employers that you have the dedication and will power to complete something that takes years to commit to yeah you won't get every job you apply for just because you have a degree that's just common sense. But ill say that it has gotten me in front of some pretty powerful people and without my degree I wouldn't have even been an after thought because I wouldn't have made it past the screening process lol The people telling you "you don't need to go to college" are also the people who have some sort of certification or experience that takes years to obtain to be qualified for the position they currently hold so they didn't just walk in and get hired for the positions that are coveted without some sort of previous experience or certification. Very very very few people actually graduate from high school and all of a sudden everything is perfectly lined up for them to make good money. It happens but its extremely rare. There is nothing wrong with a Trade school either. But in all honesty these trade schools themselves are just like college. You might not be learning History of a particular nation but you will be learning things about that trade that require an equal amount of dedication to study the material and master it. Some electricians I know were apprentices for YEARS so what is the difference then? The difference is 1. How the public and potential employers view your degree or certifications. And 2. What you want to do. That's really it. Decide if college is right for you and the go for it! If its not then pick a good trade you'd like, or you cpuld start your own business. There is a lot of things a person can do but to say a college degree is useless is absurd. I am living proof that it is not useless. Its just not for everyone.

  39. Videos are true WHEN it comes to the field of business or basically fields of work that are not gauranteed (Business, Arts(music, acting, drawing), Managgement, political science). Totally not true when comes to people who actually graduate with a degree that is needed in society (medical, Law, Security, Teaching)….. ON TOP OF THAT no need to go big name schools (depending on your career) EX. medical I dont think it matters where you studied you still going to tend to the same sick

  40. They wont believe a 10 year old but they have to believe somenody who is super succesful cuase you know they know it not useful

  41. Im a 10 year old in fifth grade and im already overstressed i cant even sleep at night wich is bad for my health i just wanna quit school forever and ever

  42. Most of you will fail miserably without college degree. He is mark Zuckerberg. If yall are comparing your capability with his… lol just take sat, go to college, and do what others do.

  43. If I'm interested in something I'm going to sit down and I'm going to learn it I learn Katakana and hiragana at my office job when I have nothing else to do I didn't need a whole bunch of teachers and test grades just to let me learn what I want to learn I'm interested in geology I would love to study and become a geologist by myself but that's not how life works because some assholes out there just have to have your money for you to become a geologist

  44. They want you to remain ignorant such that you won't understand the nature of their inventions and businesses ….the catch is they keep creating needs for you

  45. One family friend has 3 kids, 2 with masters and 1 bachelors ages 24,25, and 29 and they're still living in their parents basement. Too many people have college degrees. A degree may give you some book knowledge but it doesn't give you experience. College teaches you that there is one way to do everything get a job you hate and work 9 to 5, drink beer, watch television and eat out. To have a white picket fence house, children and complain about your life.
    I am 19 just got a job as an electrician and am planning to flip houses soon. If everything works out I will be moving out of my parents house before 20. I love my work, I don't drink alcohol, I don't have a girlfriend and I don't party. I instead learn more, go fishing, workout and thank the good lord everyday for my awesome life.

    God bless y'all real good.

  46. Drop outs like to watch these videos to feel better about themselves. But not everybody is like the people on these videos, thus they do need a college degree.

  47. I feel sorry for some of the people in the comment section saying college degrees are a must. You can go to college for years and shell money out for a piece of paper while some are getting actual work experience and already saving money up for retirement. Good luck to you all who think you need a college degree or already in a path to getting one.

  48. having no degree but going to harvard is like higher than getting a degree and not going to harvard.. whole point is null and void..

  49. Coming from the select few who have gifted entrepreneural mindsets, and were lucky enough to start their own businesses. Just because some millionaire entrepreneur says so, doesn't mean you should. Face it, not everyone can start a multi-million dollar company in their garage. Honestly, It all depends on your major, the type of College you go, and your passion for learning. Most community colleges are cheap at $2000 a year for in-state students and State Universities are always cheaper than most Ivy Leagues. There's also FAFSA, grants, and scholarships to take advantage of. Yes, you might not land a job right away after graduation, but it's hell of a lot better than doing nothing for four years of your life.

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