Laughter is the Best Medicine

The National Lottery’s Big Surprise: Comedy School

By buying a National Lottery ticket
you’ve helped change lives and here’s what happened when we decided to honor a
hero at the heart of one of those projects. The Comedy School is an
organization that uses comedy and humor to help people with mental health issues
improve their well-being. Through the Comedy School I’ve learnt to laugh for
the first time ever I think. Keith and The Comedy School have helped me so much,
just changed my life immensely. Keith thinks he’s going for an interview today
with his friend Patricia but with the help of the National Lottery, we’ve set up a few surprises for him along the way. So what is going on? Now why is the chicken crossing the road? He’s smiling. There’s another one there. It’s a banana. Come on Keith, it’s comedy mate! It’s a mime artist, look! Weirdest taxi journey. Oh my God! Comedy School is what it is
today because of your heart. I’m literally speechless. I feel loved to be honest. That’s what I feel right now. By playing The National Lottery to be honest that’s why I feel right now
by playing the National Lottery you help to support projects like The Comedy

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