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The New Day’s funniest moments: WWE Playlist

I have been waiting for this all my life.>>Okay, hold it down, respect the craft. Hold it down. Hold it down.
Respect the->>Power.>>Yeah.
[MUSIC]>>Woo, perfect!>>I got in. [CROSSTALK] I got in. I got in.
[CROSSTALK]>>Whoa.>>Yeah.>>You’re acting like you won.
You said battle.>>No, no, no.>>You can’t have a battle. Everybody knows, without a kazoo.>>What?
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Yeah, I got a song I think you guys will know. And I think you could also agree,
totally wreaks of awesomeness. [SOUND]
>>Stop.>>Get back up [CROSSTALK]
>>Yeah.>>And Byron, now we’ve got
the tag team titles on the line. And look at Stephanie and New Day.>>[LAUGH]
>>Stephanie getting jiggy with that Big E.>>[LAUGH]
>>Not sure how Triple H feels about that.>>The New Day put their
tag team championship->>Wait a minute, wait a minute.>>No, no.>>It’s a new day, it’s a new day!>>It is a new day! [CROSSTALK]
>>We’re going to Bill Street!>>It’s an incredible day.>>We’re going to Sun Records. Get ready BB King. [MUSIC]>>I lost my girlfriend and
she left me all alone. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH]
>>My pickup truck just broke down. [MUSIC]>>Or, or. Or, or my doggie ran away. Fido, where are you? Come home. I need a new girlfriend.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>You brought the turkey, right?>>Yeah, where’s the turkey?>>No, I didn’t bring the turkey. You were supposed to bring the turkey.>>No, no, Xavier’s bringing the turkey,
that’s right.>>Okay, okay.>>Yeah, he’s bringing the turkey.>>Gobble, gobble, gobble!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Look, look, it’s->>The Gobbledy Gooker.>>[LAUGH]
>>Aah! [LAUGH]
>>Hey, but forget about those 25
years of the Undertaker. This is the 25th anniversary
of the Gobbledy Gooker.>>He’s right, he’s right.>>So because of that, in our match
tonight, our biggest salute to dragons. We’re gonna show the world what we
can do with the power of positivity. And the power of poultry! [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>Poultry is another word for turkey [CROSSTALK]
>>But before then, I need to go spread a little bit of holiday cheer.>>What a good man. That’s a good. [MUSIC]>>Now sit and enjoy this.>>Look at these socks, for you baby.>>Look at them, look at them.>>You ever watch that Karate Kid movie? Look at this,
the crane kick looking like Daniel Son. [MUSIC]>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.>>Tap that.
>>Yeah.>>[NOISE]>>[NOISE]>>Can we hug [CROSSTALK]
>>You’re welcome.>>[CROSSTALK] First, we are not just
the Tag Team Champions of the World. We are the W-W-E Wild Tag Team Champions. [NOISE]
>>Are you done?>>No.>>We made him sweat.>>No.
>>Come on. [CROSSTALK]
>>Can I go now?>>Can you go now? No.>>Yeah.
>>You don’t get to leave. Because we are leaving.>>Yes, yes.>>I’m gonna play a song while Francesco
wears his brand new shirt I just got him.>>That’s right.>>, get it.
>>Get it. [MUSIC]>>No!
>>Put that down. Put that down.>>Put down?>>Yes.>>Put it in his face. Go get him.
Get him.>>No.>>No.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yeah.>>No.>>A cake explosion.>>That is been assaulted
by Betty Crocker.>>I wonder if it’s gluten free.>>Yeah, yeah. Sucker.
>>Yeah.>>Sit yourself down. [MUSIC]>>That guy. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Aww, Tampa!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Yeah. [MUSIC] Yes, it is. [MUSIC]>>My God.
[MUSIC]>>Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. [MUSIC]>>Hello [COUGH] How does
he breathe in that thing? I mean, is that really claustrophobic?>>So this is me and
Mosley from Dragon Con last year. Dragon Con is coming up this weekend. I’ll be there for
my birthday and everything. It’s gonna be lit, Bayley. [LAUGH]
>>[LAUGH]>>Hey we want some Bayley! Hey! We want some Bayley!>>You guys are the W-W-E World Tag Team->>Eew. This is so unprofessional. Just like last week. And you try to spring a championship
match against Charlotte, you’re the host of Swerved or something. Come on Bayley, you’re never gonna succeed
here, because you don’t belong here.>>[LAUGH] Actually, she looked pretty
good in her debut match on Raw last week.>>And Plato, who did she beat?>>Who?>>Who?
>>Who?>>Hold on, I wasn’t out there
to have a match last week. I was out there to remind the WWE Universe why Charlotte deserves to
be Raw’s women’s champion.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>You know who I’ve been talking to recently? Gallows and Anderson. And maybe I should go find them to take->>[SOUND]
>>That’s you.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s you.>>Yep, yep, yep yep.
Matter of fact that’s a great idea. Why don’t you go find Gallows and
Anderson.>>And when you do,
tell them to come get this work. Because The New Day and
our new best friend, Bayley, are ready to fight all you negative
nancies, right here, tonight.>>Tonight.
Bring it on, you unicorn freaks.>>Freaks, that’s fine.>>Wow.
>>It’s already been brought.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I, Fight and you may lose.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Run and you’ll live.>>[APPLAUSE]>>I was gonna ask what kind
of Scottish accent that was? Dude, Kof, he’s killing it.>>I thought that he kinda
sounded more like a pirate.>>Aye, now let him talk.>>Okay, okay, go on.>>At least for a while. And dying in your beds. Mm, yes, yes, quite some time from now. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
Would you be willing to trade all the days?. All the days?. Mm-hmm.
Put you in a little bit, yeah. All the days for that?. For one chance? Just one chance.
>>One chance.>>To come back here and tell Smackdown
Live that they may take our lives,>>[APPLAUSE]>>But they’ll never take our freedom. [APPLAUSE]
>>Freedom, freedom.>>Here is to the longest-reigning
WWE Tag Team Champions.>>[LAUGH] [CROSSTALK].>>My eyes.>>[COUGH]
>>[NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] Shame. Shame. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare.>>The people have spoken. Shame!>>Sit down!>>Shame, shame, shame!>>Shame him!>>What’s the catch?>>There’s no catch, man. Look, it’s just papers in a hat. Look, you can see for yourself.>>Yep.
>>All you have to do is reach your grubby little fingers inside Mr.
Bootyworth’s hat and pick a name.>>And the name you select will be
the member of The New Day that is in The Money in the Bank match. So that your boys, The-
>>New Day!>>Can become Mr. Money is in the bank.>>Are you done? Are you done?>>Okay now, yeah.>>So
let’s find out which member it will be. Wait a second, wait a second. Hold up. No peaking.
>>No peaking, dude.>>No peaking.>>My.
>>Come on, man.>>I just want to know who it is so I know who I’m going to
beat at money in the bank. Can we please get this? Are you guys ready? [LAUGH]
>>Pancake batter. New Day! You think this is funny?>>Yes.
>>You know what’s gonna be real funny?>>What?>>When Samoa Joe puts you to sleep and
Rusev kicks you. And I beat you once again
with a skull crushing finale.>>Come on, man.>>Come on.
>>Not Booty Wipe. Come on man, hey come here man, it’s okay.>>We’re going to get you a new. You keep making them pancakes, right?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I come here tonight with a royal decree and in front of all of you lovely people here in Toronto, Canada. That the WWE Universe will bear witness as I grant Lord Xavier the Wise. Sir Kofi, the Brave.>>That’s from my heart.>>And you there.>>[LAUGH]
>>Big E, access to the most royal club of them all, welcome my royal-
>>Pardon me!>>Whoa, whoa, whoa-
>>No, no, no, no, pardon me, my liege! But Kofi and Woods got these really
cool regal names, but where is mine?>>You already have it though,
Big in your name.>>My king. You just went full Saxton on me. You’re never going full Saxton.>>Saxton.>>Yes.>>You didn’t say that.>>I did.>>Tell me you didn’t just say that.>>I did.
>>You know what? You should be on your knees right now,
bowing down to see my feet. You know what? There’s only one who should be in the 5
top, 5 top, 5 top, 5, 5 Championship Club. Until now. Welcome to the five-timers championship club of all time!>>Yes, yes, yes!>>But can you dig that, sucka! [MUSIC] Wait a second. [MUSIC] Finally, someone eliminated
The New Day for good. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH] [LAUGH]
>>My God.>>I get it now. [LAUGH] It’s a new day. That’s the brood.>>This is incredibly disrespectful. Let’s see if I can identify this. Okay, it looks like we got Xavier on
left who is playing the role of Edge. We’ve got Big E who is
playing the role of Gangrel. And that mean Kofi is Christian.>>Kofi’s out here dressed
like a young Paul Smackage. This is embarrassing. I cannot believe the disrespect being
showed The Brood by The New Day.>>It’s an homage.>>Halloween is tomorrow. It’s an ice mist, you guys. They’re having a little fun. [MUSIC]>>Not the cranberry sauce again. The Feast Fight is over, Cesaro.>>Real bad night for cranberry sauce. They should-
>>Have used the jelly kind
>>No!>>Good, good-
>>No, no!>>[LAUGH]
>>Little miscue by Cesaro. Now he’s gonna pay for it [LAUGH]
>>Right in the face. And a pie [LAUGH]. It is a smackdown tradition.>>[LAUGH] God.>>This is–
>>What is happening?>>I don’t even–
>>Xavier is swinging, this is all going, I don’t even know.>>And there is one half of your tag team
champ covered in Thanksgiving dinner.>>And more importantly, there are your winners of the first
ever Thanksgiving Feast Fight!>>My God, it’s everywhere.>>Happy Thanksgiving from
the WWE Universe [LAUGH].>>So
without any further ado I give to you, Drum roll please.>>I’ve got goosebumps.>>Yeah.>>It’s great.>>Slimmed down a little bit.>>[NOISE]
>>Who are you?>>What?>>No, you are not E.>>You are not E!>>You look like if E
got left in the dryer.>>And why are your knees so ashy? You’re gonna start
a fire with those knees.>>Come on, man! Get your ass on out of here,
man, get out of here, leave!>>Go, get out of here!
>>You’re not big E!>>Get out of here, get out of here!>>Leave, get out!>>Come on.>>No, no, wait, come back and
get the drapery.>>Come on.
>>Get the drapery, get the curtain, too.>>Just leaving this place messed up.>>Get the curtain and go, leave! You are not Big E! My god, I am so sorry.>>Guys, guys. We apologize. You know there’s something
always going on. It can never go smoothly. Okay, as I was saying, without further ado, the real Big E.>>Aw. Providence, don’t you dare be sour. Clap for your world famous, five time champ, and your WWE champ and feel the power. It’s a new day.>>Yes it is. [LAUGH] there he is!>>Somebody bring that
curtain back out here.>>He’s back.>>It’s worse than I remember. [MUSIC]>>A big welcome back for Big E. Six weeks, I barely knew he was gone.>>Stop it. Big E had injured his left knee on
the Smackdown Live after Wrestlemania. And Byron, that was what eventually
led to quote Big O Kevin Owens. An honorary member of a new day
trying to infiltrate the New Day.>>Yeah, tried to infiltrate a New Day,
tried to break up The Brotherhood. But as we can all see,
The Brotherhood is back in full force. Look at that sign, that’s awesome.>>For example mate, you E a little bit.>>Never. [NOISE]

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