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The New Girl | MPGiS S1 | Episode 1

Well, then, I was all like “no, and then you
were like, you are!” And then he was all like, “No, but then you are!” And I was all like,
“I kind of am.” So long story short he’s kind of my boyfriend right now. I am so pretty. You really are! Is there like cheer practice
today? Um…Excuse me? Hello? What? Who the fuck are you? Who the fuck are you? I asked you first. I asked you second. Ah! Ah! She’s Mackenzie Zales! Duh. Head Cheerleader!
Homecoming Queen! Part-time model! Oh. Who the fuck are you?! I’m Deandra. I’m new. Who the fuck let you in here? Ashley. Ashley who? Ashley Kachadorian. Ashley Kachadorian isn’t even in charge of
the door! So, Deandra let me tell you how things work
here- I already know how things work around here. Ashley Kachadorian is in charge of the snacks!
Why is she letting people inside of the door?! This is my bathroom. This is my school. And
this is me telling you that you need to learn your place. Guess what? I already know all those things. Oh really? Yeah. Jenna Darabond is in charge of the door! What
the fuck is she doing letting Ashley Kachadorian let people in? You’re not from around here are you, Deandra? I just transferred from Atchison. Where the fuck is that? North of Topeka. West of the 71! Well, let me tell you how things work around
here in Overland Park! I already know how things work around here
in Overland Park! Really?! Yeah. Steven Carmichael told me all about
it. Is Jenna Darabond sick? Does she have mono?
I feel like her dad might have died. What the fuck are you doing talking to Steven
Carmichael? We have Algebra 2 together. That’s my fucking boyfriend, bitch. Oh really? That’s not what Shay Van Buren
said. Shay Van Buren is a fucking liar! She seemed to know a lot about about you and
Justin Michaelson. Ok, Deandra, just what the fuck do you want?! I want to poop here. Whenever I want for as
long as I want. Fine. But know this. I do not like you. I feel indifferent towards you. I’ll be watching you. I’m going to poop now. Wait, Jenna Depananian’s dad is sick. Jenna
Darabond’s dad is a senator! Duh Trisha. Owned! Have fun smelling my poops, bitches.

100 thoughts on “The New Girl | MPGiS S1 | Episode 1

  1. I remember when I use to watch this with my older brothers god do I miss this it’s HILARIOUS 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 👌🏽 I’m 12 now and I still love this

  2. "Have fun smelling my poop, bitches." Thats my dad after he gets done from an hour long bathroom break

  3. Her cries when she is farting are never not funny. Like, one time, I was thinking about how she yells with each fart, and I ended up on the floor laughing at a party. I had to share the video so people knew what I was laughing about.

    Kudos to the voice actor (or actress) who improvised that sequence. Comedy. Gold.

  4. Waiting for 1 million subs so they can release a new episode like…

    "So, Deandra, let me show you how things work here."

  5. I've been looking for all these seperate scenes without knowing they're all the same. Now it's time for some binging.

  6. I have no idea how many times I’ve rewatched this series.. let’s just say its a substantially “healthy” amount.. 🙂

  7. Bro the fact that this is set in Kansas so I actually know where the places they are talking about is whereas if I wasn't in Missouri I wouldn't know what the hell Topeka is

  8. to those of you coming back to watch this episode, please watch season five! they worked really hard on it and it deserves as many views as this episode!

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