Laughter is the Best Medicine

The New King of Humor!

Damn can you not substitute my face with another person’s one? please and it’s me who mount the video Hello everyone. Hello YouTube. Hello my new friends Greetings to me. Hello so I also said my greetings to my mom dog and… Enough Ten seconds later Are you going to record a video or not? And yes, I just wanted to say hello to everyone Guys today is my first video And I can not concentrate! because I am overwhelmed by a lot of emotions At the same time I feel fear Joy, happiness and curiosity I’m a bit nervous quite a bit! Yes guys this video is very very special for me You see i’m even crying I’m kidding. No, of course men do not cry what if suddenly they will not like me oh move it away Well, you did not see anything right and indeed it was not me truth So, let’s continue our acquaintance I would like to tell you more about myself maybe I’ll write some great article joke of course, i won’t I think words will not make a big difference because you will recognize me better with every new video I will say only one thing I love dancing and I love somersaulting Yes it’s been a joke again I really like to joke properly speaking, that’s why I’m here This is your destiny AAA What was that? I hope you still don’t think that I’m crazy %A%A%A%A%A I’m not crazy, I’m not crazy I moved a little Hope you don’t mind I forgot to introduce myself, so my name is John Cena I was born in Antarctica For a long time I lived on an inhabited island with turtles In general the most ordinary live nothing special You also live the same, yes? By the way, did you notice anything strange? No? Here this hair It constantly drops out and I do not know what to do with it Therefore No, do not do this Now you’ll never disturb me Do not approach! Well, here I can not even cope with my own hair I am a loser! “The Sound Of Silence — Simon & Garfunkel” In general, guys, I hope you liked this video if so? Leave a like and subscribe to the channel See you in the next video Goodbye Also write in the comments please What do you think about this video? Bye

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