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yo yo yo CPA strength here back with
another video this is gonna be the ten crack commandments second video the
second crack commandment so if you haven’t see if you haven’t listened to
the first we’ll go ahead duck back to that one anyways yeah this is the one
take Timmy kind of thing so let me just let me just give you the spiel I’m just
trying to show you definitely help with the correlation between you know in them
streets selling crack the biggie ten crack commandments I’ll definitely keep
you alive in the crack game or in the business world and you know if you’re if
you’re in the streets selling crack you you know try to start a little legal
side business you never know because like the internet I mean you’re on the
internet listening to this right now so just go on the internet and start
selling something hyperlynx affiliate links I mean there’s just like I’m eight
million ways to make money on the internet and it’s all legal
I think it’s it’s so much easier than running them streets but anyways let’s
get to the second crack commandment and I hope you liked this video please like
this video if if you do like it to provide some value if you find
interesting if you think I’m clever if you think I’m an idiot dislike it I’ll
leave a comment below anyways here we go just never let them know your next move
I mean you do not want to know them let anybody know what your next move is okay
that’s what Biggie saying you’re selling this cracker here now I’m gonna do these
a little different this one I’m just gonna go through what biggie says take
it from his point of view that I’m gonna try to extrapolate that and correlate
that and show the parallels to the business world so biggie says never let
them know your next move that’s rule number two what was rule number one
see you guys rule number one was never let them know how much money you have
never let them know how much dough you have this one’s never let them know your
next move of course let’s let’s look into the the never it’s not sometimes or
a couple times it’s just never you never let them know your next move and let’s
see here for for the caveats why biggie what’s the caveat here why shouldn’t I squeeze Mad Catz chili bricks and chips
right don’t you know about boys and silence in violence so that was the
label that uh that biggie was on but by puffy puffy Sean puffy combs owned a bad
boy so that was his record label so that was just crew so he’s kind of saying you
know his crew moves in silence but they’re bad did the bad boys they move
quietly and violently really I just started this one as I was as I was uh
looking at this and it’s you don’t want to give anybody leverage like if you
tell somebody what you’re thinking or your next move they could possibly you
don’t know their intentions and I always think everyone’s intention is evil or
malice towards me so I don’t want to give anybody any leverage and you know
in my opinion this is one of the reasons why biggie so awesome he’s taken from
your highness so in my my mind he sings a song as the ten crack commandments I
pretty sure to play on the Ten Commandments by God so he’s saying take
it from your highness from him from him himself he’s the god of crack dealing
he’s the god of the street life and something I’m thinking well he got gun
he got gunned down you know in his car he’s 27
but he’ll live on forever so I don’t know does he is he the Highness of God
crack I don’t know something for you to think about but let’s go to this next
little part you know why you move in silence and violence why biggie
why shoe and why are we gonna take it from you okay why won’t we let him know
next move and why are we gonna take this from you idle squeeze mad flips up these chats to
make bricks and chips alright I don’t know how much more realer it gets but
anyways yay says I didn’t squeeze mad clips at these cats so he has shot a gun
at his foes so yeah he knew he knew where they were at so he shot at him but
you’re like why would you shoot why would you shoot at him why biggie just
cuz you know like why do you shoot at him why tell us please in the last clip
I’m dying to know why you would shoot at him alright they’re not they’re not your
friends though they’re not your friends I mean they told you cuz they thought
you were their friends and they just were just talking to you but then you
said well you know what I’m gonna do and take it from the god crack himself I
shot at them they they can fight it in me and I shot I shot bullets at them
tried to kill them why please Matt clip set these jets to lay bricks and chips
yeah for the bricks and chips bricks are key kilograms of cocaine and chips are
money get your tripperz up you know mr. chipper so mr. money so that is why okay
so that is why for the bricks and chips huh so anyways you don’t tell anybody
what you’re gonna do cuz well big you’ll shoot at you I mean that’s just biggie
he’ll shoot at you I mean I would I would wait till you’re gone and try to
rob you but basically you let someone know the next move and they’re gonna
turn it they’re gonna try to do harm deal or basically if they know what
you’re gonna do that they could put they could possibly they have leverage on you
so why even tell somebody your next move and then you don’t have to worry
well well are they gonna try are they gonna try to do something bad to me are
they gonna cuz look there ain’t no friends alright yeah so we just went
through the the biggie second crack commandment and now you know basically
I’m just gonna say what’s on my mind for however long and this is actually very
fun very therapeutic to me and so let’s go about this this biggie thing like the
street way you know I’m not gonna I’m not gonna you know shoot at somebody for
the bricks and chips if I know if I know hey they’re gonna be but I mean some
people will and anyways but you know where you know where someone’s gonna be
biggie says oh well you’re gonna be at 40th and 20th Street at 2:00 o’clock you
know and you might in being naive or whatever you might be brat you might be
bragging and stuff be like yeah yeah you know the plugs meet the plugs meet me at
two o’clock and then I’m gonna get something to eat over here and then I’m
gonna go home so you know biggie knows that’s a Rob you at this place of a what
right after you meet the plug like you’re gonna tell them when you’re going
to acquire like I don’t know why you know you’re gonna tell somebody when you
acquire your stuff but here’s like a nice specific example let’s say you live
let’s say let’s just say hypothetically you live in Florida and you’re gonna hit
and you’re gonna hit the interstate and so then you you tell you tell people
that you’re gonna leave at such-and-such time and you’re dumb enough to even tell
them the route you’re going you’re like oh well I’m going over to this state and
I’m gonna be taking this interstate and yeah yeah yeah uh you know you just set
yourself up for a home for a whole possible shitstorm right there that
person right there now if he’s a
if he wants to get rid of you or he might he might know somebody else that’s
like a rival of you and he can have some information – like a rival rival crack
dealer so he could be like hey I know I know what I know what JD’s doing over
there you know give me an eight ball tell you what he’s gonna do so then he’s
like oh he’s gonna be riding down this interstate at this time someone could
you know call the police force on you drop a dime on you cuz that happens all
the fucking time people drop a dime to get rid of you so how I mean how could
that be averted well I mean you just simply you don’t even tell you don’t
tell anybody what you’re doing yeah it’s a it’s a really cold like world out
there it’s you don’t have any friends it’s just it’s super cold but um you
know I mean you might you would throw it you would uh if it has to come out that
you leave you you definitely wouldn’t even tell them the state you’re going to
I would tell them I’m going in a whole different direction so that’s what I
would do to like throw them off I might even do that to here like you might even
you might even use different nicknames so I have a lot of different nicknames
and stuff because I’ll use a certain nickname with certain people I learned
that actually from a book I read underground Kingdom by Douglass century
but that’s my favorite book but yeah with different people you you you say
therefore nicknames that’s why if you hear because then you be because I’ll be
like I’ll call myself like JD or something like that or then you’re and
then you’re a different neighborhood or whatever and you’re known as you know
John and then they’re like oh we’re gonna Jack this kid this fucking big boy
JD you’re like oh shit really or like big boy like big boy we’re two pounds at
so yeah so you really don’t want to let them know what you’re doing when you’re
in the streets because it’ll just fuck you up because you know you have you
have no friend you have no friends you know I’m saying
and and I was thinking for for the business world I don’t know why I was I
mean there’s so much stuff like oh I wanna I’m gonna go buy this business
this business looks really good for the for for buying and you know you go tell
every what are you adding and everyone else is oh it’s really good then someone
will buy it before you can that’s just a very mm broad example but I mean
definitely it’s something that I’m saying like think if maybe you have a
restaurant and then uh you’re you’re you’re somewhere and you’re like you’re
like oh well freakin I gotta get the I gotta get the plumber out there
everything’s backed up you know if if an inspector came by right now I’d be
fucked I’m you’re like oh really okay so you know because you seek you secretly
because you have you have a restaurant rivaling the other restaurant you guys
are talking at the at the Dunkin Donuts in the comp you know in the in the
complex the shared complex and you think this guy is your friend you know so
you’re telling me next move you’re telling them hey I gotta get it I gotta
get a plumber cuz my shits fucked and you think this guy’s your friend he’s he
really now he has leverage on you um or just she’ll like you just she like that
you don’t want to tell people secrets you don’t want to tell me your next move
um you know what something’s just something else I was thinking about for
the the similarities between the streets and the business well couple things but
I guess I was gonna uh go over cost a good sold a different video but I was
just thinking um you know maybe the one maybe the one big difference because
actually I’m I’m thinking of uh yeah kind of I guess for me to an anything
with someone else’s like forming a partnership I’m so jaded people that I
thought people when I was younger when I was nineteen twenty um
I thought I thought I could I thought you know the whole world was against me
at that time and I thought I could trust a couple people came out later that they
would steal from behind my back so that made me feel really shitty and yeah you
know I’m saying we’d watch like all the you know the mob movies together the
Godfather or no marathon all this shit and and you know I was I was the big
joke huh but anyway so yeah I’m fucking I’m cold as ice but that was the drug
game that was that was the only thing that matters is money that’s really only
you know money and drugs and getting high and I’m gonna need to do all of
that at anybody else’s expenses oh no it really hurt me because I didn’t I would
never I didn’t even think of stealing anything from these two people I thought
oh cool like like I got two people that I can trust that’s fuckin awesome like
god I’ve always been looking for someone who had my back unconditionally you know
like I certainly have your guys’s back on initially then it comes out 10 years
later so about ten years ago that taste a steal for me so yeah that broke my
heart broke my fucking heart yeah a cry me a river’ right but anyways yeah that
was a fucking drug game so that’s why it’s bullshit that’s why you got to go
into business so now maybe in the business environment maybe you can trust
some money a little bit more because there’s more objective than to just get
higher have the most amount of money I don’t know possibly maybe that’s why I
just think the business world’s a little bit better I don’t know because I’m
going into this venture well not a venture but I’m I’m thinking about doing
a podcast with uh with one of the old one of my oldest friends really one of
the only two people that I can think of that never have you know got
tired of me stolen from me talk shit about you know and I guess I need to
keep it that way I’m not gonna I’m not gonna try to give him enough rope I’m
not gonna give him the rope to hang himself basically I don’t even want to
fucking do that but hopefully he won’t but um but now I guess we’re we’re going
in we’re going into a podcast together and such and in hopes of I think the
hopes is just just to have just to have a good time and try to you know learn
and maybe try to help people just by talking maybe maybe some entertainment
so the main goal has has fixated the main goal has changed you know I don’t
even know if that mean if I’m making much sense or not but I guess I am
trying to say that these rules the street life and the business life is so
parallel and really there’s no there’s never any rest in the street life like
there’s never there’s never never rest you’re always doing you’re always doing
something you always got you always got to re-up you know you know you always
got to get more you’re always either have too much or too little which is
almost like in business but then you just have so much more shatori but like
is this guy you know are these guys wearing wires on me are these with with
the illegal with the illegal with the legalities of that comes a lot of stress
and you can never sleep you know so I just think the business the business
like the entrepreneurial ship you know being an entrepreneur just leads its
hand to those the same skills that you learned in the streets as being an
entrepreneur selling anything you know the entrepreneur’s street life is you
make your own hours you know you don’t have to lose
some motherfucker tell you what to do because that’s that’s what it would
always happen to me I’d start up I’d wanna I’d want to kind of change and
then I’d I didn’t really have any skills I worked a nine-to-five see I just
worked in nine to five and then I had the boss on my ass and I was missing you
know I figured I could I was missing calls for the street life well it’s at
work so I’d always quit the job but see I wasn’t an entrepreneur I was just
always working for somebody I didn’t understand that I was so ingrained to be
an entrepreneur on the streets running a business and entrepreneurialship having
a small business there that it correlated pretty much exactly over to
being an entrepreneur in the business world with something legal
and anyways we’re going almost on 20 minutes this is such a long video but I
guess I got the the second command made out first then I talked for a while
anyways next Sunday 10 a.m. we’re gonna have the third crack commandment which
I’m super excited about the third one haha I’ve already I like of course I was
like oh this is gonna be my maybe my favorite one anyways
till next time I love doing this atm the next day I think I’ve done a hundred and
this is my hundred and six straight day video so definitely gonna run it out to
the end of the year anyways deuces y’all


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