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yo yo yo CPA strength here back with
another video this is gonna be I’m gonna go through Biggie’s ten crack
commandments the notorious b.i.g one of my favorite songs of all time
it will definitely help you if you’re running in these streets don’t you
better be having these rules going on but it can also I’m here I’m here to
prove that it can also translate over into the boardroom the business world an
entrepreneur world running these running these streets or the bigge way or he
says you know the ten crack commandments his way selling the crack the biggie way
the crack way I’m gonna show you it just ties so much into the the business world
of the business aspect and I’m gonna say the widget way the business way the CPA
strength way you know because the street the streets just translate so well over
to the business world without a bunch of stuff to worry about as I hope I can
bring you in the next ten every Sunday I’m going to do a biggie a crack
commandment so this one is the first Sunday I just thought of this idea about
three hours ago out of out of my top of my head which which I’ve been trying to
show the correlation between the streets to being a successful ultra successful
entrepreneurs if you have to deal with what’s going on in them streets you can
definitely handle what’s going on in the boardroom there’s less to worry about
and I hope you love this video this is number one no you hold cuz you know the three all
right never let no one know how much dough you hold never let anybody know
how much money you have on your possession like it’s never really gonna
be a good thing or in your possession for the biggie way yeah mostly meaning
selling crack the ten crack commandments you you don’t want you don’t want to let
anybody know how much money you have I mean why would you want to do that you
want you want to try to play poor you know and and I wanna I want to take
special interest into the the fact that it’s never let nobody not like oh well
no I’m gonna let this person I’m gonna let my mom know I’m gonna let my cousin
know I’m my best friend he’s got my back you never let anybody know how much
money you have that’s that’s that’s the rule for the that’s just running them
streets in biggie way for the board room for the board room you know for the
entrepreneur why why why are you gonna let anybody know how much money you have
I’m not gonna let anybody know you you know if someone knows you have plenty of
money he’s gonna up the price on you you know it’s just it’s just wise not
whether the biggie way or the widget way whether you’re selling crack or you’re
selling widgets you do not want to want them to know how much money you have and
in case if you don’t understand why that’s such an important rule biggie
spells it out coming up here so rule number one never let no one know how
much dough you hold now and all the ten crack commandments biggie does something
a little different sometimes he he just does stuff different after he tells you
the commandment but this one it’s so if you don’t understand and this is the
first one why you should why why can’t I let
anybody know how much money I have biggie why can’t I
just let someone know how much money I have you know well yeah the biggie way
because you know the cheddar breed jealousy how much money you have it
makes people jealous it makes people talk bad about you it makes people
resent you I mean there’s so many things they’re gonna do they’re gonna they’re
gonna snitch on the Biggie way the street way to selling crack way they’re
gonna snitch on you they’re gonna set you up they’re gonna tell somebody
they’re gonna they’re gonna be jealous they’re gonna do a whole bunch of things
against you and in the boardroom they’ll conspire against you they’ll talk about
your back they will be jealous of you that you have a lot of money so that’s
why you do not whether you’re in the board or they’re in the streets of the
boardroom you never let anybody know how much money you have because it makes
people jealous and of course biggie being Big E he has a nice little caveat
of how how much of a level the the how much cheddar you have how much jealousy
it will breed no one knows you know yep it makes perfect sense depending on no
matter where you’re at if you’re doing it’s a biggie way the street way or in
the boardroom the entrepreneurial business way the bigger discrepancy of
money like if you if you brag to somebody that you have a good chunk of
money and that person has no money if he’s by bigge standards fucked up you
know meaning he’s got shit everyone’s against he doesn’t see he sees that as a
nice way out you know so that’s the biggie way I would say you
know in the business world yeah if you tell somebody who’s broke how much money
you have he’s gonna be like fuck that guy I hate him I don’t care about him
yeah so this was rule number one never letting them want to know how much dough
you hold I mean that can go for for everything whether you’re running the
streets or an entrepreneur in the boardroom I do that I’m doing this video
hopefully some people do understand I I’ve been trying to show the correlation
between running them streets and and running a business in my I saw the
correlation hugely in my accounting life that’s how I learned accounts receivable
and accounts payable and I started taking a widget two different things
that would happen in the streets so you know like cost of goods sold you know
well that’s like how how much the the widget that I sold how much it cost me
so there’s just huge carryover mainly you know when I really really really saw
it was with accounts receivable and accounts payable accounts receivable so
what is that someone someone else do you money so that means you fronted someone
else so that’s why I say oh I just fronted somebody okay that’s an account
receivable yeah so I’m like wow that’s like this like same exact thing like
super parallel I’m like okay what about an account payable because I don’t
really know what account payable means well well that means you owe somebody
some money oh shit okay so that means I got the plug now and I owe somebody some
money and okay now I totally understand what account payable is so I just kept
on making those coral correlations and stuff and you know I became a certified
public accountant I became one of the half-million certified public
accountants in America and I just want I just wanted to try to show the
correlation from running these streets to
dominating the business world dominating you know getting not knowing that you’re
not just trapped in those with that little circle block of those streets
with the people that you know that you grow up with and you know you can do
more and you are you are an awesome skilled entrepreneur karlie currently
running them streets and I just want you to see that you know uh people told me I
wasn’t gonna be a peasant gonna round to shit my whole life and I don’t know if I
I don’t know if I am now but uh I make I make all my money off off of my
accounting degree legally so that will to me that’s the success and I never
really thought it could happen and I know it’s so cheesy how everyone always
says oh if I can just help one person you know if I can if I can help one
person I always used to thought that was like crappy like why don’t you want to
help more people but if I can give someone who’s running them streets right
now just hope and faith and and let them know that uh I dude you’re you’re you’re
you’re killing it right now with what you’re doing running them streets but
it’s and so hard because you have to worry about so much stuff because it
implies when I said you’re running them streets and it implies that you’re doing
something illegal to where as I would say the widget way the the CPA strength
way the boardroom way and it implies that you’re doing legal so there’s just
so much less things to worry about when you’re when you’re doing legal stuff
like there’s less other things to worry about like hiding the activity you don’t
have to hide the activity you can actually do advertising you know and
such like that if anyways yeah look I just went over
the ten minute mark I I wasn’t planning on making this video any certain length
I guess but this is gonna be my Sundays for the next I guess nine more cuz I
don’t know I don’t want to just start and stop this hopefully I can do every
single one a little better I might or might not talk after the
video I guess I will because after I’ve done the main video you can choose to
stay or not I’m actually I like that so yeah I’m just gonna get going for a
little more on this on this topic and and and how I came about it and and and
what what it’s about to me and it uh you know when I was thinking about this I it
was making me a little emotional because I don’t know I just I just thought about
you know they call it the trap game the trap and it’s and it’s a trap for for
the person you know for the person vending and the person’s buying in the
in the small business and I just saw so many correlations in the business world you know I ran the streets for a good
twenty let’s see from fifteen fifteen to thirty five really so good twenty years
and I started I I went back to I started Community College age 31 and then Here I
am nine about nine years later I have my own successful successful small business
I tax returns and and payroll and accounting and I’m I’m in charge of
multi-million dollar businesses and I you know I’m just I’m just much happier
I just have lost so much less anxiety these days if I don’t mean to I’m I
guess if I if I thought the street life was where it was at without I would
fucking be all up all up in there right now I mean I do love I don’t love the
the bad shit that comes with it I guess I mean however I can show somebody
that’s one of them streets that thinks they’re in a dead end right now and they
don’t believe in themselves I’m here to say I believe in you know you know – this is for this a series for
a person in the streets that they think they think you know they think they’re
kind of smart and then they and and everything but every single person in
their life tells them they’re they’re a stupid piece of shit and they’ll never
amount to nothing well I’m here to tell you that’s wrong also anyways this is
the ten crack commandments this is the number one crack commandment and what
was the number one crack commandment what was it never let them know how much
money you have please don’t let anybody know how much
money you have JD how much money do you have
not much oh my god well you have some nice things yeah but I just dropped all
of my money you don’t understand that was all of it though
JD plays poor okay JD has $100,000 JD goes and buys clothes from Goodwill JD
has fifty cents to his name JD buys clothes from Goodwill that’s
just how I roll so you’re really never gonna know if I’m doing extremely good
or extremely bad if you ask I’ll tell you I’m barely getting by even if I have
$100,000 in the bank you know what I’m saying um anyways yeah this was an
awesome fun video it also it came it came about two because I was thinking
what can i what could I do for a Sunday video like you know a Sunday video and I
thought man you know people don’t want to learn about a county and I thought
this would be fun I thought this would be out of the box because I just I just
did the the the triple or the three best double disc albums and of course Biggie
double disc was the first first double disc that came on and I picked three of
my favorite songs which was like impossible to do from all the double
disc so I picked three of them and one of them off the Figge double disc here
life after death was ten crack commandments and I said yeah I mean
that’s probably my favorite song out of all these because it really is just such
a good manual for the streets or for the boardroom
and yeah so then I thought well hey I could I could really prove it in a nice
interesting funny way I have some content that’s not all the same but
anyways this is CPA strength I love doing this and deuces


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