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The One Baldwin Brother Everyone Forgets About (feat. Flula Borg) – Roast of Alec Baldwin

– Oh, hi, it’s me,
Karl-Heinz Baldwin, the youngest of the all
the Baldwin brothers. I was separated at
birth from my siblings, and grew up in Germany, to become Germany’s most
famous actor in the world. I am now at the Roasting of
Alec Baldwin, my old brother, to get some tips of how
to break into Hollywood. – How come Alec didn’t
ask you to be on the show? – Well, we are on, as you
say, not-speaking tips. – Oh, oh. – You know old me, of course. – Of course, yeah. – And so, but now it’s time
of the move to America, to become a big shit, ya? – Right, that’s not
a phrase we use, but it could, it can be. – I’m surprised you
do not know who I am. I am the 32nd Baldwin brother. I have done all of
the Baldwin films, except in German language. (speaking in foreign language) Huh, yes? – I don’t think I’ve seen those. – You have not seen that? (speaking in foreign language) You know this one. This is (speaking in foreign
language), as you know. – Oh, (speaking in
foreign language). – It’s 30 Rock. – So nice to meet you,
you’re so handsome. – Thank you very much, Becky. – Mm-hmm.
– Oh, okay. – I love the Baldwin brothers. – Oh, then I am the lucky
13, like a bakery dozen. – Yeah, I’d like to take one
of the bakery dozen home. – Oh, oh, I’ve got many
bagels in my trunk. – Yeah, yeah! – It’s (speaking in foreign
language), as everyone knows. It’s the German Backdraft. I played as a Baldwin,
and you played the child. – The child, yes. It was a very controversial
moment in our lives. – Well, say it with me. (both speaking in
foreign language) – Ja.
– Yeah. It rolls off the tongue. – It’s, “A Sneaky U-Boat
Chases a More Sneaky U-Boat.” Can you, this is for you. – Sure, oh, I can take it? – Yeah, you may have it.
– Oh my god. Thank you so much. – Do you have representation,
can you give this to them? – Of course, I’ll
hand it off to CAA. – You want me to give
this to somebody? – Yes, I am like, I’m as you
say, the shits in Germany, the shits.
– Sure. – But here I’m–
– You’re trying to break into the American culture. – I’m just a tiny turd here, and I need to become a
larger piece of feces, so I would like–
– Yeah, I can definitely give it to somebody. – Great.
– The CD’s missing. – Scheisse! I love you, and if
you need any oral sex, or anything like this, as a way to help
further, or couch potato. Oh my god, I’m from Wisconsin,
and I never want to be rude, so sure, I will accept
your oral sex, sir. – Wonderful, you are so welcome. – I really do wish you
the best with all this. – Thank you very much. – Oh, this is (speaking
in foreign language). – Yes, “Hunt for Red October.” You know it, you’ve seen it. – Yeah, I own a
collector’s edition. – Yes, I signed, that was you? – Yes.
– Oh, we only sold one. – I’m sorry about that. – No, it’s fine. – I see why you’re so famous. You’re winning, like,
the jawline Olympics. – Ya, Ya, Ya.
– Look at that jawline. You could hang a kitchen
radio underneath that thing. Look at that,
– Trust me, we’ve done it. To further my career, will you please take
a headshot with me? – Sure.
– Okay. ♪ You are so sexy ♪ ♪ Yeah, baby ♪
– Okay. – Ever since I’ve
been holding this, my thighs have been sweating. It’s not you, it’s my own fault. – It’s also observant,
if you want to. – Right up in there. – That’s how I smuggle all
my DVDs, ja, okay, bye-bye. Ya.
– Thank you so much. – Thank you as well. I’ll see you soon on the other– – I can’t wait to
not watch this. – I, okay. – Write my name on it, and
make sure it gets to me. I’ll see you at the after party. – I love it. – Great.
– Ya. Who was that? – Ya, cool, cool, cool.
– All right, man. – Cool, cool, cool.
– Thank you, great job. – Ya, great to meet you. Thank you very much. That went very well, so. This was a very successful
rouge carpet for me. I did give many of my
DVDs away to people, and so, very exciting. Excuse me, eh, eh, eh. They are almost all gone.

100 thoughts on “The One Baldwin Brother Everyone Forgets About (feat. Flula Borg) – Roast of Alec Baldwin

  1. I have A feeling this one will suck major ass, I used to love the roasts.

    Roasts with no GREG GIRALDO will suck 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Look! It's Flula playing the one character he can do, perpetuating the same 3 German jokes he repeatedly spoon feeds the American population for laughs. Must be fun to cater ignorance to the ignorant and make fun of places they couldn't find on a map if their lives depended on it.

  3. Nikki had some of the best jokes of the night. I was totally gonna laugh but I was too busy staring at her 10/10 legs. Funny and sexy goddamn she's a total hottie.

  4. Why is this a thing why are these people here I watched the roast and I just waited for the funny and it wasn't there this is the funniest thing I the whole thing

  5. Who doesnt know about the German Blockbuster flick 'Hinterhältiges U-Boot jagt ein noch hinterhältigeres U- Boot' – starring Karl-Heinz Baldwin 😂😂😂

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