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The One Skincare Line I CAN'T Live Without

right now and the swag bag is such a success and there's been one product in particular that I have been getting non-stop requests and people telling me they got it and they love it and they're obsessed with it so I just wanted to go through shuddha which means healing and Russian we're gonna go through their line and tell you like what is really fabulous and why it's fabulous and just break it down for you that don't know about Judah and then the ones that do just comment below with a thumbs up you know what I mean a healing cream this was the first product that I fell in love with the healing cream is the kind of cream that you can put on your face as a moisturizer it's gonna hydrate you it's gonna plump your skin it's great for anti-aging now if you have acne scars or any scars on your body this is also going to cure those scars make them better make them diminish and it really is a true miracle this cream so I'm obsessed with it and I love you so I'm now you can get your healing cream in it your day you want to put this on it has an SPF 30 but it really moisturizes your skin and you're not gonna have a film on your face it just blends beautifully in your skin so you can protect it and look fabulous at the same time this is a great product it's an everyday exfoliating cleanser usually exfoliating this they do it one two three times a week this you can use every day has these little microspheres that when you're exfoliating you can actually exfoliate until they disappear and that's when you know you're done exfoliating I love putting this in the shower and getting super crazy with it it's gonna slough off the dead skin unclog your pores and make your skin super bright also it creates a great canvas to hold on to makeup your makeup will look better when you it's for you every day so way to go Judah for creating three amazing products that actually put their money where their mouth is can work I'm obsessed with this line I'm obsessed with dr. Elena ochre and I just want to thank you guys for trying it out and giving me your feedback because it's important to know that you love what I love or if you don't love what I love that's important to have a great day comment below thank you and we'll see you later you

3 thoughts on “The One Skincare Line I CAN'T Live Without

  1. Jamie, I can't wait to buy me some Chuda. I have an unrelated question – Your hair is so shiny and healthy looking (as opposed to when you went to bed with it wet recently 🙂 ). What product do you use to make it so shiny and healthy looking? Thanks!

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