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The Only Film Genre That Gets You To Root For The Bad Guy – After Hours

I’ve been having a terrible week. My landlord keeps yelling at me to wear slippers because he says I “stomp” like a “loud and sad person” My dog had been very distant lately and this morning, a woman passed me on the street looked me right in the eye, and did the sign of the cross. Do I have Satan on my face? Of course not! Satan’s on every face. I’m not seeing Satan. Toasty toast So anyway, I’ve been watching a lot of rom-coms to counteract it, ‘cos I need that, ‘cos Daniel deserves that. Oooo. Yeah, man! I also love watching villians wreak havoc on everyone when I’m sad. Oh, no, mine are the ones where… love blossoms out of comedic situations. Yours is a… what are you talking about? I think Michael misheard you, or his brain is broken. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Michael! He said “rom-coms”. Like, “will they, won’t they?”, all the smoochy-smoochy… Yeah, I know, I heard! Rom coms. Short for “trauma accomplices” where two horrible monsters do mean hurtful things at, on or to one another and those around them until they’ve earned their ticket to Bonetown USA. Population Peen-hundred. I love Bonetown. I have an annual pass there. You do it once a year? No. I pay once a year. I do it as many times as I want. You pay for sex? No! I was… adding to the hilarity- Soren knows what I’m talking about! Most rom-com couples are actually horrible villians. Not my rom-coms. Take My Best Friend’s Wedding. Successful food critic, Julia Roberts, has had all the time in the world to tell her best friend that she wants to marry him. Then decides that, now, when he’s actually getting married to just go ahead and ruin his wedding to a perfectly decent stranger. Yeah, it’s the plot of the movie. Also the title of the movie. Meanwhile, our main guy- I mean, who cares what his name is, what’s he even been in since- Dermot Mulroney. He was in About Schmidt, The Grey, Insidious 3, The Family Stone- The point is, Deer-mit Mulrooney is a sexist, emotionally manipulative, leathery man! Who doesn’t want his fiancee, who is very, very young, to finish college. Julia knows this and she uses it against poor fiancee Cameron Diaz. In addition to bringing out this guy’s inner control freak, Julia tries to hurt and humiliate Cameron’s character every opportunity. Making her do karaoke when she knows she doesn’t want to do it, forging work emails to cause drama between Cameron and Dermot What’s-his-name… Dermot Mulroney! He dated Rachel in Friends for a little bit Oh! You think I would remember that leathery face. Also, you just said his name. Listing villainous acts here! Trying to make him jealous by making her friend be her fake boyfriend, and eventually she just makes out with leather-face. Meanwhile, Dermatology- Hah! – is weirdly possessive of Julia, walking in on her naked, commenting on how good she looks. “You look really good, with that clothes on”- AND he’s always almost kissing Julia while he’s engaged to Cameron. Not to mention that everyone’s flying out for this expensive destination wedding and Cameron has done nothing but love them both. Also, you notice how many times they make her unnecessarily pratfall in that movie? Was that the only thing Julia Roberts can do? When I unnecessarily pratfall, it is always at the exact right- Oh! You dick, you stole my unneccesary pratfall. Hold on! But, but, Julia doesn’t get with whatever-his- name. Dermot Mulroney. He is an actor who’s doing just fine in Hollywood Yeah, yeah, yeah, Dimwit Mulch Money. Anyway, can we even call it a rom-com if they don’t end up together, I mean, she is supposed to be the villian. Yeah, but I’d say based on America’s reaction of propelling it to number two at the box office, raking in $299.3 million in 1997, when that was a fairly big deal, yeah, I think that does make it a rom-com. Not to mention, that a rom-com just has to present a “will they, won’t they” scenario. In this case, they “won’t-ed”. But I think Katie’s larger point was that this is one bad example in a genre that is about comedy and finding companionship among- Yeah, and if we really wanna talk about villains in rom-coms then the people in How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days are like SUPER villains! What? Katie, no! Katie! Oh come on! I mean, the whole plot of the movie is that the two of them make a bet to destroy a person. “I could start by dating a man and then drive him away.” “You think you can make a woman fall in love with you by then?” “Ten days. You’re on.” For work! ‘Cos apparently, that’s how you get ahead in business in Rom-Com World. Oh, no, it’s actually how you get ahead in the real world too. I’ve tried it. Uh, see every week Jack threatens to fire me and then I bet him five dollars that he won’t. And then that sucker takes the bet every single time I give him five dollars. I never get fired. Oh, that’s so smart! Or, you just give him five dollars every week for doing nothing. Also, that’s not how bets work. No, it’s- Oh… That’s besides the point. Anyway, in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, they plan to manipulate a stranger. In her case, by breaking up with him and in his case by falling in love, for their stupid jobs. I mean, she literally says, “I’m gonna make you wish you were dead.” And then she proceeds to make him miserable. I mean, imagine being a stranger who starts dating a woman who like, tortures you and you don’t know why. She invades his personal space, she throws these emotionally abusive temper tantrums, she humiliates him in front of his friends, she destroys property, she makes him question his sanity. “She drove me half-insane for a goddamn magazine!” She even asked one of her friends to pretend to be a therapist. I mean, that has to be breaking some law. Yeah, that is breaking a law. That is practicing medicine illegally. Well, maybe she was just “practising”! Practicing medicine. Get it? Practise makes perfect. Although, in this case, practice makes a malpractice case. Yeah. It should be called How to Gaslight a Guy for 10 Days. I mean, that’s not kooky fun, that’s evil. Meanwhile, he’s not even in love with her, he’s just so focused on winning the blood diamonds account- yeah, that’s right, he works in advertising and is trying to advertise for blood diamonds. “We say a diamond is forever.” -that he will do anything, which includes pulling his poor sweet family into his fraudulent love life. Meanwhile, he doesn’t even love this woman, so his plan is just to emotionally manipulate her until he gets his work prize and then what? Dump her? I mean, they are both SUPER villains just trying to outsmart each other. That’s two bad examples of- Child’s play! You want to talk about real couple villains, let’s talk about America’s Sweethearts. I love that movie! Well, then, you love actual MONSTERS because John Cusack and Julia Roberts in that movie are actual monsters. John Cusack is a megastar who tries to kill his wife. Hey, okay, yes, he does that. But if you watch the movie you know he does it for a very good reason. Bring it home, Katie! She, she takes him to her crumbled duck. Which… is like edible cheating. Katie, damn it, you let me down. You let me, and the whole cast of America’s Sweethearts down. Even Billy Crystal? Who? You know Dermot Mulroney but you don’t know who Billy Crystal is? I don’t want to talk about how much Billy Crystal probably hates Katie, which is… so much, or how broken Dan’s brain is, which is… doing just fine, you’re great, buddy. I want to talk about how America’s Sweethearts should be renamed America’s Psychopaths. All the footage we see of John Cusack, he is over- protective, untrusting and just violent towards Catherine Zeta Jones. He does not trust her because she cheated on him! Or maybe she cheated on him because she was in an abusive relationship. He stalks around her bungalow even after they’re separated, spying on her and creeping around. He constantly fantasizes about killing her even though he still wants to be with her. Meanwhile, Julia Roberts is pining after her sister’s husband, even so much that she kisses him and then ends up sleeping with him while they’re still married. Even more meanwhile, Julia is not being honest with her sister, she’s enabling her sister’s bad behaviour. She could tell Catherine Zeta Jones that she is being self- destructive, but no, she doesn’t do that because she is suckling at the teat of her sister’s success. Ha ha, teat. Anyway, Julia Roberts is just using her sister until she can hop on the John Cusack Money Train. Meanwhile, her sister is literally being slut-shamed by the entire media. “Sorry, I can’t get over what happened with you and Eddie. I am so sick over it, I can’t sleep at night. How can you?” She needs a strong, supportive family during that time but everywhere she turns, she has no one she can rely on. Not even her own sister. No, no… Oh my God, you’re right. No… John Cusack is always a terrible person in rom-coms. In Serendipity, both he and Kate Beckinsale are engaged to different people but they keep chasing each other around because Kate was trying to be a kooky Manic Pixie Dream Girl and didn’t just give him her number when they first met. And then he uses the present that his fiancee gave him to ruin their wedding and find Kate. In Say Anything, he’s a straight-up stalker with boundary issues- Okay, so John Cusack’s bad for rom-coms. But, last night, I watched You’ve Got Mail, alone, starring America’s actual favourite sweethearts, Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It’s correspondence that blossoms into love. I mean, technically, he, uh, runs her bookstore into the ground and then emotionally manipulates her when he finds out that she’s the mysterious lady he’s been chatting with. But she’s emailing him and… open and kind and… the relationship she’s distancing herself from that relationship emotionally, making herself unavailable to her spouse… and she says it! She says it, she says it, she knows it- “Is it infidelity if you’re involved with someone on email?” Okay. Bad example. Okay. Uh, Never Been Kissed! Yeah, she’s 25 and she goes on a date with a 17-year-old also she manipulates children to get her story in the paper. Oh, and she’s into a teacher who wants to bone his student. 10 Things I Hate About You! Oh, she has serious anger issues and he is being paid to date her! There’s Something About Mary! Wait, no- Too late! Everyone is stalking her and Ben Stiller has a perfectly good opportunity to keep her from putting fresh jism in her hair and he does not. Yeah, and she just takes the hair gel from his ear? Who does that? And how does she not recognise what jism is?! Personally, I would be concerned about pursuing someone who can’t identify jism by touch, temperatures, sight, or smell. Me too. OK, we ruined all of them, all right? And also, we said “jism” out loud in a public place three times, four times now. So everything’s ruined, everything is terrible, and I have no way of fixing my bad day now or ever. Wait, now, look at it that way, all the psychopaths have coupled off! Oh yeah. All the Awful’s are with each other, instead of tormenting us. It’s just like watching two sick people making out, it’s not… it’s not very fun, it’s kind of gross, but at least you know that they’re only swapping germs with one another, they’re not infecting other people. Yeah, guess so. You guys saw that, right? Maybe it was a meet-cute? No, you think it was like a “holy terror” cross or like a personal- No, it was her, it was a personal- But if it’s a meet-cute, I should go after her? I wouldn’t usually pursue someone who thinks you might be the devil. Hi, everyone. We had a lot of fun today, but we’d like to talk to you seriously about Dermot Mulroney. He’s… passable. He’s cast as handsome often which is why we thought it was okay to call him leather face over and over again. It’s not like- We’re not saying like, I did a bunch of Paul Giamatti jokes here, not like Giamatti’s *makes noise* and we’re making fun of his goblin face. We would also like to take a minute to talk about Paul Giamatti. Paul Giamatti is passably… a handsome gentleman. He’s not awful, he’s not- He’s no Steve “Bush-emi”, he’s not like the Alien monster *makes noise* All right, hi, we’ve had a lot of fun here today and now we’d like to talk to you seriously about Steve “Buss-emi”, um, that’s actually how you pronounce his stupid, garbage goblin name…

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  1. John Cusack is the victim in "The Sure Thing" falling for Daphne Zuniga who rejects him because she finds he is travelling with her to meet a sexually available woman. She only accepts him when he passes on the sex. However we see her in bed with her boyfriend but she does not have to explain anything.

  2. See – Even though I am fully aware of all the problems with You've Got Mail – I still like it. And "10 Things I hate about you" was based on the Taming of the Shrew so…yeah – of course that was gonna be a trainwreck.

  3. i was on an old romcom streak and i was SO ANGRY by youve got mail AND that stupid ass serendipity and i just assumed ppl were morons back then but i guess they still are. cool.


  5. Yup, pretty much what I say Everytime I watch these movies. If I'm watching it with someone and they say awww and I'm like they just cheated on their significant other! What the hell!

  6. The literal point of My Best Friend's Wedding is that Julia Roberts is the villain. I mean just like any other genre where are a ton of movies, there's good, bad and horrible and you guys stacked the deck by picking some of the worst ones. We all know that just because a movie makes money that doesn't make it good. That's like discussing all action movies by only talking about Michael Bay and Uwe Boll and the 5th Die Hard Movie.

  7. hahahhahaha 'watching two sick people make out, it's not very fun, it's kinda gross, but at least you know that they're only swapping germs with one another..' dafuq hahaha

  8. This video's title is way dirtier in Australia than it is to the video's authors. I hope nobody is actually doing what it suggests to an Australian audience.

  9. All the rom-com psychopaths coupling up is NOT a good thing. Now their super-pedigree-psycho children will ruin the lives of twice as many innocent bystanders in their unholy quest to dominate others emotionally and physically.

  10. RomComs definitely aren't the only genre that makes you root for the villain. Apparently you forgot that fans of movies like Friday the 13th (the entire series of films) are big fans of the murderer, as is the case for other horror franchises' star serial killers. And other genres–Tarantino's gangster films do it, some sci-fi films do it (Star Wars/Anakin/Vader/Luke Skywalker (not a villain? Relationship with Leia, nuff said), then there's that movie starring Michael Jackson where you're supposed to cheer for him. Have I proven my point?

  11. What about Sliding Doors. It’s a romcom about two different futures. The worst trope they have is the American home breaker, you don’t vote for her and the cheating ass that she is sleeping. You cheer for Gwyneth Paltrow and the none cheating guy who she could possibly end up with.

  12. It's almost like there was a subgenre of satirical Rom Coms in the late 90s and early 00s that attempted to revitalize the genre by making the main characters into anti-heroes. And then 20 years later someone noticed the anti-hero thing, didn't realize it was intentional, and made an "insightful" video about it

  13. RIP After Hours. Pour a beer out.

    Also what does "passable" mean applied to a guy in this context? Rather befuddled by that one.

  14. rewatching old rom-coms is the worst! most of my favourite rom coms from when I was younger turn out to be super mysoginistic and sexist, i tried rewatching leap year! horrible couldnt finish it!

  15. St. Elmo's fire. horrible people doing horrible things and they are the one's you're supposed to root for. Then there's Revenge of ther nerds which is just full of a guy behaving in outright illegal behavior and getting rewarded fpr it

  16. Why were movies in the nineties about trying to have sex, going to the prom by a guy manipulating a girl because of a bet or weird stuff?

  17. Guys. That jism bit is hilarious. Like Simpsons seasons 3-8 level. Loved it. Keep it up!! No pun intended. But why not run w it!! 😉

  18. It may not exactly be "romantic", but a comedy movie which definitely tells you to root for the bad guy, is Mrs. Doubtfire.
    A couple gets divorced, and the (now ex) wife gets sole custody of their children.
    The (now ex) husband has no visitation rights, which usually only happens when the ex who is denied custody, has a history of being extremely violent towards their ex-spouse, and/or children, or being mentally ill.
    So he pretends to be a woman, and forges some papers in order to infiltrate his ex-wife's house (as the new nanny), so that he can stay in daily contact with the children whom the court has specifically ruled that he may not go anywhere NEAR.
    He also attempts to eliminate her new boyfriend by poisoning him (he finds out that her new boyfriend is highly allergic to pepper; so he puts a large amount of it in his dinner; nearly killing him).
    This is the plot of a HORROR movie!

  19. I mean some of them are about character growth through love (an asshole stops being an asshole coz they found true love), but def not all of them.

    Srsly tho, only now finding this show, I wish it was still running.

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