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The Only SAFE Way to Crack Your Neck

So are you in need of a quick neck release
but unsure what to do, and maybe worried that you’ll do something wrong and hurt yourself?
Before trying to self adjust the neck, watch this video because I’m going to show the
safest way to crack your neck. Hey everyone, Dr. Rowe here at SpineCare in
St. Joseph, MI. As a chiropractor, I treat neck pain on a
daily basis. And over time, I’ve had some patients show me some crazy ways on how they
try to self adjust their necks to get relief. Most of the time, coincidently, they tell
me they learn it from watching Youtube videos. I’m not going to lie, there’s a lot of
videos lurking around YouTube that are just downright dangerous. Especially those showing
rotation, or twisting, movements. Those motions, if not done properly, can lead to some serious
issues, including joint damage and stroke. When it comes to your brain, it’s an extraordinary
organ with a constant need for nutrients and oxygen. This need is filled by an extensive
circulatory supply through blood vessels called the internal carotid arteries and vertebral
arteries. A stroke happens (in extremely rare cases)
when the blood supply to a portion of the brain is cut off. So going back to rotational movements of the
neck, when you twist your head beyond the normal limits to achieve a pop or crack, you
can put pressure on the vertebral arteries and that may reduce the blood flow to the
brain. This, obviously, is not good. Also, if you have arteries are clogged or
damaged, this can make it more likely an issue is going to come about. If it does, it may
result in dizziness, maybe even loss of consciousness. Unless you’re getting a rotary cervical
adjustment from a trained chiropractor, please don’t use rotational movements to try to
self adjust your neck. The potential risk far outweighs the benefit. So if you’re in need of a release for a
locked up neck, do this simple stretch instead. It involves no rotation and is safe to do
as needed. It’s going to focus on a movement called
lateral bending, or simply taking the ear to the shoulder. It’s really effective on
taking tension out the cervical joints quickly, and the odds are you’re going to get some
pop or cracking sounds when you do this. Why this particular one is so effective is
because it’s a compound movement that targets a main instigator of neck tightness: the trapezius
muscle. The trapezius muscle is located throughout
the neck, shoulders, and upper back. It’s an important muscle since it functions as
both a postural and active movement muscle. One of the biggest reasons why neck pain (and
stiff necks) are so common in today’s world is from bad posture. Think constantly leaning
forward with our shoulders rounded, like while using a cell phone. This puts a ton of strain on the neck, shoulders,
and upper back, which can lead to the neck and upper back becoming ‘locked up’, giving
the urge to crack it. I’m sure you’ve heard about this issue before, being called
tech neck, text neck, or nerd neck. So let’s cut through all the nonsense and
show this awesome way to get your neck to release, pop, or crack in the safest way possible. So the movement is
pretty straightforward. Let’s say that I have a lot of tightness right here on this right side and that’s where I wanted to adjust. What I’m going to do is
take the hand on that side so in this case being the right, and I’m going to put it across the small of the lower back. Just like that, just kind of slide
it all the way over as much as you can. The next step is taking the ear on the
opposite side and take it towards that shoulder. I’m going to grab at the top
of my head and I’m going to just pull very slightly until I feel… actually my
neck just cracked right there! I’m going to keep pulling until you feel a
really good stretch. That right there releases that upper trapezius muscle tightness into the neck. Also, with that lateral bend over to the
opposite side the odds are you are going to get a release in the neck. I like to hold it for about 10 to 15 seconds to get a very good stretch in there and then repeat that about 3 to 5 times. I want to say, though, with this
stretch do not go to the point where you feel like you have to get that pop. If it wants to go, it’s going to go. Don’t try to force it. So again, you’re just taking
the hand, sliding across the back and then doing a pull to the opposite side Don’t try to force it, only go to where you feel comfortable and the odds are you’re going to get that release very safely into the neck. If you liked the video and got some relief, please show us your support by giving this video a like and maybe subscribing too. And please
let us know in the comments section how they worked for you. We appreciate it, and thanks
for watching!

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  2. Helo Doctor,Kindly prepare one video for cervical spine stenosis where at multiple points the spine is compressed.Can it be decompressed by the excercises.

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