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THE ORVILLE Official Trailer (2017) Star Trek Spoof, Seth MacFarlane Comedy Drama Series HD

Have a seat I have good news. [there’s] a ship available the USS Orville Ever since I was a kid I have wanted to serve on an exploratory vessel. You’re nobody’s first choice for this job But we have 3,000 ships to stat and we need captains, can I have these mints? those are marbles. We’re giving you one last chance I just want to say I am thrilled to be your new captain. I want this to be an efficient ship But also one that you’re glad to be serving on Lieutenant Commander Bordus your entire species is male isn’t it that is correct sir. probably not a lot of arguments about Leaving the toilet seat up, and that kind of thing Bucklans urinate only once per year really that’s I mean I’m up to three times a night That is unfortunate It is Time to meet the locals. Hi. I’m captain Ed Mercer’s holy crap We don’t mean your family any harm. Well we did just shoot his dad Aside from shooting your dad. We don’t mean your family any harm There’s a message coming in from Admiral Halsey It says that an executive officer has become available no no no no no no no no no no no oh Sorry, man, you okay? Yeah, it’s all good Man. You okay y’all good sorry all right? No worries The Captain does not appear to be pleased at the arrival of his first officer. They were married No way, you know how many times I tried to talk to you but YOU weren’t hearing me (volume) I wanted to suggest a couples therapist that was your brother-in-law. It should be really fun trip for all of us Perhaps we should not be talking about this. Oh no, we’re talking about this. This is a thing You’ll be delivering supplies to the science station on EPSilon 2 Thank you for coming We need protection. Protection from what?
The Krill we have figured out a way to manipulate the speed of events So it’s an anti Banana ray. It’s really interesting we need no longer fear the banana does it work on all fruit what about salads? You do realize this to be used as a weapon. That’s why you’re here Bordus to Captain Mercer. just detected a krill destroyer entering orbit Door is jammed Lara d’ya wanna open this jar of pickles for me I Loosened it for you return fire Give me the Device or I will destroy your ship Sorry, can you move like two steps to your right. It’s just a lot of dead space there just perfect Yes, are you were just very weirdly framed? What is that, is it a bear? Yeah, I’m nervous. You know it’s a new ship want to make a good impression. It’s 9:15 in the morning Sorry

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  1. So the "crills" are the bad guys in the show…and of course they have white skin…(((they))) just can't help themselves.

  2. I haven't watched it yet but it already looks much more like the Star Trek I used to remember. I don't understand Star Trek Discovery really, it seems all so alien to how Star Trek was. They say it doesn't follow the new timeline but the way things are in Star Trek Discovery seems to indicate it is the new timeline. The Orville on the other hand, from this trailer and other snippets I've seen give me the feeling it resembles the old timeline but most certainly reminds me more of the old Star Trek! I can't wait to watch it, and hope it's a long running success too.

  3. Well they've started filming season 2, so as long as its as good or better than season 1 i think the Orvilles gonna be around for the long haul. Still funny reading the recent comments saying how aweful it is… I bet you 10$ 90% of them havent even seen it yet and are just basing it off this trailer (even though the trailer isnt that bad at all).

    Watch it, its more Star Trek than current Star Trek.

  4. For those looking for a really fun horror show to watch, give Ash VS Evil Dead a shot. The first two seasons are up on Netflix and season 3 is currently airing on Starz. It's one of the goriest and most original horror/comedy shows I've ever seen! It has Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, Lee Majors, etc.

  5. What's with the Deadpool trailers at the end? Isn't The Orville a family show? Seems really inappropriate to put trailers for something so foul and violent on the end of a family comedy.

  6. Honestly, to people who didn't like the Orville initially. Give it another shot. Watch anything past episode 3. The first three episodes to me were horrible, it put me off watching it for ages before I gave it another shot and now I LOVE IT. Gives me that TNGfeel.

  7. Going on a full boycott of all Seth McFarlane shows why tease us here in Australia with shorts its why I started paying for YouTube red and amazon prime as was supposed to be able to watch on one of those formats so pull your finger out Mr McFarlane as I don't want to spoil it by watching all the shorts very disappointed in your efforts as I do love your work but now I really can't say other then screw you for the teasing

  8. VERY fun.Intelligent and simple stories.Forgetting our problems. Generally very pleasant.Congratulations Seth MacFarlane, you are the best   BRAVO  !!!!!

  9. For those of you who haven't watched the show, or only watched the first episode, DO NOT let the first episode define the series for you. It was mediocre at best, however, the show get EXPONENTIALLY better with each episode.

  10. I wish this was less cliched and stereotypical so I could watch it without being constantly irritated by the old-fashioned, dumb, white, hetero-normativeness of it all.

  11. If you seen the homemade fan film by McFarlane. Then you will understand why I think this is incredible. He's come a long way.

  12. Whoever told Seth McFarlane he could act played a cruel cruel joke on him. A cruel cruel joke indeed.

  13. Looks pretty good. I'm really not a fan of the "we hate each other now but we'll fall back in love on the last episode" chick they brought on board. Maybe the show will be clever and kill her off or something. That cliche is beyond played out.

  14. how is it better cgi and more faithful to canon than the actual new star trek? seems like a big screwup.

  15. the first thing seth macfarlane has done in a long while that doesn't involve breaking into a sinatra-style song & dance routine

  16. My God was I surprised how good the show was. My God was I disappointed but how shity Star Trek Discovery was. Orville need to find a way to make yourself Canon what Star Trek universe

  17. Get rid of the black ensign and black doctor, and cut the fucking puns every 4 seconds.. and this show will be great

  18. thx to god – MacFarlane, the god of good comedy, i already watching this
    series on TV using Boxxy Software, free streaming service.

  19. This is strangely the natural successor to Star Trek and even with the unobtrusive humour is has story, pace and entertainment. I am pleasantly surprised and eager to watch more than the first episode.

    Maybe Seth MacFarlane should write the next Star Wars, at least it would be entertaining.

  20. Here's the problem with this show. There's a very very serious problem we face with disclosure and making a mockery of it is in the grand scheme of the government which helps fund things of this sort. It's time to get serious and address these underlying issues

  21. Guys this is not a comedy its an utter masterpiece,marketing was dreadful I think they assumed it would fail without the comedy label.

  22. It's better than most critics will make you believe. Still sad that fox cancelled firefly, I wish they'd given that a chance, like they're giving this a chance 🙁
    Looking forward to season 2

  23. Same old terran family, national and racial debates presented in less serious way Star Trek did, better than ST discovery dialogues.

  24. This is pretty funny, almost like an equivalent of red dwarf. Not as funny in my opinion but its nice seeing a scifi space comedy

  25. It wont age well because its full of popular social issues compared to shows like star trek or star wars. Jeah sure personal struggles are cool too but i …i am split about season 2.

    Season 1 was comedy and its fine, i very much liked it but then season 2 is all serious and thats where things go wrong in my opinion.

    Season 1 felt original but season 2 is a complete star trek ripoff, barely having any comedic releive.

    The robot episode made absolutely no sense. Isaac went from hearthless machine to, well guess i am a dad now because the plot demanded it.

    Overall Isaacs progression is never really apperant after that episode and everything before that episode is ridiculed.

    And soooo much sjw, cmon men, jeah season 1 had it too but way better done. Here its like, we dont like men who dont aknowledge woman, every third episode.

    Jeah i get it, but those people probably dont watch sci fi stuff in the first place so get over your issues, stop blaming the innocent or do a whole another series about your issues called my issues.

    The writing is so inconsistent. Some episodes are really great and then we have moments where babys scream for a whole minute….dude there is nothing more annoying in a tv series…than crying mothers and babies.

    If i enjoyed and wanted to see that, i would beat up my own wife okay? I dont want to hear annoying things in a tv series after a hard day of work.

    But then there is orchestra music…godlike wow, nice. Its animating, thrilling, cgi is great, masks are not bad, cool designs.
    The uniforms look legit. The conflicts between diffrent races and their cultural diffrences awesome… Expecially when its about earthlike scenarios…but…
    giving all aliens the popular sjw issues gets old reaally fast.

    Jeah maybe wimen should start doing something diffrent if every 2nd Alienrace has issues with their wimen.

    No more sjw bs please! Move on from your issues, grow out of it and hire more talented writers. You cant use sjw each time you are out of ideas.

  26. Better then Star Trek Discovery … holy fuck lots of fucking generic tom fuckery on discovery but the orville i like it quirky, comedy but also scifi DONE RIGHT if a star trek fan the yeah you will enjoy it

  27. As much as i love this series – i can´t stand admiral broom-closet. From beginning to the end the whole federation is represented by this one person in his chamber, how pathetic is that? If at least his uniform would fit…

  28. Discovery: "We're going to revive a franchise!"
    Orville: "We're going to show the world the future doesn't have to be a shitty dystonia.

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