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The Other Guys Funniest Scene – Dirty Coffee Table

Actually, we don’t do that here. This is an installation art piece. – This coffee table?
– Yes. We don’t put drinks on it. – Five hundred thousand? – He can read! Congratulations. – What?
– I’m sorry, are you in the right place? Or not? I’m… – Terry.
– Does he… Okay. – Well…
– Sorry. Terry! What are you doing here? – I want to be with you.
– No, Terry, that’s not gonna happen. You know where you belong.
On top of me in the Poconos. Instead, you’re here
selling dirty coffee tables? I mean, look at this. This is nonsense! Terry, this is an original Haverfield-Jameson. The chaos of the coffee table?
It represents our fractured egos. You think I don’t know
about this artsy-fartsy crap? This coffee table isn’t the ego. It represents
our shattered sense of community in the face of capitalist-driven isolation.
Looks like the work of Cindy Sherman
or Frank Stella. How did you know that, Terry? I took some classes at RISD so I could make fun of these lame artsy
douches in my neighborhood. – Terry, lower your voice!
– I don’t have to lower my voice. – Is this man bothering you?
– Are you actually having sex with this creep? Terry, he’s gay. Okay? He’s even wearing a T-shirt that says,
“I’m gay”!
All right? And also, he is my boss. Happy for you, man. Good.
Can you get out of here now?
I’m talking to my lady. Mr. Reger, everything is fine.
Terry is actually leaving now. Nice toot, sailor. Terry, what are you doing? Look, I waited three years
for you to be more than a cop, okay? Just give me one more year. Terry, you don’t get another year. I’m done. Fine. – Terry, don’t touch that! Terry!
– Oh, my God! I don’t need this shit. I don’t need you!
And when you call me, I’m not coming back! I’ll burn this bitch down to the ground! Stop critiquing me, okay?
I’m a human being! I’m not a piece of art! I’m a peacock flying into a rainbow!

100 thoughts on “The Other Guys Funniest Scene – Dirty Coffee Table

  1. only funny part of this scene is how pitiful the art community has become since CIA plant Andy Warhol ruined it

  2. Does any one else thinks that the fork was in the wrong place and Terry actually subconsciously placed it in the right place.? Thoughts

  3. I never knew why they didn’t included this scene in the movie.! This is way funnier than that ballerina scene, but why not put both ! 😂😂🤷🏽‍♂️

  4. "To the peacocks… The world throws food at your every footstep, yet you still complain about your feet!" – SH

  5. Art crowd: 'Oh boy, over the top.'
    Also art crowd: loses their frikkin minds because Terry moved a fork 2 inches

  6. Easily one of the funniest movies ever made. The interaction between Will and Mark is pure and fluent. If you watch closely, Mark looks as though he's always about to laugh hysterically. Love this movie.

  7. Ok what I want to know is why that dude is wearing a Palestinian Kuffiyeh at 2:12. Nothing is random smh hahaha

  8. 1:57 😁😁 I thought he was going to stab / scratch the table but all he did was move the fork 😁😁

  9. these are the kind of people who vote Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Cortez lol.. them bunch of crazy liberal transgender easily offended liberal snowflakes.

  10. I love how we went from "Liberal art school student" to a fucking salty middle age grandpa in a snap.

  11. So he applied and actually got accepted to RISD just to take some classes to make fun of those guys in his neighborhood? That’s some serious dedication!

  12. I think they got rid of this scene recently. I don’t see it anymore. I bought this movie on iTunes about 2 years ago and decided to watch it again and they definitely got rid of this scene.

  13. I agree most of the time Artworks are just bunch of none-sense crap or ordinary things for an excuse of overpriced items just because it is made by some so called famous Artist!!! and some crap representation!!! or meaning!!!

  14. the way the dude puts his thumbs up and say yes frantically will allways stay in my mind. i visit this video from time to time

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