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The Path Of Creativity | Cinematic Motivational Speech For Artists

the path of creativity I was always told
that I would never be good enough then I’m wasting my time trying to pursue
this goal this dream this idea of someone that would be something in life
then met something more than the failures that they went through and
there’s something more than another mistake
to be told that your life amounts to nothing that every one of your endeavors
and ideas will pass away with you to follow you to your grave to meet their
end that these hopes and dreams will never see the light of day that you’re
wasting your time with every breath you’re wasting your time with every step
to wake up every morning to ask yourself when will it all end when a when will
that open my eyes and look to the sky to look to the Stars to finally have hope
to have a meaning in this life when will the suffering end one will
life get better kept going on like this I never do at what point the things
would start to look over will they ever be able to have friendships that meant
anything what everybody in my life that ever mattered continued to pass away to
cease to exist or to Jean so rapidly that they’re no longer recognized as a
person but all the friends I may be nothing more than to save people that
laugh at me whatever amount in you thing to them
would I ever meet anything to my family to my friends to the water around me
so I started looking inward looking within myself and I asked what doesn’t
matter what they think if that’s all they think anyways what difference will
it make to try to prove them wrong to try to
prove to them that I mean more than that though if there’s more to me than just
my past that there’s more to me than my mistakes there’s more to me than my
failures my shortcomings I tell you my dreams they laugh at me I tell them my
goals they laugh they tell me it’s not even possible you
just can’t do it without those skills you weren’t born with a good enough of
genetics you’ll never be able to push yourself hard enough to achieve such
successes I was told that every single step of the way that I will be reminded
by the words that they told me that I don’t have meaning did I mess with
nothing to be told by somebody that it’s supposed to be there for you
to care for you to be told that you’re their greatest mistake and they was I
wish that they never made that choice how would that feel how does that feel
and then it gets to a point where I stopped feeling I felt nothing but am i
confusing myself did I feel anything to begin with or has it always been this
way as I looked at the Stars and I looked beyond to try to find something
within myself and try to find a meaning I keep chasing those hopes those dreams
those patches to turn it and make something of myself and the past always
comes back to me no on me to tell me I won’t make it to tell me that I am just
not good enough to be told to take a look around look at
what everybody else is done told that you’ll never achieve that you are not
good enough they’re smarter than you better than you more creative than you
they have so much that you will just never achieve they have so many
skills that you can’t even imagine they’re stronger than you faster than
you they have things that you couldn’t even imagine you can accomplish and to
believe that you could even achieve a fraction of it
who are you who are you to think that I look back on that now and all those
people that hurt baby all those people have told me it wasn’t possible but it
couldn’t be done I think that for how much they’ve hurt
man I take all of that pain I channel it into this it makes me stronger faster
more creative more intelligent and I keep pushing myself and I keep trying
and yet I keep failing was everything they said right
well I always be a failure I look back on it it was such a long time ago but it
feels like yesterday 10 years ago 20 years ago
it all seems a safe seconds minutes hours days months years
they split together and I keep trying and that keep failing but is all this
failure just leading up to something something more that’s going to make me
better and after all what is better better than what I was better they and
now or the best I can be how good can I be how creative can I be
will I ever be remembered like the Great’s Leonardo DaVinci Michelangelo
nobody ever compared myself to such people achieved such great things
I feel so insignificant to ask such a question
whom I asked that but then again do I feel that way do I think that way
because what I’ve been told am I being realistic or do you get to be
unrealistic just go out there and given things it seemed impossible
things that no one ever believes in people that have achieved such great
things they did to always have somebody there to help you
Sona guide them through the path it gives them a direction to where to go
what’s not to take who to be of what to become life is a struggle there’s a lot
of suffering a lot of pain a lot of sacrifice and there’s compromises that
you have to make to get there to achieve this dream for this goal you have
not pursuing it every day I wake up I keep asking myself is it worth it is
this really worth yes because otherwise I feel worthless I have a promise to
keep and this this creativity is not just a part of what I am it is what I am
it’s what I’ve always been these pens this ain’t the spills onto the paper to
express Who I am on the inside in a world that fears you are that doesn’t
want you to speak to be yourself they wants you to hold back trying to be
different to conform and be like everybody else
I’ve always been so different I went through it’s a struggle to get to
where I am now I’ve been told already states about Who I am and what I will
not be and with all of that that I’ve gone through this may be so much
stronger it has made me better and I think all the pain I think all the
people have hurt me and sometimes I wonder should I forgive
them and move on or should I hold on to those memories and then pain and let it
burn inside of me like a fire to fuel that flame that constantly pushes me to
be better to do more to not give up look back and everything that’s happened in
and out of it I don’t ever want to go back to that I
don’t want to live my life that way again I know I can do better than this
and after all that I’ve been through why would you give up now
why would you stop don’t look down keep your eyes on the road and the path ahead
of you 1 Stefan just one more step you could be
that close to getting there don’t look back and give up because this
dream the success this goal could be what step away don’t be afraid to make
that next step don’t be afraid sometimes you just have
to run to fear run to the things that hurt you use that pain as a reminder of
what you don’t want to go back to of the life that you don’t want to live again
to make a better life for yourself to know that despite the struggles are
going through now despite the struggle I know but then
myself that what I’m going through now I can’t imagine it possibly being as
difficult as it once was and I know what I went through and I
know what I’m capable of handling in this life if I can go through that I can
go through anything because I believe in myself despite what they tell me
despite their negativity to hold me down to hold me back and to push me away
because they fear seeing my success it reminds them of their failures
because they were afraid they were frightened motion
afraid of so much they were even fearful of success but I
looked so high of success and I keep going maybe some days that should let go
then other times I feel like I should hold on to it maybe that is a part of me
maybe pain and suffering is a part of what makes me who I am
to keep being better to keep pushing myself I’ll keep going one step one more
step and one more breath to take all of that in a channel led into creativity to
make something out of this I’ve come this far and I’m not gonna stop now
I’ll keep using that pain and that hurt I’m not gonna give up just because of
what some people have said at this moment sometimes I wonder what it’d be
like they can see it through my perspective
but sometimes it’s wishful thinking and all we can really do is accept the life
that we have and to do the best that we can with what we’ve got and to remember
no matter what happens in life believe in yourself and never ever never give up you ah

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