Laughter is the Best Medicine


[Dan]: Hi, Internet! [Dan]: If you’re wondering why this looks like it’s being filmed on a potato.. [Dan]: No, you have not fallen through a wormhole into 2006. [Dan]: *claps* Today, as created by Queen Jenna Marbles.. [Dan]: This, is the Photobooth Challenge tag. (*explosion sound effect*) [Dan]: You have to make yourself look as.. [Dan]: ..ridiculous as possible on Photobooth and the other person has to try not to laugh. [Dan]: So yeah, whilst this is definitely in no way.. [Dan]: ..original, creative, or opinionated, it will be funny as f*ck. [Dan]: Hi, Phil. // [Phil]: Hi, Internet! [Dan]: You ready? // [Phil]: Yeah! // [Dan]: Let’s go! // [Dan]: So Phil? // [Phil]: Yeah? [Dan]: Not allowed to laugh, okay! // [Phil]: Right, okay! [Both]: *hysterical laughter* [Phil]: Doesn’t count! Doesn’t count! // [Dan]: You failed! You failed! You failed! [Dan]: Test begins now. [Phil]: *snort* [Both]: *snort* [Dan]: *suppressed laughter* [Dan]: TAHAHAHAHHAHA [Phil]: *giggling* I look like a different person! // [Dan]: *laughing* [Dan]: You just look.. slightly wrong. // [Phil]: That looks like I could be a person. [Dan]: Were your parents brother and sister? [Dan]: I trapped my arm in a car door. [Dan]: EEEEARGHH [Dan]: Hello! [Dan]: My name is Steven. [Phil]: Oh my god. // [Dan]: MMMRGH [Phil]: You look like Quagmire from Family Guy. // [Dan]: *chuckles* [Dan]: Giggity giggity goo. [Both]: *laughing* [Dan]: Slender Dan. // [Phil]: *laughing* That’s so weird! [Dan]: Hey there, little child. [Dan]: Are you ready, Phil? // [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: BOOM, Nicki Minaj. [Dan]: dun dun tsh dun dun dun // [Phil]: *chuckles* [Phil]: Oh my god. // [Dan]: Oh god. Something’s gone horrible wrong. [Dan]: I’m eight months pregnant. [Dan]: Oh my god, that’s horrifying! [Phil]: Daniel. // [Dan]: Sto– [Phil]: DANIEL // [Dan]: *laughing* Stop. Stop. [Dan]: Stop, stop. // [Phil]: DANI– *laughs* [Dan]: No, no, no, please stop. [Phil]: Yeahh.. [Phil]: You like that, Katie? [Dan]: *laughing* WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?? [Phil]: I wasn’t trying to– *laughing* [Dan]: WHAT DID THAT MEAN // [Phil]: I don’t know.. *giggling* [Dan]: WHAT WERE YOU DOING TO KATIE?? [Phil]: *laughing* Stroking her hair.. // [Dan]: Jesus Christ. [Dan]: Heyy. [Dan]: Wanna be friends? [Dan]: Yeahh.. [Dan]: Let’s be friends. // [Phil]: *chuckling* [Dan]: Yeeahh.. [Dan]: Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. [Dan]: BOOBS // [Both]: *laughing* [Harry]: Intertwine with me, Louis. [Louis]: Ahh… // [Both]: *laughing* [Phil]: Sometimes I just want a friend. [Phil]: *chuckling* // [Dan]: Oh my fucking god! [Dan]: What is happening? [Phil]: HELP ME HELP HELP ME// [Dan]: Oh, sweet Jesus. [Dan]: Okay, this one is definitely more disturbing than funny, we’re stopping this! [Both]: *laughing* [Dan]: Hey. I’m a moon child. // [Phil]: *chuckling* [Phil]: Stop doing that.. *chuckling* [Phil]: This is the Quentin Taratino– // [Dan]:This is the Quentin Taratino filter. [Phil]: Wow. [Dan]: I’m shutting your butt down. [Dan]: GAAAAAAH [Phil]: Hi, my name is Christie and I’ll be cutting your hair today. [Phil]: How would you like it? [Dan]: BPHH [Phil]: Can anyone help? I can’t find a glove that fits. // [Both]: *laughing* [Dan]: Hey Phil? // [Phil]: What? [Dan]: Can you tell I’ve been WORKING OUT? [Dan]: RAAAH [Phil]: It’s kinda disturbing what you would look like with muscle.. [Phil]: Did you just kiss your hand? [Dan]: BPHLPHH // [Phil]: *laughing* [Phil]: *laughing* You obviously don’t work out. // [Dan]: *chuckling* I have poor coordination. [Dan]: Oh! Oh, it that a mosquito? [Dan]: Ah, ah, it’s bit my eye! It’s bit my eye! [Dan]: ITS BIT MY EYE // [Phil]: *giggling* [Dan]: AAAH // [Phil]: *giggling* [Dan]: I could start a twin channel with this feature! [Phil]: It’s Dan’s Gap! [Phil]: And his special friend! // [Dan]: PPPBH [Dan]: Back into the dimension! // [Phil]: *laughing* [Phil]: Waah! [Phil]: I just fell off the chair! [Dan]: Hey Phil! // [Phil]: What? [Dan]: It looks like a goatse. // [Phil]: Noo…. [Phil]: *bird noises* [Phil]: *bird noises* // [Dan]: caw caw caw caw caw [Both]: *fighting bird sounds* [Dan]: Hey Internet. // [Phil]: *laughing* [Dan]: *laughing* Don’t mind me! // [Phil]: *laughing* How– [Dan]: Just having a little float! [Dan]: Hey, I’m the fucking sun from the Teletubbies. [Phil]: *chuckling* [Phil]: Hey Dan. // [Dan]: What. [Phil]: Why the long face. [Dan]: *chuckling* Jesus Christ. [Phil]: You look so sad. // [Dan]: tchhh [Phil]: I really want to go to Tesco. [Dan]: I look like a Mario block. *chuckling* // [Phil]:*giggling* You do. [Dan]: EEEEARGH [Dan]: ERGH ERGH EARGHHH // [Phil]: *laughing* [Phil]: I’m Marge Simpson.. [Dan]: *laughing hysterically* [Phil]: Hey Homie! // [Dan]: *laughing* [Dan]: Hey, do you want to go to space? // [Phil]: Yeah! [Dan]: Let’s go! [Dan]: I’m Sandra Bullock! [Phil]: *laughing* // [Dan]: Help me! [Dan]: Help! // [Phil]: I’m spinning! [Dan]: Too soon? // [Phil]: Too soon. [Dan]: doo doo doo doo doo [Both]: bum bum bum bum [Dan]: doo doo– [Dan]: FUCK // [Phil]: *laughing* [Dan]: OW // [Phil]: *laughing* [Dan]: AAH // [Phil]: *laughing* Dan fell off the moon! [Dan]: I JUST FELL OFF THE FUCKING MOON // [Phil]: *laughing* [Dan]: AAH IT’S SO PAINFUL // [Phil]: Are you alright? [Dan]: T– I think. [Dan]: Hey Phil. // [Phil]: What? [Dan]: Tyra Banks. [Both]: *laughing* [Phil]: I think the shirt I bought was a bit too big. [Dan]: *laughing* [Phil]: You look like a goblin! [Dan]: OH MY GOD // [Phil]: OH NO [Dan]: NOO [Phil]: HEYY [Dan]: TAHAHA HO HO [Dan]: NO // [Phil]: AAH [Dan]: Ah no! // [Phil]: AAAH [Phil]: AAAAHH // [Dan]: Stop. [Phil]: AAAH // [Dan]: Please st– [Dan]: Anyone that’s liked any aspect of your actual face is now permanently traumatized. [Dan]: We both suck at not laughing.. // [Phil]: I know. [Dan]: I mean, that’s supposed to be the whole challenge aspect of this.. // [Phil]: Yeah. [Dan]: We suck, so I don’t really know the– // [Phil]: *chuckling* [Dan]: OOO OKA– UHHH // [Phil]: *laughing* [Dan]: This is awkward.. uh, Phil? // [Phil]: Dan. [Dan]: This wasn’t you okay? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [Phil] Please stop. [Dan]: I don’t want this to make things awkward between us, okay? [Dan]: It just happened. // [Phil]: *chuckling* [Dan]: It happens sometimes. [Dan]: So that was the Photobooth Challenge *laughs*! [Phil]: Which we horrifically failed. // [Dan]: Totally failed. [Dan]: And you can click on Phil’s wonderful face.. if you want to check out his videos! // [Phil]: *giggling* [Phil]: Awh, thanks for that, Dan! [Phil]: I look great. [Dan]: *laughing* [Dan]: I officially tag any YouTuber who can’t be bothered to think of something original this week. [Phil]: *chuckling* // [Dan]: *laughing* I look forward to those. [Dan]: But now! [Dan]: A particularly sexy sexy end screen dance! [Dan]: Oh yeah! // [Phil]: *giggling* [Dan]: If you enjoyed this and you want to be told when I make a new video.. [Dan]: Then you can click here to subscribe to my channel! [Dan]: Or, if you missed my last video, you can click there to watch it! [Dan]: Ohh yeahh.. [Dan]: That’s rightt.. [Dan]: Okay! So this video has given me nightmare material for several months.. [Dan]: ..and I just hope it hasn’t permanently traumatized any of you! [Dan]: *laughing* See you next week, Internet!


  1. This is one of the funniest videos Dan and Phil have ever done. They had so much fun doing this and it warms my cold heart.

  2. “If you’re wondering why this looks like it’s filmed on a potato”
    -Dan Howell
    This is my new catchphrase lol

  3. 2019 and is still love this so f**king much I actually cant I’m dead 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  5. Still is not a better video on this website HahahahAhahah totally havent watched this so many times i know it offf by heart………*cough cough* ahaha 😂 baiii xoxo

  6. I remember when this was first posted and teenage me was crying of laughter and I don't think many videos compare even to this day

  7. This was my first ever dan and Phil video and I cannot stop laughing. I will definitely be subscribing and watching all of each of their videos as well as the ones they do together.

  8. People this video insulted:

    – Family Guy enthusiasts
    – Nikki Minaj
    – Anyone named Katie
    – Moon children
    – Quentin Tarantino
    – Hair stylists
    – Bodybuilders
    – Twins
    – Floating heads
    – The sun from the Teletubbies
    – Marge Simpson
    – Astronauts
    – Isaac Newton (because Dan somehow fell off the moon)
    – Goblins
    – About 16 million people on the internet

  9. I’m going back and forth between Superfruit’s video and this one. They’re both equally funny and I can’t decide which one is funnier!

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