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The Pros and Cons of Dating Smart People | Drew Barth | Dry Bar Comedy

I, uh-I’m very excited in general next month I am celebrating my one-year wedding anniversary [cheers, applause] Which, uh-I haven’t talked to my wife in about eight hours actually, which is at this point a little bit longer than I’d like to leave her alone with her thoughts Cause we’re still starting out so my plan is basically just every morning I wake up and convince her once again this is a really good idea [Audience laughter] and we can’t return our wedding gifts so hopefully it all works out. I love being married though, it’s great. It’s like dating with consequences. It’s uh… It’s a lot of fun and people ask me like “Why did you get married? Why’d propose to your wife?” And there are a lot of reasons definitely. But really chief among them is that my wife is smarter than I am and if you can date somebody smarter I highly recommend doing that. It is It’s a fantastic way to go just surround yourself with smart people in general if you can. I know dumb people are fun I’m not gonna deny that. And if you’re dumb thank you. It’s really entertaining for everybody else but but if you swap out your dumb friends for smart friends it’s a lot less funny but you’re gonna cut way down on the number of text messages you get at 2:00 in the morning, I guarantee you that. nobody asks for $200 that you can’t ask about or anything that’s gone so… And if you can date somebody smarter than you, I highly recommend doing that as a matter of fact if you’re dating somebody here tonight uhh, one of you IS smarter than the other That’s just a fact. No two people get together that are the exact same level of intelligence. One person is going to be smart-As a matter of fact clap if you think you’re the smart person in your relationship [Audience cheers and applauds] [Cheers and claps] boy, was that a mixed bag thats uhh like there were a handful of people out there that were like “Nope the smart person doesn’t clap right here, I know that this is a trap” That was so interesting to watch yet I saw some couples where both people were clapp- “Oh, all right” “no, we’re not done talking about this actually” “we’re gonna talk about this on the way home, as a matter of fact” Also saw some couples where people were definitely together and neither person was clapping which is cute cuz that can mean one of two things There’s option a which could be like “Hey I’m not clapping because I think that you’re smart-” “oh you’re not clapping because you think that I’m smart? Well that’s just-” “Do you want to get some gelato on the way home because this is… Do you want to adopt a puppy? we’re wonderful” that’s possible that could exist as option A, but you have to admit could also be option B. Which is like “Hey I’m not clapping because i think you’re oh…” and you’re not clapping cuz you think oh…” alright… Are we dumb? I didn’t know that. That’s not good. No, I don’t remember where we parked the car, actually. Date smarter if you possibly can and i say smart and not clever cuz there’s a big difference between smart people and clever people there are a couple of people nodding out there who’ve dated clever people before then i’m sorry and right now if you’re sitting there and You’re like i’m not sure if the person i’m with is smart or clever well they’re clever that’s how that’s how they work but it’s just a totally different thing between dating smart and clever people and it really comes out when you get into any sort of argument like if i get in an argument with my wife who’s smarter than me it usually plays out just kind of like hey you know What sweetie i think i’m right and then she’ll say no actually I think I’m right. And i’ll be like fine you tell me why you think you’re right and then she’ll list a bunch of facts And i’ll say bwuh- And that’s it and it’s It’s over it’s really quick but there’s a lot of time left in the evening to get more things wrong which is very helpful but, clever people it’s a totally different thing it’s a totally different way of arguing because clever people don’t use facts they just bring up times that you’ve been wrong in the past to completely invalidate your argument. Somebody had experience with this before? it’s like trying, to date a negative political attack ad against you You go you know what I’m saying? So when you come out and you’re like hey sweetheart i’m gonna go hang out with guys tonight watch the game i’m pretty sure i told you about this last week. Then she comes back with [Announcer voice] oh really? drew barth says that he’s pretty sure he mentioned last week he was going out with the guys tonight But isn’t this also the same drew barth that was pretty sure the movie started at 8:15 last night We know how that one turned out. And isn’t this the same drew Barth that was pretty sure he ordered more flea medicine for the cats online wrong again are we really going to trust a man who doesn’t even know what drawer the big spoons go in? Don’t This thursday vote no on drew going out and having a good time with his friends ’cause drew barth wrong on big spoons wrong on everything Subscribe to dry bar comedy for even more of the world’s largest collection of clean comedy

100 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Dating Smart People | Drew Barth | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. My landlord's like this. I ask him to fix something and he acts like I offend his ancestors. Then he starts in with "You, you ask this? When you broke a dish two years ago?"

  2. Not gonna lie, im definately the smarter one… or my boyfriend purposefully texts like a dumbass

  3. For some reason the end note cracks me out a little bit. Don't know if its the voice or the "clean comedy" part. Just me?

  4. Meh. It depends. Some people are "smarter" and act like it makes them the second coming of Jesus I SWEAR.

  5. I'm single, so I really just argue with my dad. We were talking times one day and we both had different answers. He was right and instead of being gracious about it (he's not always right) he was all like, SEE! You didn't know what you were talking about. My response was, You were wrong about my friend's graduation date (something we had argued about before) and suddenly he didn't have too much to say about how right he had been 😏.

  6. If you're the smart one, please don't finish all you arguments with "yeah…I know…so annoying having an argument with me tihi" super annoying.

  7. This is super funny, but is that really the universal definition of clever and smart? I use them pretty synonymously

  8. It's funny because a couple months ago or more and officially today well last night I broke up with and stop being friends with my clever ex-girlfriend because I was a smart one that stated facts but she was a clever one China invalidated with the past

  9. I'm incredibly intelligent, though I'm unfortunately the only person that knows, that I am incredibly intelligent.

  10. I think I read somewhere that when asking people if they think they're smart or not the smart people will deny being smart apparently if you think you're smart and proudly admit it then it probably means you're not very smart and just too dumb to realize it yet like that one question "do dumb people know they're dumb"

    I don't think I'm dumb or smart just really good at guessing so I'd say I'm of average intelligence

  11. its far worse to date stupid people than mean or evil people, because at least mean people know what they did to screw things up – stupid people ruin things and hurt you and never even understand what went wrong, so they can't stop hurting you even if they wanted to!

  12. And don't forget the time you…..and then there was that other time when you though you….but then there was the time you and that friend got…

    You're forgiven BUT that doesn't mean we've forgotten 😂😀😂

  13. His definition of clever is basically someone who argues without arguing with inductive reasoning… interesting

  14. Smart men shouldn't date educated women. Educated people think they are smart. Smart people knows that's not always true.

  15. I'd prefer to be clever to smart. Intelligence is synonymous with misery. At least being clever, you can find a twisted joy

  16. It is better to remain silent than to speak the truth ill-humoredly, and spoil an excellent dish by covering it with bad sauce.—St. Francis de Sales

  17. I’ve not laughed this hard in a long time ! The best humour is the kind we all relate to 😂😂 I don’t think I’m necessarily dumb but trust me, my partner is the intelligent one – this is all so true

  18. im probably smarter than 85% of the population and the dumb one in my family. My brother scored perfect on his SAT at 15. My father found a math error in a Mensa book. I have a masters degree (only college grad) and im the window licker. However, outside of my family im def. the smartest person I know.

  19. The thing is though, smart people realise how little they know even though they know a lot of information. Whereas dumb people who act smart are just ignorant.

  20. Dated a geneticist .. found out the difference between educated and intelligent… she was very well educated. Logic however was not her friend …

  21. Watching this with my boyfriend and told him I was definitely the smarter one bc I am dating HIM and I know how wonderful he is. Points for life! 😘

  22. Getting married is for the STUPID. Smart men NEVER get married.
    There's nothing in it for the man that he can't get for free by staying single.

  23. "trying to date a negative political attack ad against yourself" stated so eloquently— thank you, thank you, thank u so much.

  24. Im not really sure ,,,, ive never dated a smart woman. One ran out of gas 3 times in 3 weeks.
    Another locked her key in the car 3 times in a month. Another let 2 strange men in the house because they claimed to be from hydro. Can i pick em ?

  25. I constantly run into this problem. My last date said I am too smart for him. I didn't think that until he made that comment. Now I agree.
    By my experience men love to talk to intelligent women but they rarely want one at home. Hey, it's not about brain! it's about "did you get the mail honey?" Or
    "thanks for cleaning up the garage – nice job". Believe me – intelligence is not that scary.

    Still looking for a man who doesn't see intelligence as a flaw. Wonna date me? Picture is current.

  26. Good points, but to build up to a less fun part at end then the rest of it, is eighter smart or clever. Then again he admit he was eighter:) Still liked it:)

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