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“The Real Bubba J” | Arguing with Myself  | JEFF DUNHAM

– So uh, Bubba J, what
does the J stand for? – Uh, my last name is Junior. (crowd laughs)
– Oh. Well it’s a good thing they
didn’t name you Junior. – Yeah, that’d be dumb,
Junior Junior. (laughs) That’s my brother’s name. – Oh
(crowd laughs) So Bubba J, what have
you been doing today? – I’ve been watching
NASCAR and drinking beer. (crowd laughs) – That’s your favorite sport. – Yeah, NASCAR is too. (crowd laughs) – You know, NASCAR is very hot right now. – Oh I know, everybody loves NASCAR. – Well, Sweet Daddy said it’s just a bunch of guys driving in a circle. – Oh I know, that’s my favorite part, they’re making a left turn. (crowd laughs) It’s a sport that’s easy to
follow when you’re hammered. (crowd laughs) – I understand you’ve got a new tattoo. – Yeah, I got another one
somewhere else that’ll grow. (crowd laughs) Did you get it? – [Jeff] They got it. – I’m tired of hearing that
most NASCAR fans drink too much. – Oh, ’cause it’s not true? – Oh no it’s true, I’m
just tired of hearing it. (crowd laughs) Makes me thirsty for another beer. (crowd laughs and cheers) – Besides beer, do you ever
have wine at the track? – Yeah, they have boxed wine. – [Jeff] Boxed wine. – Yeah, it’s wine that comes in a box. – [Jeff] Yeah. – It’s great ’cause if
you had too much to drink, then you got something to throw up in. (crowd laughs) – Bubba J, don’t you
worry about your health? – Huh? – Your health. – Uh, like what? – Your liver. – Ah, no, my last abduction,
the alien’s took it. (crowd laughs) – You think you got abducted by aliens. – I don’t think, I know. They took me, and they
stuck something in my butt. (crowd laughs) And not in the good way.
(crowd laughs) (Bubba J laughs) – Look Bubba J, when
you go to a NASCAR race and you party a lot, who
is your designated driver? – What the (beep) is that? (crowd laughs) – Do you drive drunk? – No officer. (laughs) (crowd laughs) I’m practicing. (crowd laughs)
– Yeah, alright. Bubba J, have you ever
had an intervention? – Yeah, and penicillin
cleared it right up. (crowd laughs)
– No. – Stupid cousin.
(crowd laughs) It was a second cousin,
that’s a gray area. – Alright.
(crowd laughs) Bubba J, do you play any sports yourself? – Does quarters count? – No.
(crowd laughs) Do you have a drinking problem? – No, I’ve pretty much got it figured out. (crowd laughs) – What’s your favorite beer? – An open one. (crowd laughs and applauds) – And how do you know
when you’ve had too much? – I run out. – Yeah, alright.
(crowd laughs) Have you ever been to an AA meeting? – AA is for quitters. (crowd laughs and cheers) Hey, and Mr. Dunham I was wondering, what is it that you do for a living? – I’m a comedian. – (gasps) You are?
– Yeah. – You got one of them catchphrases? – Well you know, I’m a ventriloquist. – Oh, you don’t eat meat? (crowd laughs) What? – Bubba J, are you married? – Oh yeah. – Yeah, is your wife pretty? – Yeah, no. (crowd laughs) – What’s the difference? – The light. (crowd laughs) – Where’d you meet your wife? – At the family reunion. (crowd laughs) What? – So Bubba J, where was
this family reunion? – At the state fair. – State fair?
– Uh huh. – Well why don’t you tell us about the first time you saw your wife. – Alright. There she was. (crowd laughs) More?
– Yeah, more. Where was she? – Oh, she was leaning up
against the Ferris wheel. – Yeah? – Making it tilt. (crowd laughs) Sunlight glistening off her curlers. Corn dog in one hand, a
Budweiser in the other. (crowd laughs and cheers) Uh, my tattoo’s growing. (crowd laughs and applauds)

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  2. Bubba Jay need to have a Coors bottle or can in his hand, i am one of the few that will openly say that they can identify with him. i am a west Texas boy and redneck through and through now living in Michigan

  3. Thank you Jeff Dunham I was at a party and wanted to talk to this very pretty girl i sit down next to her and started playing your videos on my phone and soon after we were both laughing and drinking when the night was over she had so much fun we left together and woke up the next morning naked and in bed. Texas

  4. Jeff: why don't you tell us about the first time you saw your wife?
    Bubba: alright… There she was!!! 😂😂😂

  5. Jeff- when you go to a Nascar race do you have a designated driver?
    Bubba – what the @#$& is that
    Me – he gonna go to jail

  6. I’m a huge fan of NASCAR Go Chase Elliott Alex Bowman Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Larson

  7. Heĺlo Miss 🦄🐿🐱🐱🐇😍💓💕💖💖🖤💟❣💙💚💟💟❣💙💚💛🧡💜💗💝💞😻💏💑💏😻🐿😻

  8. Does anyone remember how he proposed to his wife? The one with "Guess who else is late?". Where can I find it, or does anyone have it written down? My favorite part.

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