Laughter is the Best Medicine

The Richmond Comedy Special w/ DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller & Chico Bean

[Applause] make sure you go all social media Instagram [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] ladies [Applause] [Applause] supersuit [Applause] [Applause] ever see whoa baby they got statues in here with digging lanes over I'm finna go get an axe I'll be right back leave them alone that belongs to the white people okay I mean it's a big holiday face I don't understand how we had to keep performing in these goddamn cathedrals nigga this shit is running back in the day that was the way you showed you have a good time you showed you stand up and show them you did more than what's up with Ju how y'all living out here we we enrichment but gee a lot of niggas don't know Richmond one there's a hole in a Chris Brown la personne from in this quiz a premier Christian Tappahannock this Richmond this where the gangsters in Virginia is at right here yeah this is this is real I'm a PC niggas know I know about Richmond niggas y'all the other niggas that was downloading that going for it I salute the y'all Richmond Megan you know it is real it's a real city right here this is thank you see I went down to that third Street diner last night boom that is the whole story later goodness gracious yeah some niggas walking around now never wigs or no I don't know if I want to eat it the third Street that is an idea do is that the wrong goddamn Street nigga would walk that you are middle linebacker take that lace front off he got tired like you know what you want what you over must load all the latest a here there's all probation right now mr. Baines banana days do they go nowhere my fuckin Richmond Virginia I sold this bitch out make some noise for yourselves this niggas in the bank them niggas guys seats back here from nigga let you buy a binge on the show this is all right I can hear everything I can hear you rightful I do niggas in the back guys they got to see the show light niggas in jail pose for pictures hold up much low to everybody sitting on the very last row make sure you check your seat it might be a spider under that bitch this one of my father's to be or not to be thankful I live in Richmond God is here guns there everywhere you know as gangsters in Richmond when a nigga sitting it to show with his sunglasses still on that nigga's extra gangster now it means you hidin from it that nigga got one eye I know what going on we ain't cool things it blind you ain't blind is your dog peel I hang out and make it took the glasses oh no I can see me I got pink I'm trying to protect you he's preventing this crazy-looking niggas gettin nervous when you're looking at crowd thereby quiet we see you ready Casey me what we see Megan [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] how you going well you look like you they made you come that is motherfucker you sitting there look at me and shit [Applause] mama did Charlie right there she laughing this is a can't be mean that the she'll be happy she don't give a fuck about these niggas what we gotta do to make you laugh baby there you go there go and smile Jesus Christ this scares she goes smiling slice her lips up I just got my braces put on that's why I can't laugh i'ma split my lip so quick I wish I could have seen her picking they're flat tops before she love oh in a bomb shot let me get that [Applause] number 13 weeks [Applause] like I never say don't buy get the mixture of numbers we look at that shit let me get a 2 & a 9 I want a fade on the side I want a goddamn Caesar top don't look at you like bro you sure yeah I'm sure I want to do that Co she cut like gal on Street Fighter remember gal lost three fighter negative sonic beam if invite them walking this motherfucker she gonna jump up everybody sit down she look like this I'm elated it'll pop your hood [Applause] man what's an auntie Society what are you oh hey [Applause] you know what any paper this I know right fuck this shit see y'all get up business you gonna leave disease you gonna get up and say fuck y'all niggas [Applause] hey babe the plant again looked at us as we find out we have been moving he ain't been paying attention like that nigga texting some awful Richmond niggas here they took us a game nigga get down here sunglass gang nigga we gonna shit already he got no service he stupid solution he said take your back nigga you got service to the nothing lady right here with the glitter dress on you lie you great go to the middle school dance god damn fucking my life you kiss me when you're playing the kissing game I love you kiss me when we're playing butt-kissing game I just want alone now she just came to you boy good dress out I'm going anyway I like your dress this sparkly very sparkly dress I would be act like the end of the closet and I went over well ooh sparkly truth hey you here to spend before she left the house salute to the loving lady you guys hit beside you with the big old titties you know her I say hi at the hotel on the elevator with the titty just hanging out city's big it got a median in between them nigga dad you got a good space between the titties no they love the two together tunas got a yes a financier funny she like yeah the other tea together so I see the Helena get a restraining order they fell out [Applause] speakers yeah I had a conversation with somebody the other day about wedding dresses right I don't see why you would pay $5,000 all that money for a dress you only gonna wear one time I wish I would exactly ma'am you know only sensible woman in here I wish I would have paid anything over 25 fashioned over dollars short dress that she won't wear one time fuck that you want your wedding dress on every time we go somewhere to the movies put your wedding dress on bitch gas station so on the wedding dress fuck that we all get all $5,000 out there we see wind red dress she looking at me show do know what type of women y'all act yes I sit like preju gay women who only one the wid drip little screen they think it's cute to wear jersey dresses it put their hand away in my Wars fuck you Tom Bell got a jersey dude they've been taking I know clothes come on now you are stuck in 99 2000 buddy the fucked-up part is she made her home jersey dress right get the speak right down there oh hey what's up it should Mayor Carlos Miller fellows let's ride to manscape your landscape and scraped your man hey man everybody's been there everybody's tried to the landscape then manscape you may not be good at it it's not your fault you're using the wrong tools you need to go to manscape calm so you can go get some highly engineered precision tools for your family jewels that you bitch slogan precision tools for your family jeez man speed your landscape yeah go take it all up man see your landscape hey but don't strip those balls you need man speed you landscape Hey go trim it on up you need man ski landscape be careful bro do you want to go to manscape dot-com and get a discount use my code 85 self when you get there man escape your landscape yeah trim it although manscape your landscape yeah shave up those balls you got to take care of your area if you want any area if you know what I mean now you know and knowing is half the battle GI Joe said that and I live by it and I'm a grown-ass man manscape calm Carlos Miller code any faster I see you when you get there I won't but somebody will shout out to all the ladies in here who be wearing the old nigga basketball shorts to be your no nigga don't why did job make so much noise without you're disrespectful my brothers played no football at the University of Virginia you better start looking at that patch money got another nigga initials in okay your name is Dan Lee ladies why y'all save old nigga shit this used to where you don't want to fuck with no more you you're one fuck with that nigga but you still walking around with it show us on when they say she miss what you say I'm telling us stupid [Applause] buddies women scandalous his Footwear half not not quit fucking with a bitch she gonna steal my nap blanket not your nap blanket my couch we keep on the couch with you were you oh there foot no you gotta keep the nap blanket on the couch we lazy to go to your bed now you know what fuck it go to sleep bro yet that's how you buy the goddamn couch you gotta let I take a nap on this motherfucker right here yeah gonna put this on the truck Julio this the one they work hard and you got your house you ain't been asleep no where were you used to see I used to sleep on the couch I sleep every got a salad are the ladies kitchen I don't give a fuck I go downstairs to pee sometimes just cuz I got a paper there she goddamn bear for I'll give him a shower every fuckin spare room at my house is mad I'm giving a fuck kind of slipper every bedroom shit your ass up and get on the bottom bunk this is my house I sleep where the fuck I wanna sleep everybody go to bed turn this shit up I walk around my house like I got there plug there just sense the big ant straw sometimes you wish your mother fucker would say something today a bunch of bills is not paying this motherfucking light bill full honey this hump toppled a charger people shit ain't even though you still got charm you shit now me only company you sent invited right exactly I invite all the people they got the copy but make it take your shoes off when they come in the house I look like it's already done the damage is done I whatever the fuck is over seven year old son this is negative spirit lunchable piece of juice Capri Sun all types of shit you got it you're kidding I really really loved your key but here well I don't fuck with dirty socks dirty dirty clean a real hard marble you like you know what fuck this walk flat footed DC Effie you know what you just said something that was real ba VI that is a pivotal moment ladies a lot of y'all don't notice that's really when your relationship start when and they could take the socks off when y'all fucking their main healer you cuz most niggas fuck with a socks on for years we don't take the socks off you go through stages fuck it sometimes you just pull your dick through the hole in the boxes you don't even take your whole drawers on but when them socks come off you in love because nigga he take themselves out I mean he got a ways to go [Applause] make myself without they'll check up on them kids everybody be quiet [Applause] sweet sound like the bass drum we come outside gel idea so what the movie it'd be so honey but you know what I'm from the back then that slide slip off I'm against a group is with the big pussy fuck that bitch is spent around in the circle on your foot nigga you like shit like I'm on the tip my ACL fucking with this goddamn soccer bitch see she gonna see you two later I did not know make your sock come off I guess you could say that would knock your socks off [Applause] it's comfortable is a comfort level you got the feel to show your feet fellas if your feet fucked up like most niggas feet is fucked up my feet fucked up I'm in my head these girls like I like to suck toes in that man you don't you put my toe in your coffee will slice your tongue in half bitch my goddamn big toenail big little motherfucker I don't even know how I got like this that wasn't that athletic but my shit the turn round like my fucking playground chips I don't know why happen like that shit we go to the beach it doesn't take a Chico looked at didn't make a cheat I looked at my feet and said damn nigga I see why you wear new shoes all the time feel fucked up I'd make it look like me walk around your mama how big we make a drag is his nigga street like rafiki's from the black king negative y'all think y'all nigga got a skin oh I'm definitely not taking my shoes all better shut the show down cut goddamn it no too much history in here for slave girls to be a one-time see we got down scratching on shit flow but I see little I got down ashes oh you don't listen fellas you go get your feet done and the Lord you know they be talking shit about you in the language but you know that they talk shit when you poured in some solving them over the shower power you want you want glass on the tour no ma'am I want no clauses get these shit my feet you know your feet fucked up wedding the person who started with you go get another month they fought around it to to they drilled out for my what's real no you'll neither she said no honey I mean she I remember the first time they put my feet in that bag of wax nigga oh I don't know what that's called what they call it that third phane wax ain't that what it's called nigger they put my feet never on fuck I was like oh it must be some turkey bacon around here cuz my shit smell like it's getting marinated right now this is fella let me tell you so take care you feet okay I know we don't like put lotion on our people we got you don't this is a kite listen your skin a kite opening you only know you got sword on your feet I put her on the way to go get my feet dear they stopped putting the scrub shit on my shit humming lights oh shit I [Applause] personally knows you're mad did you know that the process of putting that shit on is just too extreme you guys ain't nobody gonna see that shit bitch I'm ashy everywhere you can't see right now I refuse to be a my goddamn out see it rules bro you can't do it Nicky you can't put on lotion a key you gotta put your shirt you have to put on your bosses and here you sit down like a gangster put on this shit from you don't want to go to your feet dude hits your face they give me the hell are ya come here baby now everybody in the house thinks sad time I make who got athlete's feet but you know how to get a scratch that shit but I don't litter [Applause] shit nigga you won't have Fleet Street you'll put your sights back on there you don't know who the fuck they prefer here this stage hold it a motherfucker they can see us from know Apollo Theater act up this bitch listen James Brown funk on this stage for you can't tell me bout some shit I already called you got it a wealth in this bitch tonight was he being itchy but [Applause] hey what's up yes he'll die as far as a second look the crazy part you really open the wisest oh yeah I wanna well you look like a badass little boy right now hey sir you want play I do feel like I'm back in the know I want to start a fight I'm not fighting on nigga with his shoes off that mean he can kick fuck that that's the worst way to get knocked out as a black magnet we come from the hood niggas niggas ain't no kicking you came out from DC you can't even rustle and slam and shit nigga fuck that nigga got his shoes off that man he gray and a nigga hold his God like this shit kicked me ahead me knocked out on worldstar off a kick oh he caught him with the with the roundhouse it's so easy to start a fight I say 42 projects right and we leave you know say yes I have a getaway a boring though cuz ain't no really going on so Nicky said you like brochure lambreaux listen I'm bricks Randy okay ready will you for in fella need to say you so stupid [Applause] we're all little bird let me start the fight beat shuttle say your name with Randy for know came out ok what's up nothing idea nigga he don't he don't wanna fight I got you next stupid Annie hey shit what you throw at it turn okay Jamie not him not you what not dear I know you say his name not him that is an idea not do not dear yeah nigga ladies and gentlemen coming to the stage all the way from New Jersey give it up for not dear [Applause] you know how you get a name like that when your parents are hell no idea what's the name she and I did I not do we say you from again turn Church bingo ever Hey you'll fight race if you ever tried hey you ain't do now so you won't fight dad nigga from North Carolina they strong nigga bout you gotta worry about hey hey wait man I'm makin ideas a man he'll fight you you trying to fight you will you'll find ID in here inside of iTunes hey you crazy hey Naidu I think already say yo you gotta open up some more dizzy like a bruh hey can I do – your girl why did that what's your name Malaysia see look at everybody know what's coming an idea that's your lady right there what's her name Nikki she trying to say Kathy chica no she's not not from whatever bill she said hey hey Brett well that make an idea say it's going away better New York well a great Gandhi shit she what you gonna do but you keep your good I mean I feel you but that make an idea say and you say it knock you the fuck out in front of your girl but now that's a different story I don't believe you but you sitting there shaking and shit I think the dick got you scared but [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] go on in the summertime in the hood dre beats she hit him the – she's got a mean with me a beach Oh ain't nothing like wonder when the girls get to fight in the hood in the summertime that shit is an event cuz it star with you at the end up with 30 ay yah each you come back with 30 pitcher what's up now peanuts all but I'll respond to be a brawl out this motherfucker right you know this what when like when women they can fight real good get into a fight with another woman they can fight real good oh yeah I told him that nigga great had to get thicker every walk around with you big ants boots on like this oh man I called a fat ass feeling my mother fucking foot oh geez white people it's only water this Cathedral I told you you can't be walking around barefoot it only goddamn scheduled side now this their YMCA basketball floor right here and there you heel splints all up on him shout out to all the ladies they here they've got a little bit [Applause] we're all fucked a pair of socks up doing a nice job niggas dick I'll be right back you want a coffee [Laughter] [Applause] a salute to the band but just happen to Michael Jackson queued up windy no hole [Applause] Michael Jackson the greatest of all who did my stoop with it Oh has the greatest nigga big absolutely she what you say nigga but do what what is this nigga [Applause] you gotta secure [Applause] – Oh Brandon oh you might see riding Yahtzee and 285 south [Applause] whatever they got that was yellow with a nigga [Applause] [Applause] but I look good for man that's the whole thing you definitely look then you get new stomach protecting the resident pussy I love it that stomach is guard net pussy pussy you got to go through the stomach first whistle god damn oh hey I thought she was it this nigga here dressed like a goddamn nurse what's up what's your name fuck you got going on it would you mind take some blood mr. Baba we got the dialysis man in this bitch see why you sit next to her let's do nigga it's gonna make a nigga have a heart attack in this motherfucker [Applause] that's yours all this joy and hold on time out lows lows we got too fat but women right here I said she got a fat ass the girl beside I said this my ass this joy that thing which I do Benny Choi yes how's that your ass would you do to make it your way y'all fornicate together we're what I don't know what about you I use an x-ray he's here doing things to go back change in life I know y'all been fucking for yes yes they didn't make you tell them if they ever want to put some meat on their sandwich and however if you ever want to put some meat on that sandwich the hi let them what's up with your big easy version is my father big O's Ebert in this bitch up guys What's Up G what's up with you what's up hey you security choke coochie locator then a joke coochie longer than hood don't nobody who Yellin yeah what we go on the ground up there nigga [Applause] yeah yeah stupid and free slap it with stupid and free couch it stupid couch it long and easy because you were stupid [Applause] stupid and free stupid ass free stupid and free shout out up top y'all got the stupid ass seats Oh stupid ass roll stupid ass go Frank got on stupid ass [Applause] stop and this Richmond y'all fuck what go go up here don't you million gay up oh come on we have rich men put your hands up oh yeah [Applause] everybody y'all if you read it's a party y'all to put your hands up in the air if you a whole Richmond player I said yes indeed it's gonna win down lace-front sound crowd everybody here in the hood tonight we enrichment we party in all day all night come on come on y'all get it together DC I'll try and do the O's here there you go again it right dance with your soft song all night come on y'all Oh Oh get it right dance with the side song all night yeah I don't push me delay the end the back got the stomach covering up the pussy it's all foolish you turn 50 everybody here we're gonna party with me up top up top up top don't drop these see you stepping in that wet spot you gonna be bad motherfucker it's okay fuck ow PPA the house I'll step in wet spots all the time what'd you do I stay up to it all the time alright that's the whole big achieve right there hey fellas grown man you remember when you was 20 you can fuck all night yeah you remember it a lot of man came fuck all night no more if you want to go back to the days where you can fuck off man I know the people at blue shoes are coming they're giving me a promo code so me and my partner skin got them go get the blue chill pills and fuck these women all night long cuz that's what they want these days go to blue truth common use the code 85 south show and get you a discount on your chewable blue shoe calm pills cuz they good and they get making me get hard harder not saying that nobody is lacking in that department but I'm saying if you wanna hit it with the rock hit it with the motherfucking rock go to blue shoe calm use the promo code 85 shop now I'm not saying that this is FDA approved or nothing but you experiment with shit all the time why wouldn't you want to experiment with blue to dive color if you look and you have problems getting it up here's what you need to do blue – blue – dot-com go get you some sad blue cute dot-com and go get you some don't you make love to your leg come on down for a long long time and hero with that would swear God is the second wall stimulant it making me get hard it's a sexual stimulant it making me give heart get a blow I build your dance lows I feel your dance low you're gonna do silly dance though come on y'all oh come on y'all come on y'all come on y'all are doing you there as low I do your dance clothes I do in your day let's do your day is low on DC what you get to a tee see what you get a DC would you get a show the people in Richmond where is that oh oh oh I got more than DC oh ah come on the DC and up hold up oh wait Oh rich man Virginia Richmond Richmond Virginia rich man a rich man Wow not just the drums oh look this good workout news right here bitch get your ass up muscle right knee and heel anytime you'll catch a crack [Applause] [Applause] yeah okay all right oh okay they go all right okay they going all right oh all right stop put it all together cleaning looking at each other Oh up there okay all right I said okay good night I said okay all right take a break just kill this shit yeah yes sir sorry pop identify ourselves oh we keep it alive at all time you already know this is a podcast for the freakiest women they fight their toenails oh damn I'll say they caught that repeat that one freakish women it bite they own toenails oh shit don't worry if you can fit your toe in your mouth you's a bad motherfucker right there you you forgot their name Sheila this is like a wall around pull against a six where the single ladies in tonight who's somebody our and you see is that next to it nigga bitch you bitch soon we gonna cut never the one who got niggas the one who paid all the T shit the women he got women that lady over there with the Fez is another lady with a fat ass that's amazing look at this nigga he forgot we sitting there look at evening he no hoodie girlcode me lo she know we was talking about earlier flat flat we gonna ask you this man cuz there's some real shit fly when was the first time a woman ever hurt you though and I really let you find out this free I was in my career I'm pretty sure I get yesterday by night great never get I paid a little higher Timmerman pitch I hit me but for a long time she told me the day before she said so I know it's real don't know she is spirit she got real faith you beat me she got bad God brought you to my life I know yes the next day she takes me safe all things go you know everybody at school know me for being goofy again I see you know my faith and I wrote you all that that's the dude late when you find out hard baby ladies could be y'all cheap way better than any nigga good job better editor we are so late a cheap different day in a whole relationship me and just didn't look pussy without this bitch will go on last name that's where she worked all we know this business first aid what kind of cost you gonna know what kind of listen ladies y'all be terrible i thought my fellas you fuck around go do that phone you gonna hurt your ego thing you don't see you don't see you don't see a message from her mama tell Chad I watch the rest of the clothes that he left at the house [Applause] [Applause] fanboy y'all when niggas get hurt will not take this shit okay it's it come on hate you oh man wait it we need you to do that there first type of woman make you cry where you kind of try to fight that crap back fellas we're here to fill this for real when you know it's over wait listen one of the quickest ways you can tell the bitch don't give a fuck about you though most fellas when she stop asking if you ate today once you stop once she stopped caring about if you ate today nigga it's over with well she lost her job that could be the case but whenever walked like if your woman pay attention to something in detail all the time and footage out it and then all of a sudden she just stopped saying some about it like if you leave your drawers on the floor she always pick your ass up baby pick your drawers up you're making it hard to clean up and then one day she just walk in the house and step over the motherfucker that's because she got another nigga drawers on her mind leave his drawers in the floor he got a bitch clean up after him he got a hole made in his house you are out of there when your girl get off work come home and change clothes and don't say shitty you can happy you allow her to leave you are a bitch-ass nigga listen y'all don't understand the process that may go through when we find out gotta fucking somebody else in fellas you ever had you find how she fuckin you ass I would I mean that's a part of sex I don't you know cuz you know listen ladies yard when y'all put the dicks up or the nigger that you want to get to like you y'all go crazy don't bring you bring out all your skills and if you're trying to and if you didn't give a fuck about to be sold oh my god this is turn that back three hey you wanna now all the stuff you forgot why she go what yeah listen that's your skirt ladies why y'all so sneaky that's what they do Adam and Eve why yeah so sweet whoa how did y'all get so good at being sneaky at what age in life did your sneakiness kick in like I can trick these niggas you say bitch get that negative [Applause] it was like you think she hates it anything it one night long right this Apple even right now is she now here with you ever thought about this what if Adam wasn't the first person even from Eve [Applause] that's how sneaky women is it's a whole nother nigga named Bruce that was already a go Bruce was already here they only put that nigga in the Bible the pussy Sophia she too got Jesus to leave Bruce out just put a damn man I don't want the problems out I don't want Bruce in at Jesus Jesus just put Adam in and we just gonna chill cuz I don't think people would accept me dealing with Bruce nice naked women just study your way don't they've learned your whole life they know your date when you told you wake up even my women know everything bitch my thing I ain't even hungry so 132 o'clock that way you gotta switch the routine up every day we do this is look at mama say y'all do you marry mama you ever been married not no more you was murdered how long was she married thirty micchon 22 years he was married for two years you got the fuck out of there huh you know what I got say this all the time the reason people get divorced so much is because you don't got to get divorced the same way you get married nigga if you had to get divorced the same way you get married like everybody to got an invitation to your wedding get an invitation to your divorce and in the same way you made us sit there and watch you stand with Brian McKnight playing and to just do us part we get to come and sit in the courtroom and watch you tell the judge why you don't want to fuck you going somewhere Chico a little boy would be lettuce fuck boy I'm coming to every divorce every last one what a bit amusing know when they walk down give us some divorce music give me something for music I'd be the preacher bring the next motherfuck out oh let me get you a woman use your ex-wife hold on bring out o city nigga panting speeder hey buddy all right do y'all sweater tell the truth the whole truth there but nigga dance true D nigga yeah yeah yeah of course I tell the truth man that's what the fuck she don't who will tell your side Oh Your Honor my client has requested his first all right all right okay you got a lot you ain't bullshit man she trying to lead us here we go look imma go ahead keep it real when I first met her it was beautiful it was love your still it was known then I whatever the fuck she yeah out of time I wanna hear that shit no more look it was beautiful it was love you know we would go out you know go to the movies go to eat you know I'm saying and then all of a sudden she just stopped going to eat without a nigga all the time over and over and over again without you without me they gonna tell me I ain't a man cuz I can't pick her up no more like we used to when we first stopped fucking bitch I ain't been working out look at my legs and then she gonna broke it with some big ass nigger name not here shit like that cuz he's stronger than me give a fuck about a nigger being stronger than me fuck that I pay the bill I'm down sir so you all had to leave because you ain't doing what you're doing no no not listen what this what happened right so I was feeling bad one day right I came home from a long day of work and she was feeling freaky I got you know I'm saying she was she had that same the other thing all she got with no bottoms and the pussy was hanging a little bit so I was like oh shit and so the pussy was hanging a little bit sighs I think it's or quicker now cuz it's already out a little bit objection my client said her pussy was never hanging but continue all right whatever so I went I went to pick her up right so I started locust that you know my back so I started knowing I lifted her up and then soon as I went to slide it in I fell back like this and then she can't ride me and I couldn't breathe and I knew at that point just bitch trying to kill me and after that I was like it's time to go she tells me do you have an aspirin yes all right ma'am I would like to tell you you can went down for murder don't do that again my client don't do that again my client has given me full disclosure okay on her side of the story because I got 31 cases she said that most of the days to her Chico went on she Oh objection objection first of all first of all this is when I first put my first you told us mixtape time Brooke don't nobody want to hear that shit now base based on the evidence I believe my client is telling the truth because every man in this room knows they're big women have a lot of extra money [Applause] and they will spin and take care of the nigga that my client did go on a lot of lunch days by herself but that does not mean that she was fuck faith in the allegations of hurt was the thing those are just preposterous cuz buh-bye it has informed me that a woman of her stature she has a low pussy is deep off in there like a like a soapbox like a short 3/5 is not the long-haired 350 she she got a snug look 350 puss it has a short block on that one it is sitting there sitting there short so the hanging allegations is totally false [Applause] I'm sorry listen I understand that your lawyer but the only way that he could know how the pussy hang is that she gave him some and that's what objection we've got here to talk about me lawyer fees you better I see it fucking philosophies I think it ma'am walk over here cuz we come here ball that away so I out of say look look you see you see jobs [Applause] just be able to watch their voices over no we'll get like that make it a tepee oh no this is Yoda voice oh it's my boss don't divorce the machine either hi that's my whole guy every oh I got it I got it ladies and gentlemen welcome to the 85 stop show divorce I'm ready I'm ready all right there boys down first our first plaintiff from the west side of Atlanta his name is John John come on out here Joe John [Applause] welcome to the 85 South divorce oh wow hello ma'am how are you what is your name tiffany tiffany all right this is my own clan yeah and I can tell from the fashion overdress that she's not to be trusted but this is this is a different court case and we're here to find out why these two lovely people do not want to be married anymore now you guys had a beautiful ceremony we have it planned up there on the screen you guys had Brian McKnight come and sing one let's cry I love that song and you guys seem like you're in love you had your own vows and everything so mr. John John from the Westside would you please tell your side of the story as to why you'd no longer want to be with Miss Tiffany bitch been like the whole entire time she got all these followers on Instagram she been telling me we need gotta be yeah you hear me and that motherfucker got a slow leak on y'all yeah we gotta blow it up every night young we start like this young by time I wake up yo [Applause] that is a rough way to live now my question to you mr. John John why as the man haven't you purchased the bed see because young she got the babe so when we hook it up my part okay babe broke okay we need another beat okay well that makes sense miss Tiffany sounds like it has a very good case as to why he no longer wants to be with you when that was over there to discuss you didn't see it matches what did you see sir dog long wait wait a minute wait a minute mister mister mister is that was that the sound of the air mattress or is that the that was a fan that a man and a woman that you don't have a cold that's a no that's my auto-tune okay yeah that's the The Little Mermaid effect that write that one before it was defame so mrs. mrs. mrs. Tiffany's great with mr. John John it sounds like he's been a great husband it doesn't sound like she herself and what does herself consist of sir oh yes that meant she wants to be a ho mr. mr. jock look like a saint lunatic oh wow wow are you talking about the chicken head yeah bit cold well mr. John John let me assure the way to saved in my class she has to be removed from the grow room and she no longer wants to proceed with the procedure whatever mr. John John before we go you Raj Lee won the case could you please explain why you don't have on any socks or shoes mattress she wrapped up some of my socks so she well Beach if you outside to pick me to fuck let's roll all right you have women yelling at you from the crowd so it sounds like you're gonna be just fine barefoot man preset you so I'm down a bit you dumped a dead bitch do you now do you have anywhere to go mr. John John Oh nice cameo oh wait a minute hey hey wait a minute BC Carlos has to get divorced then oh yeah you too lawyer you don't know you ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another episode of the 85 South divorce show I am your judge mr. Chico Bing Richmond Virginia you guys having a good time tonight are you guys ready to see our next case come through all right cut it all right ladies and gentlemen this next case involves a man from Oxford Mississippi that goes by the name of the sensei the creator of black men don't cheat so you know it wasn't any infidelity involved ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together for Carlos Jerome Miller [Applause] [Applause] mr. Miller are you okay all right cut it ladies and gentlemen LGB it's very big now for his former wife hopefully all the way from Richmond Virginia make some noise for mrs. Keisha Miller and her lawyer barefoot barefoot John John if you've seen this commercials John Whitfield barefoot we can kick it that's it slogan that he is here so let's get to the proceedings we are here to find out mr. Miller why you no longer want to be with mrs. Miller so please state your case ain't never did never Luger I still got the tape what tape sir the tape might be using me I'll be taking a little shit up so heavy Wow that is another level of love to have to tape up your girlfriend's FUBU to be able to have access to the vagina that is hard work sir and I see why you're saying barefoot John John I don't think us anymore he has to say please explain well I think the case is kind of cold because my client here it's open and shut that's the problem that's the fucking point you never loved her and you never understood pussy was in the first place [Applause] everybody be quiet all right I want to bring somebody to the fuck you just to each I want raise the money to the fuck fucking Stand Your Honor okay well who would you like to bring he has a character witness yes who would you like to bring I would like to bring her puss all right well bring it it was never on her in the first place [Applause] where is it see I'm sorry the case is over not even barefoot John John can find the pussy if the lawyer can't find the pussy there's no way you would have been able to sir that without the tape mr. Miller I am so sorry that you were bored to tears by this woman you should be ashamed of yourself mrs. Miller well let me ask you a question cut it cut it cut it you guys are about to be fired you're not playing at the right times okay play when the fuck you're supposed to play all right you guys aren't even here for the proceeding judges here for ambiance okay don't overstep your boundaries what's a fianc ambiance that's where pussy is all right ladies and gentlemen [Applause] mrs. Miller please inform us why mr. Miller had such a difficult time finding your spots so what wait wait wait a second sir he wasn't analyzed a degree of tell them that one did you not have any lights at the fest Dan the lights were dead she admitted it it sure did found it but the lights were dead the lights were dead get out of there buddy what are you looking for mr. John Johnny for pussy he's down there [Applause] get down in there get down hey mr. Miller give me the tape we need the tape use the tape that's what he used it take the tape use the tape use the tape tape it down [Applause] [Applause] y'all live some of it almost a stop and that's the voice coin crowd that's about to break up tell the truth make some noise y'all know your way out yeah they try to come here to save it yep y'all about to break good for real y'all bout to break up make some noise look she waving her hand look she waving why y'all bout to break up it's a whip geesh it's time to go look his seat in the back she like bitching something up that is rid of her she she what she do / my y'all diggy second time she would she say make no noise seemed a no-no that must mean you ain't have enough dick sir doesn't that mean you gotta find some extra dick to make a leg knowing bigger at the top attorneys photo oh dude this bitch what type of phone is that that thing I got a got-damn oh my god TV up they order has a phone hello bro why are you doing fucking with it you say you believe them you do butter whip and you gotta hear [Applause] I've been better [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] shoutout to my niggah with the hearing aid Haiti gonna bring it aunty go [Applause] oh hey man play my nigga some shootin to hear name he can feel the vibration though yeah he did became [Applause] repeat it hey listen hey flap every time somebody say something to him he like huh every time somebody say something to me like [Applause] [Applause] please say hi every time he say hot every time we got this result there they say here we got the nigga right here that's black [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Richmond thank you we love y'all this is the 85 now show experience you are now officially 85 for sinners make sure you tell somebody what you see tonight we appreciate y'all Richmond then y'all for coming out to represent 135 pounds so if you have VIP tickets we need you are down in the front right here are you guys what what can you say [Applause] Hey Hey Richmond Virginia hey this is in the world in the whole world from here to Budapest Bucharest and everything that's the way back to Bucharest yeah there to everybody I want to go too crazy you see them up now you go too crazy but that's the thing even and then megalo escape that was adenosine when that nigga fell in their box boy oh my god go to commercial good commercial that moment when I said they would have had or what the first thing of anything [Laughter] look at that dirt actual comments oh no I came back out okay he get was a fifth-grader chime a little cotton ear and I know put something on my partner in my plan to go push me time to plan no no I'm gonna be your friend are we doing ladies if you have thank you so much paying for Joker's mother if these cam numbers up so how nature I love today and I have my ticket since April $300 gone just for show and a two and half hour thing is you already know two years now do you oh yeah I'm good as you met one day the Montgomery thank you ma'am nope Thank You Robin man great she taught you how to read out nobody nobody actually cobbler okay get your air so it's an if you consider phone know what that the big it'll be coming around alright I'm gonna treat you good appreciated come up his thoughts shit yeah don't come up this first if like say this ETA Jersey need me no idea you ready protect you ladies [Laughter] [Applause] and when you are next to me the feeling thing you say you smile that's a cup somebody put on my nautical polo to me my host one.5 south shore des will we win funniest shit I see this is like the nigga here then the top row they couldn't hear no that's your highness that's a couple of boat oh my dad any day at the moment appreciate what I'm doing what we're doing ice-cream machine a birthday the birthday girl was shy I'm trying to get on [Applause] it tastes like uncooked french fries Oh my ex-wife this recently we're cartoon [Laughter] it makes me take a little it's got there always been dealing there won't go suppose one night okay you know that for inside to keep having to take it I say so right here blah well appreciated my brother thank you baby okay do they pay for it screaming no more

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  1. Bruh their imagination as a group is hilarious. This reminds me of me and my sisters. DC is a character.

  2. Damn, we were just in VA last week too. Girl at the front desk of our hotel said they were coming. I would have loved to see them…so come to Pittsburgh!!

  3. 🙋🏾‍♀️ummm yea #ChicoBean🥰…. oh that’s it 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. I Should Of Went…Tickets Was Sold Out…Should Of Bought Em Soon As They Put The Tickets Up…Missed Here 3 Times Now

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