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THE SCARLET CLUE // Full Comedy Movie // Sidney Toler & Mantan Moreland // English // HD // 720p

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] you stay here I’m going to telephone right [Music] chan gee I’m mighty glad to see you again charlie captain Flynn most happy to meet old friend you work fast as usual I’m in town only an hour yet already you have telephoned me boy the minute I got your telegram I started watching all trains you contact mysterious mister out sure pick him up the mint he got off the train and Hodge that’s one of my men over there he and I have trailed him for seven hours grouch no you follow him he couldn’t help it I figured you were about to make an important arrest so we’ve kept close to it he’s on that tug over there man did not want to arrest him yet yo you didn’t browse his agent in pay of someone trying to steal radar secrets from our government really wanted you to locate him so I could observe him myself oh so you could tell him to the head of the gang who’s trying to steal the radar oh gee I’m awful sorry Charlie oh no matter no matter perhaps we arrest him anyhow then we put him someplace where you not be sorry anymore bang [Music] now she was this car oh no no that is packed him we got hit he’s still on the boat all right let’s go [Music] [Music] [Music] like on floor it’s rauch [Music] he’s dead stabbed within the last 20 minutes Ifrit someone stepped in blood lip-read [Music] I’m afraid captain murderer arrive and depart in car on dock which just leaves and I didn’t even look at the license plate I look give incarnate hello doc this is Flynn talking we just brought in the homicide get me a quick report well yeah thanks sit down charlie come on give me the radio room there’s a spend talking check on a stolen car number death 9 b 2x 5 4 9 b 2x 5 4 yeah huh that car’s been reported stolen by Miss Diane Hall a radio actress of the Cosmo radio Center Cosmo radio Center they broadcast by television yeah their offices are on the 10th floor 10th floor same floor as Hamilton research laboratory yeah and say doesn’t that fellow Hamilton experiment in radar radar radio believe will soon meet Miss Diane Hall tonight if he and a black market man my name a Birmingham and I can prove it is he’s right that man’s business it’s as dark as it is exactly that dog can you identify him from a picture yes sir as mad as I am with that man I hate to think of what I think I’m it makes me blush here look through this then yeah I’ll show find it and I hope isn’t it to enemies you know no that’s a good character no no uncle Nick a demon no wonder what are you doing look at that Zeus and he got on this killed him in yea big house she’ll make some funny suit no ready him yes why did you turn that page over so quick for f8 or that’s a desperate character you don’t want to see that come over you wanna look over here now right here he’s battle yeah I want to look at it oh well what’d you do about that what do you know about that well you see us a little guy I mean there’s a little error you see I had that suit from Mascarene I went to bald you know and I win the contest in your car you should have seen me dance I’ve jumped up here’s a step I did you expect us to believe that well it could be are you two trying to kid us I’m gonna run you’re both in no isn’t better can’t do that to us I came here looking for pop yeah you don’t know who are you what’s going on here who are these two says he’s Charlie trans son but sir sorry I must apologize captain what he say is true this is number three son Tommy and this one is second assistant Birmingham Brown both at times often feeble-minded all right boys now you two supposed to take baggage to hotel we did pop then we came looking for you you know we have to look after you you look after me until I’m out of sight Oh pop you know we’re a big help to you your worries are our worries in fact no trouble is too big for us some of your trouble too big for me come we must investigate slight case of murder murder well here I come yeah oh the end of the line she can’t do that to me I bet him alimony at this morning she came down after me mr. chan mr. chan come get me out please I didn’t change my mind mr. chan mr. Brent the manager is coming right up mr. Chan thank you I’m mr. Brett mr. Chan so happy to meet you I’m sorry to keep you waiting but we’ve just finished a broadcast now why do you wish to see miss Hall is she in trouble I wish to speak to miss Hall regarding automobile oh oh well right this way sir I’m muffin muffin mop survived walk on the floor to minor story angle angle though we haven’t learned to walk on the ceiling yet I speak serious stuff and you speak York’s who are you what you want here I’m Tommy Chen this is Birmingham Bao were assistant to Charlie Chan the world-famous detective polar miss Swenson they told me to advertise on the air well any program that smells like the one you people just put on leads the air and you think I’m going to continue paying you where this is radio I tried to put on a program and the manager himself lets in tourists gape at us like goldfish this is Mars I bet people never take Leah you were supposed to definitely inform the management that I wanted no sightseers in the studio but my actors were either rehearsing a broadcasting well never mind making excuses this is Marsh these people are not tourists this gentleman is here because well it’s something I’m sure won’t happen again you’ve said that before and some of you don’t talk back to me well what do you want very wish private conversation with miss Diane Hall you wish to see me you are miss Hall yes permit me to introduce myself permit me to depart breaking into conferences that I’m paying for come her I am Charlie Chan representative of our federal government federal coming the law oh well when the law Rhys Willie ran two parts to Lulu miss Hall tonight you report car stolen oh yeah but it wasn’t stolen it was merely borrowed my home please well I I don’t know you see Gloria and I oh excuse me this is Gloria bane mr. chan after rehearsal tonight Gloria and I went out to the parking lot Diane’s car was gone so I telephone please then we went to a restaurant eight talked of some friends came back up here and there was Diane’s car right back in the parking lot your car missing about 8:30 to 9:00 that’s right but how did you know and why should the federal government be interested in the stolen car that wasn’t completely stolen that is all the most fortunate to have met such charming radio ladies hope to meet you again very soon perhaps Oh beg your pardon sir to meet a gentleman who apologizes for bumping you in these days is a rare thing indeed here’s either a coward or a gentleman I give you credit mr. Chan this is mr. Horace Carlos the Shakespearean actor now a motion pictures in radio and television mr. Brett yes once the foremost Shakespearean actor of my time but now ciao now I am known only for the mask behind which I hide when I play the mad monster on radio screen and television still it is a living and so good night to you one and for Carlos X on and off the stage did you learn everything that you came to see us all about yes thanks for our kind assistance and where I was good now if you will excuse me certain it pop I don’t get it we came all the way from New York City following a man named Roush Roush was murdered who killed him same person who lived that heel print on floor right shoe print is duplicate of one found in cabinet scene of Rao’s murder killer someone walk here recently but up someone we all see most interesting place will visit here tomorrow manager please ask hi this is Brett Roush was contacted he was scared said the police were after him he was ready to blab because Charlie Chan was after him too but he can’t talk now he’s dead I borrowed the Anna’s car last night to go meet rauch information I want the address of the telephone number Harding two five three five yes I know but this is inspector Grady freezing station 27 where office 211 have gone Billy thank you next on list please uh that’s Gloria Bane radio actress small-time until she made a hit on mrs. Marsh’s program seems to be a gold digger but she’s a hard worker no record Diane Hall radio actress from legitimate states New York came here two months ago nothing definite on her except that she lives with Gloria babe but thank you so very much captain for your excellent report on my list of suspects Charlie you mean to tell me that you really think that one of these people here is a murderer not only think so but firmly believe so but which one will go now to try and find out which one is guilty person that’s Edie pop the murderer will be the one with the guilty look number 3 son have excellent head question have always been what it contained well if they don’t been cottage money did you much Carter yeah boy it’s been a long time I haven’t seen you sing on ER than that yeah the last time I saw you you was living I want to move from there yeah sure I moved over to how can you live in that neighborhood I don’t know now where I’m living I only pay a rate that cheap visit sure did Hey look here but is you still mad no I divorced her yeah I know you have a lots of you got me wrong you got me wrong I got married again no kids I sure did yeah so you’re not changing the subject no I don’t smoke no look it wasn’t you India but I got an honorable discharge you did indeed what was about it what I did not the car no that’s a table please yeah yeah it starts right along more in the back yeah what are you doing for it well I was taking some old take them bad they’ll make you sleep yeah sure now what you should have change I did you know what well that’s a cup I’d like to talk to you yeah cause me you see if the green with each other we shadowed oh yeah [Laughter] oh it’s about that lady serious well thank you I’ll be seeing ya au revoir au revoir a bunch wanna go to boot prep no you didn’t say you’re not pop I’ve got an idea about this case yes well well I had an idea but it’s gone now possibly could not stand solitary confinement quiet please we go now to watch studio rehearsal no you’ve broken your promise to me just when the landlord is broken our lease is broken Oh grandmama what are we to do well kids are alright to wash out your eyes but they used up too many handkerchiefs so face the future with a smile my children for tomorrow is bound to be another day it is just bound to be what does the future hold in store for Jeanne and her soul lovable family have you tried a Marcia’s mellow mix waffle covered with just oodles and oodles of melted butter and you too butter with moderation so strictly who wrote that in well I thought it sounded nice you thought that’s a lie the whole program sounds as stupid as you I should cancel my contract here and give my account to some other Network mrs. Marsh if that’s how you feel about it why don’t you well why don’t I what mr. Bret let us change the script and the announcement then do it and start talking about it and you learn how to talk like a human instead of a gloop or I’ll change announcers to oh so I sorry to interrupt again huh you’re sorry if you want to speak to miss hall again you’ll wait till we’re finished so sorry must speak to everyone present all of us what why regarding a murder murder yesterday you said you were investigating my stolen car person who steal your car commit murder but who was killed a mr. rauch I never heard of him thank goodness you know what Toby I’d like to get on the radio sometimes if I could get on or excuse me honey what’s the matter I got a lady said I want to leave but the legs won’t cooperate with it you want to leave for where I just saw something going there is a combination between Dracula and a zombie just fresh out of a graveyard a graveyard but old but that I got a see look clear I ain’t no ho what does thou wish laddie oh nothing sir excuse me a friend of mine was seeing things did you see it yeah he’s hanging right on the door he’s hanging it in not to let go [Music] they’re always connected well Charlie Chan it’s good to see you again I’m most happy to see you mr. Hamilton this is number three son Tommy oil and Birmingham Brown these boys are second team assistants you receive my telegram and follow instructions immediately all of our radar equipment has been taken away by the government what about record of experiments and copies of secret patents the government has the originals I have my own copies in the safe contents of safe only secure so long as someone outside watching safe you know since receiving your wire I’ve found evidence of several attempts to break in here do you think I ought to hire special guards no no that I am present contents of safe becomes trap and papers inside our only bait with which to catch enemy rank a lot of gadgets in here yes useful gadgets too right here we began the work that today allows our night fighters to hunt down and destroy enemy airplanes without even seeing them gosh this sounds spooky nearly read our radar wait what is radar well radar is um we’re sort of um Birmingham don’t you know anything I know as much about radar as you do to our new thing now you ought to know I stood it radar what is that a temperature or climatic tunnel you make whether in tunnel yes that is the extremes of heat and cold to test the reliability a radar and television in all sorts of climatic conditions the tunnel has two compartments one for each and one for cold that light works flashing whenever there’s a foreign body in the tunnel no matter what the weather in there now this is a funny thing you know what is the [Music] [Applause] when in strange laboratories do not poke nose into strange machines like these [Music] also keep finger out of same vine goodbye Charlie thank you for coming in I have to go bet you I’ll see you smaller bye goodbye gentlemen come in may I speak to you for a moment mr. bread mr. Brett why all a formality Gloria I’m here on business I want better parts and more money starting tomorrow you say that is if you were ordering me to give them to you I am now look here young lady instead of getting more parts you’re liable to lose those you already have I wouldn’t be so hasty mr. bad you better let me finish please worry I’m busy remember these remember them what do you mean that’s the last pack of my private matches mr. Brett and I gave them to you yesterday morning in this building well does that entitle you to order me to give you better jobs Diane’s car was stolen last night I found these later in the seat well is this blackmail oh that’s bad isn’t it craps I just better give these to mr. Chan and see what he says wait I’ll see that you get better jobs thank you so much mr. Brett the manager please hi this is Brett talking listen Gloria being an actress here knows that I use Diana whores car last night she’s blackmailing me what’ll I do first Lily I think the program needs an entire change of personnel however I listen for my office and then I’ll decide what did you say then don’t say it come on pop how can we solve a case just by watching people through a glass what detective nature’s great patience oh I know that when it comes to detective work I know my P’s and Q’s but are you familiar with rest of alphabet Oh Walter to drink when your wife’s in trouble to say nothing of my broken leg drink it shares is know I’ve heard that word before what are we to do trouble nothing but troubles daring we must move by the first of a month and we’ve no place to go why can’t we settle down and be like other people now keep your chin up Mary and look on the brighter side of course grandmama you’re always right always I was all set to do some fancy and living myself oh the battle legs well it wasn’t bad daddy is not as bad as usual you sounded poorly toward the end better stop getting about come along you understand here talking all night can I get you anything morning cigarette lighter Oh will you give me a light mr. Brett well of course better Lauria what happened that young lady to dressing room quick all right so you’re in here they Japan yes please why is it that whenever anything happens around here you’re always on hand yes yes but they all be feeling me down at the office hey Tommy I know the cigarette shortages tough but there’s no reason why you should snitch a cigarette but Fernando lady you know I don’t smoke that what other people try to grab often turn out to be valuable clue clue to what well that’s what we’ll have to find out you just include me out did anybody call her doctor doctor no you snow young lady already dead dead the corner was right sir well he said miss Bane was poisoned toxic reaction proof she was but I don’t know what type poison would use I’ve never run into it before say do you suspect any of the people who were present when she died suspect everyone on general principle but two assistants already watching person who interests me most thank you so much doctor good night good night well what are you wait brought how I not brought now brick come on so it’s Brett now instead of brought huh it was Brit when we worked in France together remember seems like we’re working together again thought I recognized your voice in my phone asking for the manager please oh so you’re the manager the head man of the party yeah haha not me I just answer the phone someone else someone unknown to me listens then if the caller is okay the call is switched away from this line see what do you care if we don’t know who our boss is we’ve worked that way before I’ve got a note Cooper there’s been two murders on this job already two murders yeah I see what you mean we should know the name of our boys to protect ourselves listen hello who’s calling manage me see how it works yeah she well if you learn anything let me know we’ll need a lot of information we have to squeal what’s the matter someone’s coming I’m going you’ll hear nothing which is said inside strange office adjust a mumble of the jungle mr. Chan but outside in Hall you over here mr. Cooper call mr. Brett mr. brought that’s like pop mean anything to you Charlie British intelligence seeking espionage agent named Ralph brought broth broth oh and the radio station manager calls himself a Ralph Brett nothing in office except table chair and telephone yes sir it must have been a race Booker’s office because it was just as clean as I as when I make a bit captain face detail man to check all people coming and going from office to 11:00 our guard building right believe we make mr. Brett surprise visit Tom boy here we go again a surprise visit no surprise me Brett absent downstairs also here do you think he’s run away pop is that the heel print you’re looking for person who wear this shoe killer ouch oh gosh you mean vet murdered this fellow rauch I must locate mr. Brent at once [Music] manager please ask our bread listen Charlie Chan knows all about the roush murder he’s after me you’ve gotta protect me what do I do right here this Billy [Music] doorman say mr. Brett still here there’s not left building mr. Ryan yeah you see mr. Brett lately I saw him eavesdropping outside of his own office as if there were a couple of ex-wives and they are waiting to collect alimony not funny huh when you see this about 20 minutes ago pop that’s when we were in there must ask police to guard all doors police why because red is a murder beretta murder that kills me hmm nice people I’m working for Birmingham we’ve got to find Brett but what’s the ride because he’s a killer yeah it’ll just be mad enough to catch up with it come on say it’s eight hours since Brett has been seen you know he must have a hideout somewhere in this building you have men posted at every exit sure he can’t get by them think we’ll take a look on various floors good gotta change the boxer before I’m cleaning some odd you know Birmingham everywhere we go we bump into that woman oh don’t be so suspicious told me after a while you’d be telling me I did the murder did you see I’m the last 10 minutes no no but the ones the fella him yes oh here do one no no the fella I’m looking for I didn’t say but if you wait until I know you got time no but maybe if you could I’m busy that night oh yeah so look at you do you think that I know what’s getting me yeah I don’t you ain’t got a phone no but I could if you were on my car’s in the shop audio mm-hmm well I’ll see you abacus I’ll be seen you call me okay so uh do you know that he can’t be that bad look the laboratory doors open yeah usable fits in here well if you let him steer there I’m tired of tangling with them gadgets well dinner used to be in this alone so nobody home let’s go wait Oh what’s the matter look the Saint been robbed perhaps two robbers too many robbers murders well this is a regular cleaning and dyeing place let’s get out again come come could it be a little light around you mm oh I’m surrounded say this one like a good hiding place let’s take a look let’s take a look you nothing will do here for going to take a look you know what told me when you’ll have the killer you’re supposed to have a guard on the outside just in case so I think I was still on the outside just in case in case of what since the killers in here don’t you stay with me [Applause] [Applause] hey hey looks like the place has been robbed looks in this case not deceiving flashing light indicate someone in tunnel Oh someone in here yes would look at our pump here they go please – get up a suntan what you two doing here anybody else internal working [Music] [Applause] [Applause] he’s dead coroner’s just finished charlie he says Brett wasn’t poisoned he died of a fall from a great height Brett last seen alive on second floor of Cosmo building later he found dead on 10th floor someone would have us believe victim for eight stories up oh look at the telephone now no one sent for you isn’t the name Cooper why yes go on with work mr. Cooper alias copper alias copper Charlie Chan I remember you since last time I arrest you six years ago in Singapore remember yeah I remember very great pleasure to arrest you again mr. Cooper for whom you work now I’m not talking you talk with your friend mr. Bret yesterday now he is murdered Bret murdered I had nothing to do with it I don’t know who I work for I only ask the phone someone else switches the course I never hear a thing but you find out there’s a cutting relay installed here mr. Cham calls can be switched and you locate place where calls switched – yeah but it might take a couple of days keep working you gentlemen will remain with mr. Cooper he will continue to answer phone calls as usual I’ll do it I’m not getting mixed up in murder good mr. Dixon yes the radio impersonator glad to meet you mr. chat radio impersonator good you know what you are to do death of mr. Brett not yet made public wish to try experiment I’m ready sir Oh who’s calling this is Brett quarry hurry it up Brett right I’ve got to see you use service elevator from seventh floor if I not there come tenth floor it’s the unknown leader Kali the one you’re after the killer pop thank you so much please say nothing of this to anyone I understand no one’s in sight pop we go 10th floor wait we got 10 fraud by stairs you going elevator that way we have killer between us elevator already arrived is that you mr. Chan for heaven sakes come get me out of here get out yourself get down oh not without a parachute one drop of this is certain death revving him what are you talking about mr. Chan what did you stand to no floor the fuck down where did that floor come from well what do you mean what for come from mr. Chan when I was down on the seventh floor that elevator floor went out from under me and left me standing on nothing sure imagine things let me have magic knowing mr. Chan when I went in that elevator the elevator door closed therefore went out from under me just like the trapdoor and left me hanging on my fingernail I was looking out eight of nine floors straight down you mean to say bottom of elevator fall out yes sir perhaps mr. Brett receives a message weaker you mean come to the seventh floor then to the temp up belief fate save us from dying same way mr. Brett died he was killed by fall from great height we descend to basement yes no not my elevator bloodstains on floor of sham this is where mr. Brett fall to death you’re getting to be a habit coming in here and interrupting my program rehearsals it’s an outrage where they’re also outraged do you know what I pay for my programs I’m interested only that murderer shall pay for killing of Miss Bane and mr. Brett you are present when Miss Bane died your stupid thinking these people would murder anyone they are too busy murdering the English language testimony is Miss Bane’s say she expect more work and more money lawyer you did say something like that that’s right who can give her more work and more money mr. Brett certainly he’s the slave driver or rather he was very friendly with mr. Brett joy I couldn’t stand him she detested him and oh yes I just remembered Gloria did say she talked with Brett Gloria said he’d promised her a lot more work I was surprised because I knew he liked her no better than she liked him wait Gloria did say something like that’s something about about oh yes she say what mr. arrow I don’t recall you see I gab a lot and other people get back at me I can’t remember half of the things I hear please try to remember might be most important clue yes surely it’ll come back to me and when it does I’ll tell you right away sir thank you that is all thank you so much thanks indeed come Curtis well what do you make of a Charlie so many fish in fish market even flowers smell same much confusion we go on in 20 seconds this is television experimental station WX k9x presenting Willie Ryan days comedian in his own conception of the dance of the spirit what you do here but we were just about to go out to look for you sure it seems honest pop mr. van said he remembers something important he wants to see you right after this show [Music] Oh real flowers I a fever didn’t ask her [Music] now ladies and gentlemen we transfer you to tell us to do number two where Miguel Moreno and his marimba ban carry on during the second portion of the program Willy what happened your closing speech yes Willie what happened I I don’t know what happened you got a cigarette Thanks mr. an number-three son Tommy tell me you remember something you wish to tell me now I remember what Gloria told me and I’ve got a lot of other bit of information for you too yes yes this afternoon when I was up on the seventh floor I saw I shall a he’s dead did get cigarette he smoked has seen penalized quickly mr. Chester you come with me mr. chan my office has never locked the people on television radio in and out of here all hours mr. Chadha I’ve never seen that thing before in my life one moment please this is obviously control switch or mysterious trapdoor in service elevator mr. Chester we visit police headquarters bran was poisoned by the same stuff that killed was Bane but there is no poison in the cigarette he smoked laser miss Payne smoked a cigarette just before she died pop yes also given her by mr. Chester at Genesis she picked us up right where Miss Bane felt I took it away from her this is cigarette smoke by Miss Bane yes tested are you not mention this before guess it slipped my mind pop slipped mine that’s no poison on this either release mr. Chester oh but Charlie the gadget is what the elevators in his office sure he must be the unknown s but knots lead over after pop person who sent messages to mr. Bert on teletype machine must have similar machine that other end of line there is no teletype instrument in mr. Chester’s office release him hi this program is strictly slush it is transcription of last program made by Miss Bane when she died so strangely only wish to hear end of program we must move by the 1st of the month and we’ve no place to go why can’t we Hey she must have stepped nearer the microphone she did please turn up volume now listen very quietly down and be like you hear strange noise yes a popping noise when she was sobbing we hear same noise on record of mr. Rance voice made during television broadcast believe now no ha both miss Bane and mr. Wran were killed we’ll need assistance of radio technician to prove it please right away hey those look like it’s a glass or gelatin used in making capsule we have only part of proof now we visit Studio C downstairs murderer ready to do more business this what we look for thank you so much doc my radio man said that they studio microphones are rigged so that a shot wave radio beam sent from some part of the building it was explode those capsules there was some sort of colorless gas in the capsules to chant for the surface not poisoning cigarette please doctor when did you start smoking pop quiet would you kindly light same please now you will blow some smoke into the beaker just what is it pop well that’s it mr. Chan alone either the gas of a cigarette is harmless but if someone first inhaled gas and then pretty soon smoke cigarette the combination of gas and nicotine becomes a poison and killed instantly thank you so much doctor that is exactly what I wanted to know every exit orders not to let any of our people leave the building so this is Marsh mr. Sinclair and miss hall already here well Chester Nelson and Carlos are in the building pump even that whacky janitress good our suspects on a-come believe leader of enemy agents and killer of Roush have office somewhere on this floor office containing teletype machine okay we’ll soon find out Birmingham you take another office hello not me I like look ma captain Blamey we found one you suppose this is the machine we want could be [Music] here a shortwave radio set used to explode death capsule [Music] [Music] ha gone up the stairs one guards and exits [Music] I go other end of tunnel we catch murderer between us yes papa we’ll catch the guy while pops waiting for come with me show whoa again I think I’ll stick with mr. chan now this is burning him when we see him I’ll hit him hard you get a blow understand Birmingham Birmingham Birmingham okay son sure pop but I couldn’t hit the side of a body even if he was inside come hurry the elevator is that the first for pop you must have gone down [Music] chali he tried to come down the stairs as i went up by fire and he came back this way again we just escaped death by elevator pop there’s someone in office several three the doors open Oh quick murder not travel without costume disguise [Music] [Music] killer caught in the own trap we find murderer in basement um then you’re naughty Swedish janitors at all this is miss Jeanette Carter government investigator I came here a month ago at mr. Chan’s orders to keep eye on people coming and going from radar laboratory no one suspected the janitors of being a government operative you are a very great assistance Janet no please do not look at her Hey mrs. Marsh no I’d never believed hey pop what about the stolen radar papers papers she stole are worthless real radar secrets removed some time ago at my suggestion what’s the matter what’s wrong charlie as usual at end of case I have discovered everything except whereabouts of my second assistant Birmingham Browne yeah where did he go [Music] hey which play is on I want to get away to these faces they scan people all right out this fire good come here oh that’s me let me see this thing I think I’d rather take this goodbye [Music]

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