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The Science of Anti-Vaccination

We haven’t talked about the “vaccine debate”
here on SciShow because there is no debate to have. Vaccines don’t cause autism, and they save
millions of lives every year. But there is a debate, whether or not it makes
sense. And a lot of people counter this with ridicule,
but we at SciShow aren’t about judgment, we’re about science, and using it to better
understand the world. We see the anti-vaccination movement as a
phenomenon to be understood. So instead of making yet another statement about how, yes,
vaccines are good, and no, they don’t cause autism, let’s use science to understand
why fewer and fewer people are getting their children vaccinated. I’m Hank Green, and this is SciShow. [Intro] First, let’s discuss how we ended up with
this imagined link between vaccinations and autism in the first place. Autism diagnoses are DEFINITELY on the rise;
now many scientists believe that this is largely or even completely because of more effective
diagnosis, and changes in how the diagnosis is reported. So while diagnoses of autism are increasing,
we can’t say for sure whether the incidence of autism is also increasing. If it is, it
must be because of some environmental factor. Now, when we talk about autism, we’re really
referring to range of developmental disorders, which can affect a person’s ability to communicate
or socialize, or cause them to develop patterns of behavior that become pretty specific and
inflexible. The condition can manifest itself in a lot
of different ways, but you’ve probably heard of them referred to together as autism spectrum
disorder, or ASD. While ASD has been found to have some strong
genetic components to it, there also seem to be environmental factors at work as well. And that’s really the root of this controversy
— we simply don’t know precisely what causes autism. And in the absence of an explanations, people
try to make sense of it themselves. And the way our brains do that is almost entirely
with cognitive bias. A cognitive bias is really just anything that
skews how we process and interpret new information. There are tons of different kinds of bias
— some biases cause us to ignore certain data; others lead us to put too much emphasis
on certain data; they can even drive us to focus on facts that are actually irrelevant
to what we’re observing. But essentially, when we hear a hypothesis
and think, “Yeah, that ‘Makes Sense’” really what we’re saying is “Yeah, that
fits with my cognitive biases.” And so people blame all sorts of things for
Autism…plastics, pesticides, the use of anti-depressants during pregnancy, GMOs, sugar,
gut bacteria, and vaccines. Basically, you start with whatever makes the most sense to
the person doing the hypothesizing. The onset of autism typically happens in one
of two ways. Either parents notice a delay in language development, typically around
the first birthday. Or they notice an apparently sudden loss of existing development, which
might happen all the way up through the third birthday. Now, humans are pattern recognition machines.
We need to be able to figure out what behaviors and strategies lead to positive outcomes. But, even more than that, we’re on the lookout
for things that lead to negative outcomes. This over-weighting of negative outcomes is
a well known psychological effect called “negativity bias.” So imagine you wake up one morning and your
car doesn’t work. Your brain is going to want to know what happened. Did you leave
your lights on? Did you drive though a huge puddle yesterday that maybe shorted something
out? There has to be SOME reason why it won’t start! On the other hand, if you get in a 15 year
old car and it starts up just fine after having had a bad week of barely getting going, you
tend to not wonder “What went right!?” We spend far more cognitive resources attempting
to figure out why a bad thing happened than we do trying to determine why something good
happened. In psychology, the search for these explanations
is called “Explanatory Attribution” and different people have different “explanatory
styles”. Some people are more prone to blame themselves,
while others search for an external event to blame. But one thing is clear: we are very
bad at not blaming anything. It’s not surprising that parents of children
with autism, especially parents who notice a sudden loss of previous development, will
search for a possible cause. And when the most significant recent event
in the health of the child was a vaccination, as can be said for many moments in the life
of a young American, we might identify that as a potential cause and deem that link worthy
of further examination. Now this, is completely logical. The problem
is that over a dozen peer-reviewed papers have found no correlation between autism and
the MMR vaccine, or any other vaccine for that matter. And yet, when you Google vaccines and autism,
a fair number of the results claim that there is a link between the two, and that that link
is being covered up either by the government or by big corporations. A parent, already experiencing frustration
with the medical community’s inability to tell them why this thing has happened to their
child, will, on the internet, find a vibrant community of similarly frustrated people who
share their values and experiences. These communities are full of anecdotes that
draw connections between vaccines and autism. And so, unsurprisingly, some people become
convinced that they have found the reason for their child’s disability. Once their mind has been made up, confirmation
bias sets in. Confirmation bias is simply our tendency to more readily, and with less
scrutiny, accept information, anecdotes, and worldviews that confirm our existing beliefs. And, again, it is a completely normal thing
that every person does. Indeed, trying to convince someone that a previously held belief
is incorrect has been proven to actually increase their affinity for that idea. And so a community is born, and the safety
of vaccines is called into question. And once the procedure for getting a vaccine goes from
the doctor telling you that it is now time for a vaccine — and 99% of parents agreeing
because that person went through medical school — to it being a question to ponder, vaccination
rates will go down. A 2011 study showed that parents who think
about vaccines before their child is born are eight times less likely to vaccinate their
children. Basically, when given an opportunity to research on their own, what they find is
confusing. And when confused, the default choice is to simply take no action. This is an example of yet another bias, called
omission bias. In effect, we judge harmful actions as less
moral than harmful inactions, or omissions. In fact, a frequently cited study found that,
when the choice to vaccinate is framed as an action, the average parent will only vaccinate
their child if not vaccinating is at least TWO TIMES more dangerous than vaccinating. This has to do with our perception of future
regret. Parents report that they’ll feel worse if they take an action and it harms
their child, than if they don’t act and the child is harmed by a failure to act. This perception of potential regret can be
so strong that even bringing up the choice of acting versus not acting seems to be counter-productive. A 2013 study found that attempts to convince
parents to vaccinate their children actually decreased the percentage who went on to choose
vaccination. If vaccination is presented as a personal
choice, instead of a necessity for good public health, then potentially harmful inaction
can seem more moral than potentially harmful action, and vaccination rates go down. Parents
are choosing to “let nature take its course.” And as you might expect, this effect is much
stronger in people with a measurable “naturalness bias.” This is just a tendency to perceive
things that come from nature as being inherently less threatening than things that we invent
ourselves. One way psychologists measure this bias is
by asking a subject if they’d prefer a substance extracted from an herb or one synthesized
in a lab, even if they’re chemically identical. And of course, others have biases against
big government or big corporations, and these ideas about vaccinations fit well with those
worldviews. Confirmation bias at work again. But even people who don’t hold those biases
end up being more likely not to vaccinate if they start doing research before their
baby is born. This is because of another failure of the
human brain. We are terrible at what psychologists call “Risk Perception.” Given the merest sliver of a possibility that
vaccines will cause developmental disorders, parents are now weighing a disease they have
seen, autism, against diseases they have never seen. Since the 1970s, measles has been pretty much
unheard of. Measles doesn’t scare people my age for the same reason a giant man-eating
squirrel doesn’t scare us…we’ve never seen it. Risk perception is basically a science all
on its own, and we have found that vague, future hazards, like the future probability
of an illness, are far less frightening than immediate, specific hazards, like the sudden
onset of autism. So, amazingly, the success of vaccines is
one of the reasons that people are less likely to vaccinate their children. So yes, it turns out humans are complicated,
and this is a complicated problem. Humans are inherently bad at understanding the effects
of self-selecting samples — like online anti-vaccine forums — and often completely unable to accept
that a negative outcome could really be the result of something that’s beyond their
control — and still not very well understood. This is not a “anti-vaxxer” problem; it’s
a human problem. Those of us who trust science or have built
an understanding of statistics and bias simply have had different lives than people who more
heavily weight anecdotes or the opinions of their friends, or strangers they meet online
who feel the same way. So next time you find yourself frustrated
about the decline in vaccinations in America, remember that it’s only because of the dramatic
success of vaccines that we could even think of having this debate, and that those anti-vaccine
activists are being driven by the exact same logic traps and cognitive biases that every
one of us suffers from. Only by understanding and accepting these psychological pitfalls
that we’re all so susceptible to will we be able to solve this problem. And that’s
what science is all about. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow,
where we really do try to be objective. And we objectively believe that the universe is
amazing and fantastic. And if you want to join us in understanding it and all of the
stuff in it, including our brains, you can go to and subscribe.

100 thoughts on “The Science of Anti-Vaccination

  1. Moms: *my kids is not vaccinated
    Death: Do you want Coffin with 2 Kids Can Fit? Or Each Kids have Coffin?

  2. He starts with 'vaccines don't cause autism' …. more propaganda. Here I'll make it easy for you .you say you don't know what causes autism. why don't you compare the symptoms for Mercury poisoning with the symptoms of autism.

  3. Please do NOT blindly trust the medical establishment or corporate media..Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime Editor in Chief of the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ), which is considered to another one of the most prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals in the world, makes her view of the subject quite plain:

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine” (sources all linked in article)

    Trust Merck?? Vioxx was killing THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! But Merck hid the evidence and attacked anyone who spoke out
    “Merck made a "hit list" of doctors who criticized Vioxx, according to testimony in a Vioxx class action case in Australia. The list, emailed between Merck employees, contained doctors' names with the labels "neutralise," "neutralised" or "discredit" next to them.”

  4. PLEASE do your own research! The statistical probability is infinitesimal that each and every case of regressive autism following vaccinations are ALL "just a coincidence"… even if someone were to claim that a single such case was 99% likely to be a coincidence- for 2000 such cases to ALL be coincidental there is a 0.00000018637566 % chance ….  tragically the actual number of children regressing into autism is around 20,000 per year- the possibility that ALL of those cases are just coincidental would be 5.0569883e-88. add to that impossibility, the notion that EVERY single study that links autism and vaccines is "flawed".. that the staggering amounts of aluminum have been found in brains of autistic people, but that is just a coincidence.. that Somali and African-American kids have much higher rates of autism and also much higher antibody response to the MMR, but that's just a "coincidence" . that Hannah Poling’s regression into autism following vaccines was the “only” such case in world history.. that every single case of damages being awarded to autistic kids for vaccine injuries are all just "mistakes".. that data shows that autism spikes after increases in the vaccine schedule and that pattern is observable in four different periods, in four different countries, but that’s all “coincidental”.. that every single expert, scientist, or doctor who publicly warns of brain damage and autism as a result of vaccines are ALL "quacks".. that multiple other lab analyses have confirmed wakefield's findings, but they are all “in cahoots with Wakefield”..   that every single incidence of important facts being hidden from the public are all explainable because "they aren't important".. Japan banned the MMR, but americans never heard about it at all.. the CDC’s William Thompson's statements have been blacked out of the media..  honest people do NOT hide important evidence or information- the coverup is proof of guilt. . there is no valid reason that critically important stories should be hidden- anyone continuing to trust those corrupt sources has chosen to stay in the dark.. thousands and thousands of normal children regress into autism each year.. the study below clearly documents the fact, even though the researchers have blindly swallowed the ridiculous "coincidence" theory

  5. Oh of course I believe the studies. Why should I not believe a study done by the medical community? That's like hiring a company to audit itself. That's like hiring the fox to watch the hen house.

  6. It’s funny,,,, he’s talking about cognitive bias and I’m pro vaccine…. and my brain is like…
    Don’t say it
    Don’t say it
    This is cognitive bias ironically (in a gûd way)

  7. Payed my the deep state, big pharma to brain wash you so you vaccinate your innocent kids.
    I never had allergies but to become us green card holder you need to get 5 to 7 vaccines. Right after couple months on spring time I got a could I felt sick runny nose, itchy eyes and I felt like I have a sand I’m my trough.
    I found out I am allergic on pollen.
    I was never allergic on pollen before the vaccine.
    Vaccines are Scam this days from the most western countries.
    When NATO bombards other country’s the first thing they are heating the pharmaceutical production. Not for the country they are bombarding not have medicine but to destroy the good medicine vaccines out there and sand them free medicine made in the western world. With that they will make the population of the country sick.
    Think again before you vaccinate yourself or more scary your kids.

    You are right you do not DEBATE with MURDEROUS trash Pharmaceutical research that is SORCERY not science. DO NOT VACCINATE…these murdering baby killers need to go to jail along with pharmaceutical mafia.

  9. Liar, liar, liar, liar, murdering liars. Vaccine induced deaths called SIDS and SBS are human sacrifices. This idiot just said they don't know what causes autism, but he knows it is not vaccines. What a moronic murdering fool. Pharma sorcery is NOT SCIENCE, poisons are not medicines and prevent nothing and causes diseases and cancer, and doctors are not gods. SHUT UP LIAR.

  10. Waste of 9:15 minutes. 0 science, 0 facts.
    For real information and facts on this topic check out the documentary called "Trace Amounts".
    Godspeed my fellow humans.

  11. 2014, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower, William Thompson, stated that he and other researchers “omitted statistically significant information” from their 2004 study funded by the CDC. The flawed study was used to support their position that there was no link between vaccines and autism. A reanalysis showed a connection between African American boys and a higher incidence of autism if they received the MMR vaccine prior to 36 months of age.

  12. Autism is caused by environmental factors: the man-made, environmental factor called Vaccines! Thanks for all the spin; I hope you got a nice check from the vaccine companies, Oh, my child was just fine yesterday and then I let the doctor inject my baby will multiple doses of metals and toxins and today he has autism but there could not be any correlation because my unknowing doctor and the altruistic, not for profit vaccine companies say so. I must be clueless about my own child. Maybe when the Autism prevelance rate is 1 out every 2 kids people will wake up. But thanks for the non-objective spin; all the parents who have autistic children must just have some form of of cognitive impairment. Thanks for filling my head with more garbage and it was done with such pith and efficiency!

  13. Not vaccinating is infinitely more dangerous than vaccinating, yet people still don't vaccinate. Why infinite? Because the chances of death from the vaccine are virtually nonexistent, and the chances of death from the diseases they vaccinate are very, very, very real. Oh, maybe /your/ child won't die because they weren't vaccinated; but your neighbor's baby who's too young to be vaccinated has a 50/50 chance if they catch whooping cough from your child. That's not CERTAIN death – but it's too friggin close to suit me! Twice the risk must exist to cause the action to be taken? Then why does ANYONE not vaccinate?

    Wanna talk about future regret? How much remorse are you going to feel if your decision kills someone else's child? ANY?

  14. If you don’t know what causes autism then you don’t know if vaccines cause them! “We don’t know what causes autism but we know it isn’t vaccines” if that’s not the most ridiculous statement!
    You cite NO STUDIES NO SCIENCE! Nothing! We have science that we EX-VAXXERS ! We believe the doctors that actually research vaccines not the ones that get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies! Why is there no liability to the pharmaceutical companies if a person is injured from a vaccine??
    Answer that question!!!!!

  15. I love how they say measles is deadly yet they can’t name one person, NOT ONE who’s died from the measles yet you can look on the VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) and see how many people die from the vaccine! And according to Harvard only 10% of the actual deaths and injuries from vaccines get reported! How much are they paying this guy to talk nonsense?

  16. We are free to chose or is it Communism you want….it’s that simple….it’s not your child so why worry about it…..if your child’s vaxxed

  17. Just watched a super interesting video about the history of the anti-vax movement. It's by History Dose —

  18. I never got a vaccine ever before in my life, I some how avoided the schools, police, and government agents that would come to my house and try to give me vaccines and guess what, I’ve never gotten sick ever in my entire life, look at the ingredients in vaccines, Aluminum, Monosodium Glutamate, formaldehyde, FD&C_RedNo.40_Lake, Aborted Fetuses. All of those are toxic chemicals, why do you think the government is pushing so hard to get everyone vaccinated? it should be your choice, right? If your child is vaccinated, then aren’t they safe to be by children who aren’t vaccinated? Vaccines are filled with toxic poisonous chemicals that make you sick so your forced to spend tons of your hard earned money on more and more pharmaceuticals and Big Pharma makes a profit. Someone debate with me on this. The moment you wake up and start to look into this stuff, you’ll start to see the big picture

  19. If you simply ask the PARENTS of autistic children as to when did your child stop talking! They will all give you similar timeline and similar events and doesn’t matter rich, poor or race


  21. If you are so committed to science why don't you present an argument that's based in science? Where's the science? Why is there a vaccine adverse event reporting system if vaccines are so safe?

  22. Bias? Liiiike when you make a statement that goes ' when a doctor says it's time for vaccine and 99% of parents believe him because he went to medical school' ….you mean like that? Or when you start off by declaring that there's no debate to be had…..very scientific

  23. The VACCINE INDUSTRY lobbies our Doctors and Politicians by filling their pockets… and the vaccine push is born.

  24. If I had to to choose between an herb extract or a lab synthesized version not molecularly the same, I would go with the lab one. As the concentration, amounts etc… Would be more controlled in a safe and clean environment.

  25. vaccines don't cause autism. vaccines are good, but the problem is the mercury the pharmaceuticals put in them since they are carriers and it's more efficient for the companies. mercury does cause permanent damage to brain, especially in babies. take out mercury. i digress here.


  27. We have groups who no longer vaccinate because of damaged kids. Where are the groups who never vaccinated who have children were harmed by NOT vaccinating. ZERO…you out.

  28. What always makes me wonder is, why are vaccinated people so afraid of unvaccinated ones? If the vaccine is such a good medicine, then vaccinated people could just lay back and watch the unvaccinated people die and laugh at their stupidity.

  29. Why did my two month old daughter need to be vaccinated against a sexually / drug transmitted disease (hep B)? Unless someone can answer that question reasonably I will not agree all vaccines are needed.

  30. So they don’t know what causes Autism, but they know it’s not vaccines?
    All anti vaccine
    People have cognitive biases ?
    Are the 12 peer reviewed studies you pointed out on the MMR double blind placebo controlled studies and how long post study were the recipients followed for?
    Science and Scientist are corrupt to the core and will provide any outcome it’s benefactors wish!

  31. This is so stupid. Instead try to give actual information to make people change their minds if that's what you want. You already contradicted yourself at the beginning of your video, accepting that it's also environmental. You know nothing.

  32. I just want to say you're a tool, and your snarky disrespect is pretty disgusting. You might fool some of the some of the time but when the truth is known, you just look like the flat earthers of Galileo's day.
    You're wrong and yet insist you're right, because, "SCIENCE!"
    The FEers in Galileo's time were wrong, and you are too. But thinking the earth is flat doesn't really harm anyone. LYING about the safety and efficacy of vaccines in order to promote vaccine uptake DOES harm.
    Or are you one of those creeps that denies ANY harm caused by vaccines? Even the most intelligent pro vaxxers acknowledge that vaccines DO cause injuries.
    And for your information, only ONE vaccine (MMR) and ONE vaccine ingredient (thimerosal) have EVER been studied for their relationship to autism. To extrapolate from that "vaccines (plural) do not cause autism" is not only unscientific, it's a damn LIE.

  33. I’me not saying that vaccines are bad I just Don’t think there should be so much pier pressure about it.
    It’s a simple matter of choice

  34. This guys talks a lot and tells you nothing. He completely avoids talking about all of the proven biases that exists when a multi billion dollar industry brings dangerous products to market without his safety test. That’s right, unlike all pharmaceuticals, vaccines have never gone through a double blind placebo study, which is the gold standard and our children deserve the gold standard! Since 2010, the four largest vaccine manufacturers have been found guilty in a court of law for lying, fraud, gross negligence and death with their pharmaceutical products. Somehow, I’m supposed to believe that these same criminal pharmaceutical companies have an invested interest in my child when it comes to vaccines and the money they make? Seriously, Merck with its Vioxx drug was responsible for tens of thousands of deaths. If you would take the time to review the evidence in the case, you will discover Merck was absolutely aware of the deaths being caused by Vioxx and they had developed a strategy to deal with doctors who reported these deaths. Remember this, these vaccine manufacturers have no liability for the product they manufacture and sell thanks to the 1986 legislation passed by the Reagan administration. Also, the only way you will find the truth about the problems with vaccines in this country is in a court of law. For example, Stanley Plotkin is the godfather of vaccines and he was deposed in 2018 for 9 hours. You won’t believe what he admits to and trust me, Stanley Plotkin did everything he could to avoid answering the tough questions. Also, the pro science supporters have asked the Pro vaccine groups to multiple debates. The rules of these debates ensured that only scientific information could be used… Not opinions but actual research. The pro vaccine groups have voided these debates like the plague. It should not surprise anyone because the pro vaccine groups, the industry and the CDC have avoided doing the Vaccinated versus unvaccinated study for over 20 years!

  35. Eating an apple is probably good for you. Eating an apple with mercury inside it is not. A clean vaccine may be good for you but a vaccine containing mercury (or other toxic substances) is not good for you. Injecting mercury (thimerosol) into a baby is not a good idea. Can we at least agree on that, my friends?

  36. The issue with vaccinations is not the medical science, it's the epidemic of fraud and malfeasance committed by multinational corporations and big government megalomania.

  37. The anti-vax movement is caused by one thing… the govt lies… WAY too much. Science lies.. WAY too much. Hence.. nobody believes what these people are saying anymore.

    So.. right or wrong… people simply no longer trust the government.. aka.. science…

  38. The solution is simple… stop lying. And then people will accept all that "research" and "peer reviewed" studies and believe it.

    Oh.. and keep telling people that their common sense is some kind of brain dysfunction.. yeah, that will convince them that your injections are "just fine".

  39. This has grouped any vaccine debate into "autism-link" – ignoring problems with VAERS reporting, ZERO schedule-level trials, US has largest vaccination schedule in the world (every other 1st world country is just uneducated/poor judgement?). Vaccine risk-benefit doesn't need to explained by pop psychology, we can, and SHOULD run adequately powered, randomized, controlled trials like we would for other biologics and drugs.

  40. I haven’t had a shot since I was two now I’m 17 and I am hardly sick if anything people who have the shots are sick more and take longer to recover when I’m sick I’m good I’m 24-36 hours 🤷‍♂️

  41. He left out the FACT that millions of dollars are paid out by the government for VACCINE INJURED children. No such thing as herd immunity. Every child is different therefore always a possibility of INJURY which includes AUTISM!!

  42. People who believe the government and medical industry, and never witnessed anyone becoming instantly disabled after vaccination are nicely brainwashed tools for the hideous multi-billion dollar medical industry. They also disagree with this comment. Vaccination is like russian roulette, but the agenda behind it is far deeper.

  43. Let nature take its course…
    Unless your child gets bacterial meningitis, or epiglottitis, then they run to pharmaceuticals begging to save their child's life🤔

  44. But I am the proud antivax father of 3 beautiful, naturally raised, essential oil loving children!!!

    Edit: make that two, please

    Edit: okay two of my kids died

    Edit: I now have no more children

    What happened? I have them their sage oils. Damn government poisoning my kids

  45. Why do 99% of the parents with autistic kids say, "Vaccines cause autism".
    Trust parents. Notice all these people without kids, are the ones who
    laugh at parents with autistic kids.  

    Youtube: paul8kangas

    99% of the parents with autistic kids agree that the vaccines caused the vaccines.

    That means that vaccines caused autism.

    A 2017 Yale study proves 90% of the homeless boys on the streets were vaccinated at birth. They became junkies from the introduction of needles at birth.

    Prof. Leckman did the 2017 study of junkies.

    Youtube: paul8kangas

  46. The definition of scientist is one who gained knowledge through observation. the crazy increase in autism is just happening right? Yeah sure. Hmmm. Don't think for yourself parents . They hung people at Nuremberg for Forced medical procedures.
    But that's ancient history right?

  47. NO one will believe that injecting aluminium and tiomersal that is Mercury stright into your blood system is healthy . Whatever words you will use it will not work there is to many examples when people not only died after vaccine but also they have had terrible health complications . Once you experience that on you own skin you will be convinced to start taking vitamins and minerals in order to boost your immune system . Thanks for you vaccines you make billions of dollars on . For me is a clear NO and it is my choice. Kennedy said the numbers are backed up by the stories from thousands of parents who talk about the seizures and autism symptoms their children developed after receiving vaccines.“What are the chances they all made up the same story,”??????? he told Healthline.

  48. Even if your child is unlucky and severely harmed by a vaccine – there's a good chance you'll get some money from the government to pay for their life-long care

    So why worry about vaccination?

  49. so the whole argument against those who question vaccines is that one specific condition (autism) is not caused by vaccines, based purely on conjecture without any discussion of the actual science at all? please don't claim to be scientific with such a pathetic video. The science does not support you ramblings. In reality, any investigation into vaccine safety reveals that there are simply not any credible safety studies at all. But hey it's much easier to just characterize 'anti-vaxxers' as being influenced by many types of bias and anecdotes, rather than actually discussing the science on a science channel right? weak

  50. As a high functioning autistic individual, it feels offensive sometimes when people view autism developing in their child as the end of the world. As far as I understand the data, the vast majority of people with the disorder are high enough functioning to learn to adapt to the outside world, it just generally takes some therapy to get there sometimes.

  51. Your lying ! Im a proud mother of 5 unvaccined children !

    Edit : 4 Children

    Edit : 3 Children

    Edit : 2 Children

    Edit : 1 Children

    Edit : Here speaks her Husband…shes dead.

  52. Vaccines don't always work and not everyone can take them so the only way to protect those people is heard immunity so everyone who can be vaccinated should be vaccinated as it does not affect only themshelfs so MAKE VACCINATION MANDATORY with health exceptions that are authorized by specific gov doctors.

  53. After listening to many really good videos from this channel, I’m really disappointed with this one. Many very good parents observed very carefully the development of their child. Therefore they knew exactly that something really bad happened in most cases immediately after a vaccination. Dr. Wakefield never said, children should not be vaccinated, he said the MMS vaccination should be split up in single vaccinations to keep the injected toxins as low as possible. Japan did exactly that after observing increased brain damages to MMS vaccinated children. Sometimes it is better not to do a video instead of taking the side of careless industry with extreme margins.

  54. As a Boomer; I had most of the diseases that children now are now vaccinated against. Now why would a parent subject their children to the misery that I and my peers went through .

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