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The Simpsons – SJWs at Yale

It’s always wonderful when a successful and childless alumnus returns. It’s delightful how you take turns sniffing after my money. Now here’s a group that was established in 1909. I hate modern music! Tempo bar we love so well The Whiffenpoofs! I’ll buy you a new library if you have them killed. So many have tried to kill them. But other smug jackasses and white gloves would just take their place. We can’t be stopped Well, I am here to offer you money. I’d like to endow a Department of Nuclear plant management Wonderful! Of course we can’t do nuclear – our students are highly entitled wusses. You’d be creating a space for violence to happen. Huh. How about funding a chair on the non narrative cinema of self-identified pansexuals? What?! What? What?? What?? What?? We also need to hire more deans to decide which Halloween costumes are appropriate. Eight deans should do it. Is this still a coven of capitalism where evil money can acquire the patina of virtue? Yes, that’s in our charter, but with an issue as hetero patriarchal as nuclear power, we’ll have to hire multicultural empathizers, build a new safe space… Not so fast, we insist on a chair of anti-nuclear studies and a nuclear- neutral curriculum pathway. Absolutely, Teddy! We run all decisions past the squash team. Also the fencing team, water polo and handsome Dan the mascot. [mascot dog sounds] Release me, you hound. Oh yeah…. What’s happened to this place? Yeah? This was the home of ruthless media disruptor Samuel FB Morse! Who’s his successor? That fellow? Fellow?! That word is cisgender normative, okay? You’re worse than Hitler! Too late for flattery … I’m not giving this school a dime! The [Sally’s] have blended right in! We’ve got 12 productions of The Crucible going in the deepest Division III women’s lacrosse team the world has ever seen! Mm-Hmm. They’re perfect students in every way, and that’s their weakness. Bleep bloop bloop? I am a robot, too … my father was a toaster … He’s in bot-face! That’s unbelievably offensive! Microaggression! Cultural appropriation! Offensive! Offensive! Offensive! Dear Lord those teachers made them too human! You’ve ruined me! Well, not completely, I still have my health!

100 thoughts on “The Simpsons – SJWs at Yale

  1. Is this still a coven of capitalism where evil money… etc.? In fact yes it is except the corporation is LGBQRST

  2. Died laughing!!! Thank you authors of the Simpsons for your continued hilarity! 😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂

  3. 1:07: When someone suddenly starts a conversation about Transgenderism, Social Justice, Cultural Appropriation or anything political. That's what I get for not watching TV.

  4. This is SO unbelievable! I mean, really, do you expect me to buy that gynoids would last five minutes on a college campus before students found a way to reprogram them into slut-bots?! Preposterous!

  5. How did they go from this to the cringey AF Trump vs The Squad song? Did it have something to do with Matt Groening flying on the Lolita Express?

  6. I can’t believe I’m saying this but Mr. Burns is right. I side with Mr. Burns and Brian against these goddamn SJWS. That’s how bad they are when I side with these horrible guys.

  7. Parents and students need to get their moneys back from these universities… Your formal education is supposed to prepare you for the real world not shelter you from it!

  8. I find it hilariously sad that the far right think this is in defense of their views, when they are even bigger crybabies over issues they don't like. Rational Liberal-minded people like myself find the new outrage culture, and how "everything is offensive", to be so petty and spineless. I have no use for both right wingers as well as the oversensitive babies who do perpetuate this weakening of what progressiveness is supposed to be about.
    If only voices like Pakman and Kullinski had wider audiences, they'd crush shapiro, clam chowder, and rave dubin everytime. .

  9. It's socialism versus corporatism – a missed opportunity for nationalist revolutionaries to exterminate both of them once and for all in one fell swoop. Libtard lust and cuckservative greed. Internationalist pinkos and crony corporatists. All of them idolators worshiping at the altars of Moloch and Mammon, the dual Leviathans that pretend to fight each other but are really two sides to the same proverbial coin – a coin designed for one purpose – to be inserted into the one-note clown-world jukebox of globalism and mediocrity.

  10. New viewer BTW❣😎 😂😂😂 No wonder you chose the name that you did for your account 😂😂😂 2:29 I feel soooo bad for Homer….. Ironically…. He's now the sane one!…😂😢😭 I'd rather live with Homer!

  11. Don't confuse liberals with the Far left! Why do you think the democratic party is so divided! Because far left ideas are infiltrating it (Socialist Democrats). However, many liberals are excepting the far left view, while many are scrambling to go right or left! Sad but true scenario! We must rise up against the far left and call it out, before it becomes to so extreme the push the country to the brinks of civil war! —- It will happen if they take over!!!

  12. Ironic that they have now given into PC bullshit like getting rid of Apu and lapping the asses of "The Squad" for the sake of social brownie points.

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