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The Spy In The Sky | Who Is Laughing Now?!

HELLO I will detect a trashy area today. Was this bird laughing at me? First target. Again, he finds it very funny. Is this gold? No, it’s just aluminum. The color is right, but it’s just foil. How can you find the motivation, with a bird like that… He seems to know what it’s gonna be… He was right, it’s foil. I’m going to the side… A foil ball… A musket ball. Stop laughing bird, it “could” be Roman. Hmm, it has the look, but I’m not sure. According to the birds reaction, it’s not. Just in case… Iron. …iron it is. A bad signal. It’s a bullet. A gilded button. I have no idea. Of course I could skip all the “bad sounding” signals… …but not every good object sounds great. Especially on this metal detector. Foil. It’s a button. Hmm… Unfortunately just foil… The bird is right, I’m making a fool of myself. There it is. Trash. My pinpointer starts falsing… …this is the last thing I need. Something else – a blue piece of foil. Aluminum jewelry. Part from a tin can. Yea, very funny… Trash. He knew – foil. Pull tab. Just “something”. Was this a signal? Hmm. Foil. This area has been hunted by people with discrimination above foil. Or people who throw their trash back at the surface. This one will be good. I hear a strange noise coming from the sky. It’s like a tiny propeller. But I can’t see it. A silver coin! The bird thinks, it’s foil – I will show it to him in a minute. “2 Kreuzer” (1749). Looks like gold, but it’s silver. In excellent condition (for this area). See?! It’s a coin, you bird. I think, he got the message. I will show you a picture at the end (but I haven’t cleaned it yet). 18th century is as old as a silver coin can get (usually, in this area). There is still a tiny object next to it. It’s foil. The bird was right… It’s small. I have no idea. Brass from a casing. A smashed bullet. Pieces of brass. Iron. Watch the psychic powers unfold… 🙂 The end part of an old knife? Or maybe something else… The noise from the sky is back! I can see a strange object. It looks like a bird but the winds are not flapping. I marked it for you. It’s 100% mechanic. I can hear its tiny propeller clearly. The microphone can not peak it up that good. The spy made a circle above me and flew to the East. Last year they used helicopters, now this… The mouth piece from a smoking pipe. He flew over this hill… A small lead ball. Uncomfortable position to dig. I apologise for the noise, something is touching the case of my camera. A round object. A button? A bullet. Looks like a button. I will adjust my jacket, soon the noise will stop. I think, it’s a watch winder. A ceramic bottle stopper. Now I realised it… The object was trash. Probably foil. It looked like a Celtic coin from the distance, but it’s “just” a button. A button. It’s this one. Aluminum hair clip? A button. Probably. Musket balls. The watch winder. A bronze object (Roman?). Part from a knife? “2 Kreuzer” (silver) (1743). Not cleaned yet. HD=Hessen-Darmstadt. Trash… And treasure. Detecting time: slightly above 1h:40min

42 thoughts on “The Spy In The Sky | Who Is Laughing Now?!

  1. Eat this, you Bird!!! Wer zuletzt lacht, lacht am besten! Das Gelächter kam bestimmt von einer neidischen Elster … 🐧 Und war das mechanische vielleicht eine Drohne vom Sondeleinsatzkommando? Hatte ein ähnliches Erlebnis, war mir aber nicht sicher ob es eine war… hatte nur kurz Propeller gehört, aber nix gesehen. Creepy… Cheers!

  2. The foil trickster was trying to ruin your day my friend, but you outsmarted him once again and prevailed,
    Nice job overcoming..Have a great week and Take Care..

  3. Even the bird laughing at you…i think there are telling u to get proper skoop shovel…a bird had feeling too u know….nice silver from the laughter birds….hh n god bless u…(u make me laugh too…i stp nw be back again…)

  4. Hell, if I found that silver coin I'd call it a day, except it could have come from a box full of them nearby!! Great hunt!!

  5. The foil stuff followed you all the time huh! I know how frustrating it is to dig several targets that are all trash. Anyway, I think the bird likes you (^o^) Congrats for the amazing silver coin. HH

  6. Hallo MD24. Tolles Video. Ich bin immer erstaunt das du öfters Silber findest. Absolut Hammer. Ich würde jetzt wsl noch immer im Wald umher irren auf der Suche nach Glück 😂 Kann man deine Psychic Powers mieten. Ich würde dafür zahlen 😋 Dem Vogel hast du's gezeigt. Da war er schlussendlich sprachlos oder er wollte dich ein vor dem Spion warnen. Wer weiß? Aluminiummüll in der Zahl 23, das ist doch interessant. Vllt sollte man die Geheimbünde zu Rate ziehen ob sie dort eine wichtige Indoktrination abgehalten haben. Fragen über Fragen 😄 Wünsche dir Gut Fund für dein nächstes Video, LG

  7. Hey schönes Silber! Und selten! HD steht aber bei fast allen Münzen im RheinMaingebiet für Hessen -Darmstadt Ludwig der 8. 1739-1768 Toller Fund! Ich würde noch mal mit einer größeren Spule im Kreis um die Fundstelle gehen in verschiedenen Richtungen. Ich habe eine Stelle auf dem Acker, da war ich bestimmt schon 3mal und habe langsam und gründlich abgesucht jedes mal kam noch eine Silberne, wenn im Herbst abgeerntet ist geh ich nochmal drüber…

  8. Tweet tweet. Tweet tweet. Tweet tweet. Tweet tweet tweet. (translation from bird talk. Great video. Nasty foil. Fantastic silver. I envy you)

  9. I love your hunts, they are very amusing. Your assistant is quite smart. Does he guide your hunts?

  10. Hey ho! A foilspill @ the beginning, but u Never know whats next. Nice finds u had in that hunt. Awsome silver, congs 4that. The pipething awsome to.
    Diggin all the foil is also good,Not 4the skills but 4 the Environment. Good vid again. The bird was real laughing , but i guess at the end of that hunt u had more to laugh at. Thankx MD 4 the trip.

  11. Ahoj MD24,někdy to ak prostě je,mám to podobně,celý den nic, žádný kloudný signál a když už jsem rozhodnutý že půjdu zpět,tak to většinou přijde k mému překvapení.Je to jako vyplňování jehlanu-pyramidy fólií, a na jejím konci vrcholu ve špici se blýská lesk krásné odměny v podobě kolečka které jsi našel.To ti bylo nádhernou odměnou za všechnu tu vynaloženou snahu a trpělivost nepřestat. A ty ptáci to věděli ;-).Parádní video a velká gratulace k úlovku a také Lovu kovů zdar.

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