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The Time Zack Morris Got Jessie Hooked On Caffeine Pills

♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (bell ringing) – [Narrator] Jessie is
frantically guzzling coffee so she can stay awake to
study for a geometry midterm. She tells Zack her dream
is to go to Stanford and she needs straight A’s to get in. Zack’s not worried about the midterm because he says he always sits
next to a nerd and cheats. Lisa and Kelly tell Jessie to relax, because the midterm isn’t until Friday, and they play a song on the jukebox they can all sing along to. Zack sees this nice moment and instantly wants to turn it into a way for him to get rich. He says a friend of his
dad is a record producer looking to sign a girl group. Zack says he’ll be their manager and they’ll make a fortune. Zack asks them to drop everything and go audition for this
strange man right now. But Jessie says she doesn’t have time. You know, because of the whole studying and dream of going to Stanford thing she was literally just talking about. They tell Zack they just
sing to relieve stress and have fun, usually in the lockers. This gives Zack a great idea. Jessie is spreading herself too thin and gets a C on a quiz. Lisa and Kelly console her,
telling her it’s just a quiz, and she can make it up on the midterm. Slater offers to help her study. Zack is ready to act on his great idea. – Get your recorder. You’re going to the girls’ locker room. – [Narrator] Yikes. Zack sends Screech undercover
into the girls’ locker room to trick the girls into singing
into a concealed microphone. Slater is helping Jessie study, when Zack barges in through the window to announce his record producer contact loves their locker room demo and wants to play it for his boss. Jessie is outraged Zack
would record them like that, until Zack tells her the producer
liked her voice the best, which is certainly a lie,
because all the girls were singing at the same
time into a broomstick. After Zack leaves, Slater
sees Jessie has been taking caffeine pills to stay awake. Slater warns Jessie these
pills are very strong and potentially dangerous. Jessie, overwhelmed by
the pressures of school and her new music career,
ignores his advice. Zack shows up the next day with big news. The record label loved the demo, but there are three other girl groups they were considering signing. Zack says they’ll make up
the label’s mind for them by creating a music video to show off their hot teenage bodies. Jessie says she doesn’t have time because of her many academic commitments. Zack tells Jessie she
can’t let everyone down. Jessie succumbs to Zack’s peer pressure, then takes more caffeine pills. The girls shoot an
absolutely insane music video that takes up hours of
valuable study time, with intricate choreography,
multiple wardrobe changes, aerial acrobatics, and
a whole lot of butts. It’s mostly butts. The creeps at the record label
unsurprisingly like the butts and want to see the girls
perform live at The Max tomorrow, which means rehearsal tonight. Jessie says the midterm is tomorrow and she needs to study tonight, but once again gives into Zack’s pressure. Slater finds caffeine
pills in Jessie’s backpack and tries one more time
to express his concern. Jessie tells him to mind his own business, then shows up to the midterm the next day tweaking out of her mind on caffeine pills and visibly scaring everybody but Zack. Slater asks to talk to Zack,
who is in a rush because his girls are playing
at The Max that night. Slater says Jessie has a real problem. She’s hooked on caffeine pills, and he’s very worried about her. But instead of taking Slater seriously, Zack says they’re probably just vitamins, and says he doesn’t want
to hear it, and storms off. The girls have one last
rehearsal at The Max, and even though Jessie
is clearly in the middle of a manic episode,
Zack completely ignores what’s right in front of him, because he wants to use
these girls to get rich. Zack finds Jessie passed
out in her room that night and tells her it’s time to go to The Max. She’s delirious, and doesn’t know what day it is or what’s going on. When Zack still tries
to drag her to perform, Jessie freaks out and goes
to grab her caffeine pills. Zack scolds her for taking
drugs and acts surprised, even though Slater just told
him about this hours ago. This pushes Jessie over the edge, and she completely loses her shit. – I’m so excited! I’m so excited! I’m so… scared! – [Narrator] Definitely
not Stanford material. Jessie misses the performance
and tells her friends her mom is taking her
to counseling tomorrow, because the pressure Zack put on her turned her into a drug addict with a psychotic mental breakdown. Let’s review: Zack Morris saw his friends having fun and wanted to use it as a way to get rich. And when they wouldn’t go along with it, he sent Screech into
the girls’ locker room to record them without their permission, then trampled all over
Jessie’s academic priorities and dreams of going to Stanford with endless selfish distractions that pushed her to drug addiction, and ignored her cries for help and warning signs from her real friend, until it was too late and she had a total mental and emotional collapse. All because he looked at his friends as a quick way to make some money. Zack Morris is trash. ♪ Zack Morris is trash ♪ (bell ringing)

100 thoughts on “The Time Zack Morris Got Jessie Hooked On Caffeine Pills

  1. 3:10 – I've seen a gif or something of that scene n didn't know why she was singing like that

    …n btw TV show, way to be ultra PG about this episode and not even use pot or coke and substitute one of them for friggin' caffeine pills lol… I know the audience could've handled a little cocaine in their PG TV show. I know this because other I've seen other shows from this era deal with the same subject but use actual cocaine the episode… Way to pussy out lol

  2. You're really stupid if you get addicted to this shit instead of real drugs. You should be able to stop using those if you are done with your exams.

  3. Standards and practices(SBTB) : You can't say it's speed, that's just too real, make it caffeine.
    Standards and practices(Degrassi) : You can totally show Jimmie getting shot and being paralyzed in a school shooting.

    To be fair though, they probably knew that people would eventually want to see Drake get shot and paralyzed. "Started out with walking, now this chair. Started out with walking, now I'm stuck in this fucking chair."

  4. A better title would be: How Zack Morris Got Jessie on a Self-Destructive Path That Ended with Her Skanky Ass in Vegas to Become a Stripper and to Star in One of the Worst Movies Ever Made .

  5. I just noticed the Cure poster on her wall.
    Liz Berkley and I could hang out and smoke, talk philosophy and listen to Cure records, and maybe go out for bagels and coffee.

  6. My first thought was “Caffeine pills are better than crack” then I thought “Zack Morris is trash…”

  7. I always cook my caffeine pills in a bent spoon and inject them directly into the veins between my toes with a dirty needle. Sometimes I mix in some Coffee Mate, preferably in french vanilla.

  8. Zach Morris is Disney in how they take advantage of young kids with dreams and stick them into contacts they may not even want in a couple months, and use unhappy kids to make money

  9. Im at work so i watched with no sound but, all i saw was everybody but zach to blame if anything he got her off the """""""pills""""""

  10. He made up for it that time he helped save that little girl from being turned into a vampire by the government.

  11. Zack did not get her hooked on the pills. She made that decision all on her own. Zack doesn’t encourage even once in this episode.

  12. I remember watching this episode. I was 13 maybe and I thought it was ridiculous that she was a basically a meth/coke/crack head but they watered down the storyline and used caffeine pills instead of using illicit substances. I'm 36 now and I think it's even stupider, but for a kid to question it…

  13. So fake, don't blame for not respecting, and we don't have to accept people I learned to live in the truth instead of run.

  14. No, no, no. I'm sticking up for Zack all the way on this one. Jessie chose to take caffeine pills. She made the choice. People need to stop blaming others for their own actions!

  15. Definitely not Stanford material. 😂🤣😂🤣😂
    Damn that's harsh she was definitely losing her shit.

  16. has anyone EVER climbed through someone’s bedroom window before??????? all these shows make it look so common lmao

  17. These "very special episodeS" Are fucking AWESOME. I remember seeing every single one of these growing up and thinking just how realistic and brave they were to confront such serious matters like drinking, drugs, death and peer pressure. Then years later I use to watch old VHS copies with my friends while getting high as hell and just laughing so damn hard that I realized the real danger wasnt the "realistic portrayals" of teen life, but it was from laughing so hard I could cause a serious hernia. Oh these episodes were special all right, just not at all in the way the show creators intended. Thanks 80s and 90s TV for attempting to tackle serious issues and failing SPECTACULARLY.

  18. To be fair Zack didn't make or force jesse to take the pills. This wasn't this fault. She was taking them before all this happened.

  19. I commend these attempts to convince us that Zack Morris is trash. But the whole show was trash therefore Zack Morris had to be trash.

  20. Zack was really my most hated character on TV. Fans love him, but he really is a manipulator, and puts his ambitions and goals before anyone. He will even risk his friends well-being for his own needs.


  22. This led to Jesse becoming a stripper in a failed movie, and then becoming a stripper in real life – serious question do you ever think these kids were abused on set? It looks like they’re all pimped out and weird later on in life

  23. You just reminded me of that old computer game, zak macracken and the alien 👽👾 mind benders

  24. To be fair, I don’t see how Jessie being hooked on caffeine pills was Zack’s fault. He actually really helped her at the end.

  25. Zack Morris is Trash Episode Data

    8th Grade: 4 episodes
    9th Grade: 14 episodes
    10th Grade: 10 episodes
    11th Grade: 5 episodes
    12th Grade: 7 episodes

    Conclusion: Zack was at his “trash” peak in 9th Grade but became less shittier as he got older. We must applaud his evolution.

  26. Eh, I get the point of the series, but in this case, no most of this wasn't specifically Zach's fault. Ok sure, he had a scheme, that was his schtick. But Jesse was already feeling pressure, hence her downing coffee like it was going out of style. He didn't provide or encourage her to take her pills, and he was essentially just wrapped up in himself and didn't realize how bad Jesse was. Then, when he finally saw what was going on, he actually stopped her from taking the pills. And now I've written a paragraph defending a fictional character. Go me.

  27. Well, Zack Morris is trash. No surprise there….
    Even years after seeing this episode….caffeine pills? CAFFEINE PILLS?
    I'd expect this behavior from taking amphetamines! lol

  28. In real life you just fake being happy to keep yourself from going insane with daily work life pressures. Oh and your boss could care less that he gave you a mountain of work to do and have it done in 4 hours… Which would normally take a week. That my friends is what we call life.

  29. So this is why males of the generation who were brought up on this stuff are so ethically challenged? Sitcoms like this certainly speaks to the attitudes of the day and wow did it not age well. Though it should have been dead on arrival.

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