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The Try Guys React To College Kids React To The Try Guys

– Keith Reacts to College Kids Reacting to Keith and His
Best Friends, take one. (hands clap) – Today, we are reacting
to the Fine Brothers reacting to us. – Perpetuating an endless
cycle of one-liner jokes! – Y’all we need to talk about
the Detective Pikachu trailer. (chuckles) Can I react to the
Detective Pikachu trailer? – We’ve actually gone and done a lot of React videos with them. – And we talked about PewDiePie and then, PewDiePie reacted to us, and he made fun of us, so, I’m excited. – I’m like a fucking Articuno. (upbeat music) Articuno, you know, Pokemon. (cheerful music) (upbeat music) – Well, let’s get started. – It’s just kind of fun to watch these dudes be like open minded. – Yeah! We are open-minded,
thank you for noticing. – Hi Elise, Hi Dionte? Is this
right, am I reacting right? I’m just saying their names. – They’re the nicest human beings. – Be nice to people, you never
know who will make a video about meeting you. – I hate watching our old videos,
I mean because look at me. Why did no one just take little Zach and shake him, and be
like “just be better.” – Ahh the drag video. Yeah that video came out around this time four years ago. We’ve come so far, have we? – It’s fun to watch these grown ass men- – It is fun to watch grown ass men. – They’re so hot! – I look like Liza Minnelli, now. Well Liza Minnelli is still
hot, she could get it. – Oh did you see his calves? – Oh yeah! I got big ol’
calve muscles, that’s right! – I like whenever they go
stretches in this video with no one talking, and
it’s just people staring a lot of empty smiles in these videos. – Well look how well-adjusted
these college kids look. I was like, not put together in college. It was the 2000s, so I was wearing a lot of v-necks and tank-tops. – Oh shit. – Oh, that guy was a
little bit turned on by me. – There also nice too, I was expecting them to be meaner, but
they’ve all been so nice. These college kids are… in college? – I’ve stanned them since 2015 I think? – She’s stanned us for 3 years. – I’m stanned? I remember listening to the song Stanned, and being like
“That’s an unhealthy obsession with a pop star.” And now
someone feels that way about me. Wow! – I don’t wanna react anymore, I just want to talk
about Detective Pikachu. – Eugene always hurts himself in all of our live preformances. “I
need to do something bigger, I’ve got to do jumping splits!
I’ve got to do a death-drop in heels.” Like no you don’t,
we don’t think like that. I’m like “I’ll hold the cowboy
hat over my head and scream,” and that’s going to be enough. – And I really think that when
you see Jiggly Puff with hair it is so like, disconcerting
but also makes sense because if he was hairless, it would
just be like a big round singing testicle. – Oh my god my baby! Thank you. That’s it? That’s all of Ned’s baby
that we’re going to watch? Come on, the whole video
could’ve been reacting to Ned’s baby, I mean jesus. – Oh, the plastic surgery one. I could not get that doctor
to draw a dick on my face to save my life. He went to college, you know he’s drawn a
dick on a face before. – It’s so weird to have
like, I don’t need memories. I just have videos. This channels not even six months old yet. I’m having a moment over here. – Alright, they’re going
to react to the DUI series. Now let’s see what they think
of our educational content. – As long as it’s safe. – It was mostly safe. – That’s right, applaud
us. We’re doing good! – I don’t know how Keith
allowed them to use his car? – Fun fact, my car got
about 800 dollars of damage filming this series. Yeah! You didn’t know that? – See there’s always a sort
of message, and I like that. – There is a sort of
message, that’s right! – It’s always important to us to showcase some of our worse behaviors,
as a way to make a point. – We take our pants off for a reason! – I hope that when I’m 30 I
have these kind of friends. – I hope when I’m 30 I
have these kind of friends? Are you calling me old? First of all, I’m 28, I’m the young one.
I’m fresh and spry still, they’re old. – It’s not that different from being 25. – Also I’m just kind of
confused because Ryan Renolds is so bangable that like, I don’t want to bang Pikachu, right? You’re just like “Wow”, Pikachu’s kind of got like charm, I
don’t want to be attracted to Pikachu. – I’m just as lazy as I was in my 20s. – Wow, you know what’s funny?
Watching people watch us makes me realize how dumb we are. – I’m glad they chose the college kids to react to this, and not
the kids react to this, because this video starts
with us undressing eachother. – He’s so cute. – She said that’s so cute
but I think in her eyes she didn’t think that. – Most of the time, we
remember to wear good underwear for these videos. Not all the time. – We like basically scolded for making these super
offensive costumes on a video. Not only did they not mind- – Yandy tweeted us being like – [Keith] “Thanks for the shoutout guys!” – [Zach] They made a
sexy try guys costume. – Yandy? We’re condemning you. – And we’re like, “Oh my god”, I want to share this, but
also you do deplorable things like make sexy Native American costumes, cultures not costumes, fix that
and then maybe we can talk. – Oh when we started our own company. – That’s so cool. – Eugene is always not
wearing a shirt in his vlogs. – That’s awesome, honestly. – It’s great to see that the response to us being independent, and
making our own content, and being our own free
people, is so plauded. I think that’s really cool. – [Questioner] What are your
thoughts on what it must of been like to leave such a big company to pursue this on their own? – Props to them for
just being brave enough to actually go out and do
that, but you know what that worked for them the first time, they were brave enough
when everyone else wasn’t to go try those things, – That is a good observation.
– And it’s paying off. You were already at the
ones brave enough to do the things that people didn’t
want to do in videos. – In the beginning of the try guys, we kept asking other people to join us, and everyone was like, “Not a chance.” – So we just extended that to our careers. I’ve never thought about
it like that before. – These people are just talking forever about how great we are, we get it. – This is just making me
feel all warm and fuzzy. – It’s very sweet. – I can’t tell you how many times I’d stay up late and they’re
thinking oh I’m doing homework no, I’m watching… – I will say you should
probably do your homework. – Don’t do that, do your homework! We’ll be there in the
morning. Get educated! You beautiful fool children. – I feel very appre… appreciated. I went to Yale. – [Questioner] So Ned, what did you think of the Fine Brothers react video? – Miles don’t do this to me,
I see what’s going on here. – I mean it’s really a super great honor to have them react to us. – I like that Charazard
looked really realistic like, he looked like an actual dinosaur. Like Charazard got me amped. – I kind of wish they had
shown this to grandparents. I know what my Grandma thinks
about us, she has some notes. – I’m kind of on the fence,
but once I saw Bulbosaur and Charazard I was like “Whoa”
this universe is realized. Everyone should go watch the
Detective Pikachu Trailer now. – What’s up Triceratops,
It’s Black Friday, head on over to
and you can get 20% off on all the merch. Oh man, you could look so hot! (upbeat music plays)

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  1. You're right Eugene! You ARE an Articuno! Special and the hardest to catch xP (beside Mewtwo and Mew)

  2. Director – So what did you think about college kids reacting to the try guys

    Eugene – "I liked that charizard looked really really realistic, like he looked like an actual dinosaur"


  3. Is anybody else crying laughing about how Eugine literally just talked about Pikachu the whole fucking time?!?!?!?!

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  5. I dont blame Eugene though Detective Picachue trailer was pretty cute and funny I really bad want to see the movie.

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  8. i like how eugene kept on talking about the detective pikachu trailer instead of paying attention to the video

  9. Remember when they said they were balding?

    They have more hair than ever!

    Except for Zach, he stayed the same

  10. Can we just talk about how passionate Ned is about his baby? Like… he's so proud to be a dad, and that to me is amazing. It's just SO pure, and I'm here for it.

  11. This video literally represents what my four brain cells are discussing in class

    Zach (logical brain cell): YOU SHOULD STUDY!!! GET AN EDUCATION!!!

    Ned (big dreams brain cell): I went to Yale you should to.

    Keith (hungry brain cell): I want fried chicken.

    Eugene (brain cell that is in charge 99% of the time for no apparent reason): I kinda want to bang pikachu

  12. video title:The Try Guys React To College Kids React To The Try Guys

    eugene: talks about pokemon the entire time

  13. ned- my baby !!!!
    zach- i hate my younger self
    keith- yeah ,be nice to people

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    Zach: We'll be there in the morning
    Me: still watching old Try Guys videos

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