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The Ultimate Fan Theory That Fixes All Of Star Wars – Cracked Responds

hey buddy buddy hey you’re a big star is fan um you’ve got a show that you do for us called better way to watch yes uh one of those episodes is about how if you watch the prequels and you think that Padme and obi-wan are having an affair it’s way better it is [Music] I’m always interesting those kinds of things especially for Star Wars as much as I love it he loves it it is more silly than great so we have a new theory then we address on the site I wanted to pitch to you all right basically the idea is that the entire series mm-hmm is r2d2 and telling the story of Star Wars okay so imagine a scenario where the war is over the rebels of one Death Star has been destroyed all these factions are sort of like spread of spread around and like word is spreading the oh the Empire is dead like meters in the Emperor’s dead like what we do so the rebellion brings r2d2 who is there okay thing right and say like this is his what happened every oh oh oh I mean force awakens probably not bail six at least okay basically the idea being like all of the inconsistencies we see all the weird things are explained by the fact that this is r2d2 telling the story how so first of all r2d2 is a robot a robot astromech droids is kind of troye that he is are built to be creative right um so he’s he has a personality right it’s personality and we’ve already seen 3p Oh tell stories in Return of the Jedi yes aw – I was just coming to that there are things that are 2d to does throughout the both trilogies that are unbelievable he’s everywhere all the time he’s always at the exact hero moment he’s just that’s true I actually never had thought about that’s always just hanging out was right there yeah and he did like he’s got like Jets and like these ink things like he does these heroic things that are like r2 you can’t do that that’s not like so he’s building himself up a lot right we didn’t the the smartest in so many situations like I don’t know you would be right he knows the deal he’s gonna open the door he’s gonna be the savior in all these scenarios right so already it’s a little suspect we’ve only been through this little r2 unit has become a bit eccentric you know notice in the prequels he really puts a lot of the characters from the original trilogy into those yes and they’re all characters that he was very close with like he had he had that like be relation with Yoda Chewbacca is there’s like yeah my buddy Chewbacca he’s there too right uh Han is not there Lando is not there and that whole world of like pirates aren’t there so this is his this is his view of the world right he’s not even think about Han because he like had one interaction with him once he through Luke a lightsaber to save Han that’s it so it’s like a guy at a bar be like oh yeah my friend was there and you were there and we were there we were all there and like yo shut up and used there and he said bye that was really cool for no reason miss you I like any inconsistency you see it in those movies Frank I think can be chalked up to like oh well he wasn’t there he’s sort of filling in these spaces so like what what specifically George Lucas let’s just say doesn’t really understand human emotion that much he’s not great at that or like I’m sorry look at Padme right things like that we’re like you have these love stories and like the thing about the sand I don’t like sand it’s coarse rough and irritating and it gets everywhere I like salmon robot saying what does a love story look like wrong oh well I also have them say this and then they’ll say I love you and that is how love works so like he’s sort like every like bad thing that doesn’t understand how humans work is because a robot is telling that makes so much sense and in real life perhaps maybe the robot is George Lucas boy ain’t he fairly a bit of a robot stop and smell the Padme dyes in the prequels and someone says that she died of a broken heart right and that’s not a thing no um and if it is in a universe with like talking robots and magic you probably can’t die from a broken heart and so you can imagine like oh r2 was like a round and like it was very chaotic and then someone said like oh she’s she’s a broken heart and then she’s dead he’s like she died and a broken heart right oh if it’s broken well no wonder she died no wonder she died let’s say you’re like a huge Star Wars fan you love it right mystical like the force is really cool deal orienteer we go midi-chlorians midi-chlorians are a microscopic life-form that resides within all living cells we didn’t need to know these things oh please not one of the beautiful things about Star Wars and the force is like you didn’t know it didn’t matter it’s magic it’s a mystical force yeah let’s move on and then you have Fanta medicine it’s like explained no well you actually have these little magic bugs that live in your blood and they communicate with the force without the midi-chlorians life could not exist we would have no knowledge of the force okay then what is but what is the force like you haven’t explained it you just added an extra step to it being mystical that’s just another robot’s explanation like there’s this mystical force in the universe and like a robot doesn’t understand those things right so it needs to have an explanation and that explanation is oh well there’s like bacteria robots need like receptors for energy so like meat meal oh they must be in the horse and use it to power themselves exactly yes that’s a great r2d2 so are Judy she was telling this whole story right and he’s got this best friend c-3po but c-3po is a real dick to him I’ve just about had enough of you go that way like literally kicking him not even like a fun killjoy I feel like part of that is being embellished by r2 and so he’s playing that up but also feel like the prequels Threepio has a terrible time the entire time yeah he’s like a built by an evil man yeah um but also like there’s that the whole sequence were like he’s in the robot Factory and he’s being torn up heart and like put the bag together and like dragged across this huge arena but like it seems like that whole prequel trilogy is just like man that guy I’m gonna embarrass him didn’t I do deserve this that’s not always the nation for those things I forgot that you can hear and he’s the only one there it’s just creepy oh and then r2 and like they leave and like Oh everything’s fine we survived but in our twos like how man Fuko really embarrassed himself oh yeah what an idiot well if you watch any of the movies and you’re like that does it make any sense I feel like you can just say like aren’t you right filter filter through yeah filtered through a droid yeah telling a story in the very end and trying to make himself look like a hero his friend looks like a dick hahaha but all his friends were there right you know it’s not like you know he he was built to fix our machines in the world maybe he was built to fix this w’s you know to fix the story someone’s got to hey everybody thanks for watching that video mm-hmm make sure to LIKE and subscribe do all the YouTube things that you know cuz this is not your first day on YouTube maybe it is and welcome oh it’s fun you can like videos you can subscribe to channels and you can leave comments and leave one what is another theory that you thought about Star Wars to make it better or a little more watchable or make a little bit more sense yeah thanks guys thank you sure

100 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fan Theory That Fixes All Of Star Wars – Cracked Responds

  1. I beg to differ. Debbie Reynolds died of a broken heart after the passing of Carrie.
    I was amazed. Because that was the first time in my 49yrs that the phrase "Died of a broken heart" had actually been witnessed.

  2. just watched the obiwan-padmé theory and then this one, a red finger wasn't enough… no i can't finish this one. I hope i'm wrong. (i don't like the the video's format too, maybe more than the subject)

  3. well ik im kinda late on this vid, but it is proven that people can die from extreme sadness. ironically, a good example is carrie fisher and her mom

  4. It's not a theory. George Lucas has always said the story is through the droids' perception. That's why they always have to be there.

  5. Ihave always thought that it would be really cool if R2 was actually sent through space and crash landed in George Lucas backyard them told him the whole story.

  6. Why not extend this theory to The Force Awakens? He was still there. Maybe he just over heard everything while he was in his "sleep mode"
    Maybe that would explain why Princess Leia and Rey hug.

  7. Dying of a broken heart is actually a thing, it's called Takotsubo cardiomyopathy & is rare. Usually it effects elderly people when their spouse of many decades dies.

  8. The Original Journal Of the Whills called for two travellers witnessing the activities of gods… these two were converted to the 2 droids C3P0 and R2D2 at some point….

  9. I imagine several folks have already informed you, but Broken Heart Syndrome is indeed very real. It also called stress-induced cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Plus its the plot point of an episode of Scrubs (Season 6, Episode 4.)

  10. 2 fan theories that changes the story of star wars completely
    1 – Darth Jar Jar
    2 – Star wars is told by R2D2

    If you think about the series from that perspective then the series makes a lot of sense.

  11. I have another fan theory. george lucas is just a really shitty writer. the original trilogy was only as good as it was because their were people there to tell lucas no. and maybe star wars ISN'T the flawless masterpiece everyone remembers it as…

  12. I guess, this kind of works. The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings did it with Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. Game of Thrones is probably going to do it with Samwell Tarley. But every franchise universe can't do this tho which is why it's a little sketchy. The only thing that really fixes Star Wars, for me anyway, is the whole Jar Jar Binks is a secret Sith Lord and the underlying master manipulator/villain of the entire Star Wars Plot via Reddit. That makes everything so much more interesting and worthy of a completely different experience when rewatching after that reveal that unfortunately didn't happen bc George Lucas caved into fan hate & harassment

  13. Such a weak cop-out excuse for the inconsistancies. And WHY does everyone hate the "I dont like sand" scene? He hates his life on Tattooine, and loves Naboo, he was putting Naboo on a pedastal and Padme with it, pay attention to the whole damn scene next time

  14. Could be that R2 being asleep in Force Awakens he just repeated the beats of A New Hope because he needed to fill a gap and only got the gist of what happened. He could still be telling the story

  15. Here's my brilliant (correct) theory: Star Wars is a story created by a guy that didn't care as much about this stuff as we do.

  16. Midi Chlorians were perfectly understandable. We have something called Mitochondria in our cells, which are basically the same thing. They give our cells energy. So this Force generating bacterial descent, with its own DNA, makes sense for the movie. Now it's less magic. Far worse is JJJerk not caring at all about basic physics or astronomy.

  17. George Lucas wanted a group of mysterious individuals called the Whills to tell the story. That's why Star Wars starts with a long time ago. Lucas took that part out but it's still the Whills that are telling the story.

  18. He also gets all the information when he opens the doors and connects to everything, wait, connect everything… HE BE THE FORCE

  19. I disagree if there ever was a place where you could die of a broken heart it would be a place with magic and light sabers.

  20. Originally star wars was thes force beings called the wills telling the ever growing story that is star wars
    George Lucas said so him self so you are mostly right

  21. The original treatment for Star Wars, the Journal of the Whills, as a recording of the R2-D2 telling to storytelling of the Skywalkers and their role in shaping the galaxy a long time ago. As in, this isn’t a fan theory, it’s Lucas’s original draft.

  22. I am not sure how this fixes jar-jar. Or erases him from my mind in anyway. Until you can fix that part, I am stuck with a really really big stain on at least the first movie. They wisely used him less in the sequels. Really though, I think the show could be saved with cutting an hour from each movie. Literally cut out the worst parts. Then dub over most of the dialog with newer and actually thought out dialog that is worthy of Star Wars.

  23. But the emperor took the living force out of padme and gave it to darth Vader, therefore she died and was reborn as Vader…

  24. I want you to know that I am a Star Wars freak I have a timeline but I want you to do if you are willing to make this timeline though in this order up and talk about it thoroughly with your. Wife that was at that table with you and your friend and here they are in chronological order if you don’t mind making this timeline
    Star Wars the phantom menace Star Wars attack of the clones Star Wars the revenge of the Sith Rogue one a Star Wars story Star Wars a new hope Star Wars empire strikes back Star Wars return of the Jedi Star Wars the force awakens Star Wars the last Jedi
    This is the list of all the stores believes that we have so far I hope that you make this into a timeline if you don’t mind doing so fun making this timeline and I hope to see more videos that sell subscribe

  25. Why fire your best talent w/o dumping the lower hanging fruit (19 gone 1 day!)and offer a minor salary cut? UNSUB!! (They fired Cody btw too ^ ) #dec4massacre

  26. If R2 hated 3P0 why did he make the awoke worship him as their Golden God in Return of the Jedi? You kinda 'forgot' that part

  27. Actually there is something called “broken heart syndrome”, or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. In rare cases it is fatal, but most cases improve quickly with treatment.

  28. I swear you people have never seen a single Star Wars movie 3PO and R2 had their memories wiped after Ep 3 so this doesn't make sense

  29. this theory is basically the “plot” of lego star wars droid tales except in this version its R2-D2 telling the story

  30. As soon as he said SHE was a big Star Wars fan, I immediately stopped the video and hit the dislike button. I'm calling for a vote of no confidence. I'm also calling for a vote to change the page name from Cracked to just Crack, because if you're gonna smoke it, you might as well own it.

  31. There were offical Star Wars books with RECORDS in them back in the 70s that stated exactly this. That is it R2's story.

  32. 'How To Make Star Wars Fans Angry' "The sequel trilogy, i.e. 4 5 and 6, should be stricken from the cannon. They don't even talk about the powerhouse of the cell midichlorians! Luke was a Gary Stu blowing up the Death Star without years of practice like Obi-Wan or Anakin. Oh, and they look like they were made forty years…" Sorry, I just can't bring myself to finish the repetition of toxic commentary. Interesting theory though. No sarcasm, it is truly interesting, just less hard bashing on movies a lot of people at least like if not love, ok. =)

  33. Lucas stated himself that the droids will be in every movie because R2-D2 is the narrator of the story. "The entire story of Star Wars is actually being recounted to the keeper of the Journal of the Whills a hundred years after the events of Return of the Jedi by none other than R2-D2,"

  34. Oh and in a world with talking robots and magic a broken heart is actually a very OK way to die in… just sayin

  35. So does that mean that the Disney Trilogy is BB-8's tale, and it's riddled with plot holes because BB-8 used his head as a jumper cable to save Po's fighter that time? 😉

  36. Okay, I really hate to be a killjoy on this… but, if R2-D2 is embellishing his role in events, why would he ever say he got shot and put out of commission during the trench run? Surely he would have said it was only through his aid that Luke was able to make the shot.

  37. My favorite one is that c3po really cant speak many languages because every time he tries he has trouble translating and talking to people.

  38. My favorite theory, is the theory where the Jedi are really the evil ones the sith not so much & anak in did bring balance t the force by helping wipe out over abundance of jedi . Thereby creating an equal number of Jedi & sith. Which skywalker helps create Jedi that can encompass both light & dark, replace the sith & jedi whilst still being able to function normally. In the the middle as it were. & b able to live with it.

  39. My favorite theory, is the theory where the Jedi are really the evil ones the sith not so much & anak in did bring balance t the force by helping wipe out over abundance of jedi . Thereby creating an equal number of Jedi & sith. Which skywalker helps create Jedi that can encompass both light & dark, replace the sith & jedi whilst still being able to function normally. In the the middle as it were. & b able to live with it.

  40. This dude is oddly hairy. Super oddly hairy.
    Edit: Maggie Mae is so delightful that it counterbalances his hair.

  41. Isnt it crazy in this video C3P0s leg is golden when in other videos one of his legs is sliver! Mandela Effect all the way right here man!!

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