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The Uproarious Laughter and Impunity of Powerful White Men

while I say that it's a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of it that is how the current President of the United States appears to see this moment in history that it's scary for young men well it should be scary for men who sexually assault women it's scary for people like Trump because women are fighting back because women are speaking out because women are blowing the whistle on men who have sexually harassed them or sexually assaulted them indelible in the hippocampus is the laughter the lap the uproarious laughter between the two and they're having fun at my expense this is why you see Donald Trump a man who has been accused of sexual assault sexual harassment of multiple women a man who was caught on tape bragging about assaulting women mocking a survivor of an attack in which she thought she was going to be killed and Trump did this to uproarious laughter and cheering in an arena how did you get home I don't remember how'd you get there don't remember where is the place I don't remember how many years ago was it I don't know [Applause] let's be clear we are at a breaking point here if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed as Associate Justice of the Supreme Court which is a lifetime appointment the consequences are going to be devastating imagine this court with a 5-4 majority held by radical right-wing extremists presiding over almost any issue that matters to women to working people to people of color to the LGBTQ community imagine them presiding over cases on War Powers secrecy corporate power I could go on and on this is going to be an absolute nightmare that could stretch on for decades but it can get worse god forbid that Ruth Bader Ginsburg arguably the most progressive justice on the court for whatever reason is no longer on that Court this country could go full Handmaid's Tale we all know what Donald Trump is who he is and what he stands for now imagine a right-wing Christian supremacist Mike Pence as president it can get worse this isn't just about Brett Kavanaugh as those incredible brave women who confronted Senator Jeff Flake in the elevator passionately made clear this is about what kind of country the United States really is we already have Clarence Thomas who systematically sexually harassed Anita Hill on the Supreme Court now we may have a man in Brett Kavanaugh who is accused of incredibly serious potentially criminal acts of sexual assault joining him on that Court and by the way there were dozens of people who contacted the FBI saying that they had information about Brett Kavanaugh and sexual harassment or sexual assault or excessive drinking would which would cut to whether or not Brett Kavanaugh was telling the truth in front of the Senate yes Brett Kavanaugh deserves to hear the evidence against him he deserves the chance to respond to it and yes he is entitled to a presumption of innocence until proven guilty these allegations probably do belong in the criminal justice system and that probably would be the appropriate venue for Brett Kavanaugh to be responding to these allegations but it is Brett Kavanaugh and the White House and the Senate Judiciary Republicans and the Republican leadership in the Senate led by Mitch McConnell who have systematically worked tirelessly to prevent any semblance of a real investigation so I'm filing cloture on judge Cavanaugh's nomination this evening so the process can move forward like most reasonable honest people in this country more than 80% of African Americans more than half of women two-thirds of Hispanics like them I believe dr. Christine Blasi Ford and I believe that Brett Kavanaugh is a serial liar it was as clear as day when he sat before the Senate I was there ever a time when you drank so much that you couldn't remember what happened or part of what happened the night before I know I remember what happened and I think you've probably dead beer center and and you're saying there's never been a case where you drank so much that you didn't remember what happened the night before or part of what happened that's you're asking about yeah blackout I don't know have you could you answer the question judge what judge Brett Kavanaugh stands for politically and as a judge deserves to be fiercely opposed and fought not just his views on women's health and abortion but on so many issues including torture and what we see clearly after watching Cavanaugh's rage-filled testimony is that he lied repeatedly under oath we saw a rabid frothing partisan who at times sounded like a speaker at a trump rally but when you have multiple credible allegations of criminal assaults against women it goes beyond just politics it goes beyond just political opposition this is about the lives of women this is about a culture of impunity particularly for the most privileged and powerful white men in the United States we owe it to women and all decent people to never drop this issue Brett Kavanaugh needs to be held accountable no matter what court he sits on the same remains true for Clarence Thomas as it remains true for Donald Trump what happens here right now is going to have life-and-death consequences and that means that this is not and should not be the end of this story every Democrat running for office in this election cycle should be asked what they are going to do about these men and their answers should matter

44 thoughts on “The Uproarious Laughter and Impunity of Powerful White Men

  1. was browsing Intercept vids today. my g_d, you guys put most other "journalists" to shame. thank you so much for your brilliant work!

  2. apparently a lot of americans want to live out the handmades tale to the fullest extent. There are a lot of dumb people out there, living amongst us and it scares the shit out of me how reckless they are.


  4. So you're cool with false accusations from woman because it means they're "fighting back". It's fine when it has no bases in reality but because it's women we have to believe them! Sure k good one

  5. The funny thing is, I read on another video of yours defenses that you definitely weren't a liberal echo chamber. I was doubtful, and rightly so. I say this as a classical liberal, which of course means "nazi" nowadays thanks to unbiased journalism like this.

  6. To go after Kavanaugh for reprehensible animal house behavior that took
    place 30 years ago was exactly the wrong strategy to use to keep him
    off the court. They needed to hammer him on his record..

    While I am at it, Obama let the likes of Mitch McConnell deny him his right
    to appoint a supreme court opening with 9 months left in his term..
    They said he didn't have the votes to get any of his choices on the
    bench.. Even so, Obama failed to contest this.. What I mean is that
    he should has stood up and publicly shamed the Republican party on
    all media.. The other is Bader Ginsberg for signing on for a
    potential of 8 years with a republican in power.. That

    was incredibly important.. Most people just ask for a balance on the
    court so that issues can be thoughtfully argued, but now we will
    have a far right court maybe for decades that is firmly in the pocket
    of corporate cartels.

  7. Yes, how awful that we’d uphold the presumption of innocent if a white man is in question 🤦‍♂️. Ad hominem, the slippery slope fallacy and the “right wing extremist” card? Goodness, do you have any arguments?

  8. Interesting fact. If you are a man, you are more likely to be raped by another man than falsely accused by a woman.

  9. American people have been systematically emasculated over time. The elites and privileged white men have managed to rig the system in such a way that they now have an airtight grip on the nation. It's difficult for me to see a way out of this. Not forgetting the Jesuits and the schools and universities they run. A lot of what's happening has it's genesis there, it's easy to overlook that

  10. Hearing Trump make this statement, and recalling Donald jr. speaking about sexual harassment in the workplace, I wonder if he was not talking about his own insecurities. I think it's important to solicit from Michael Cohen information about all those NDAs that the Trumps have entered into

  11. I'm Muslim, not a fan of Trump and his people. BUT anybody who accuses someone of rape without evidence gets sentenced to 100 whips according to Sharia.

  12. I am so tired of people's Bullshit on any level! Is their any end to it all? These Politian's are turly criminals of this country and this world.

  13. It’s over now, there is sliver of truth or both sides also dozens of people on Kavanaugh side…. unfortunately there is no solid evidence. Lessons learn let’s get women to report while there is evidence to actually solidify a conviction vs what occurred here

  14. you sound like garbage feminists, when you write such a title!
    I know you are good journalists, the last ones, but doing this only makes me despise you

  15. I thought this was a our Kavanaugh… alas, no news! BTW Kavanaugh replaced a Reagan appointee, and he stuffed it with conservatives! After all US warmongering has been ongoing since…. oh fuck, 1776!

  16. I think it was a mistake to try to take Kavanaugh down on a 30 year old sexual assault. Because even in the best of circumstances those cases nearly always end with the accused getting off the hook and the victim getting shamed. And if the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh was dependent on a "not guilty" verdict from this Senate, which WANTS him BECAUSE of his despicable political attitudes and track record, not in spite of it, it was always clear that he would be exonerated and confirmed. There could be no other outcome. He should have been opposed on politics, and killed on the fact that he LIED UNDER FUCKING OATH in front of the Senate. But nobody seemed to want to pick up that particular stone and use it to crush his candidacy into a bloody pulp.

  17. Do this monster sit there for life or can he be removed in a political process, e.g in another government?

  18. The burden of proof, the presumption of innocents. That’s it.
    Any argument after this is a moot point.
    I’m usually quite the fan of ‘intercepted’, the Noam Chomsky interview is one of my favourite of your podcasts. But this piece is based on political bias rather than balanced unbiased reporting. Tell me the multiple credible allegations and why they are credible? Tell me what’s the difference between the aggressive nature of the women confronting Flake in the elevator and, the aggressive nature of Kavanaugh’s denial? Tell me the difference between Kavanaugh lying about ever black out drinking, and Ford lying about having a second entry put in her home (to sublet, not as she claimed ‘feel secure’). Or Fords claim about fear of flying as a reason not to meet investigators. When she flys far more than anyone with a phobia of flight. Meanwhile while everybody lost their mind trump put through a law permanently cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 21 percent adding $3.2 trillion to the national debt over the next 23 years.

  19. Accused. Accused. Accused. Look the fucking word up asshole! In this country, unless you can prove the accusations and allegations no one can be found guilty! What if I claim I was raped by Diane Feinstein! Should she immediately be found guilty without proof? Should she be removed from office?

  20. I disagree with all your bull shit.
    I believe something may have happened to Ford. But Brett Kavanaugh is innocent. He is a good lawyer.
    You are biased. Definitely a democratic channel. Saw this off of tumbler.
    This is and was political.
    I believe women and men should stand up. It's not okay to be violated in any way.
    If you are guilty? You are guilty. BK is innocent and like you and probably this channel is purely democratic, that is okay. But if someone is innocent and worthy of the job, they have the right to the office. Doesn't matter if political issue, but one thing for sure, BK will vote honestly and down the middle.

  21. Colored people never think of one thing, what will you do once you have started a race war? History has proven that you offer 0 threat to white nations so what will you do when you rise up and lose again? You are starting this war, you have no hope of winning it, so wf do you think will happen? Black jesus will come down and eradicate all the whites?

  22. "Found guilty of things they are not guilty of". Of course this means they are going to fight for poor black men too, right? 😕

  23. By making this about "white men" as against people in power, you alienate or help alienate part of 35pc of the population.

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