Laughter is the Best Medicine

The Very Funny Ken Jeong

– It really is amazing that
you’ve got all this going on all at the same time, and then you attended
the Golden Globes. I assume this is
your first time going? – Yeah, it was the first time. Me and my wife went,
and my wife’s also a doctor, you know,
and she still practices, so it wasn’t too long ago we’re,
like, at a Dave & Buster’s for a doctors only,
you know–you know, happy hour, and now we’re, like, you know, standing in a green room next
to Tom Hanks and Jamie Foxx. I saw John there.
It was amazing. It was beyond surreal. – It is crazy that
you used to be a doctor, your wife’s still a doctor,
and als–all you’ve, you know,
you’ve accomplished all this. – [laughs]
– Crazy. So, um, the show, “Dr. Ken,” tell everybody–it’s on tonight,
I believe. – Yes.
– Tell everyone what it’s about. – Oh, it’s loosely based on
my life as a doctor. I worked at an HMO as a general
practitioner for seven years, and it’s also loosely based on
my family life. I’m a married father of two,
and it really is just, um–it’s one of those things
in my career I just can’t even believe. You know, I have a whole show
based on my life, and it’s so much fun, and I’m one of
the exec producers too, so I’m really actively behind-the-scenes
involved in it. – Yeah, and your daughters
in real life, how old are they? – I don’t know.
I haven’t seen them in months. – Oh.
– So, I just–yeah. – [laughing]
– They are– [laughing] They’re eight years old. They’re eight–they’re
the love of my life. Alexa and, um…Zooey.
Yep. [both laughing] audience: Aww.
– Oh, yeah, yes yes. There they go.
– So, now, are your– and your dad…
– Yep. – I’m sure–so, he’s featured
on the show. – Yes.
– Is he, like–are they scared to say things around you?
– Oh, no, well, it’s–yeah, uh, my family gets–they get
a little nervous, but I always run everything
by my wife. Every creative decision
in “Dr. Ken”– even in “The Hangover,”
I ran that decision to jump out naked with my wife,
so–I did, and she actually said,
swear to God, she said, “It will be the
feel-good movie of the summer, because every guy will go home
feeling good about themselves. So, she said that, and approved. So, if she green-lit me doing
“The Hangover,” she’ll green-lit all
the story lines on “Dr. Ken,” so…
– Wow. – Yes, yeah.
– But so–but everything that, uh, that–you take
a lot of stuff from real life. – Yes, yeah, a lot of stuff
from real life. There was, uh, like–and
it’s wonderful, like, actually going over
with my wife some of these ideas ’cause she’s my biggest
inspiration to do this show,
and so–and it turned out when we got married we would go
to other friends, you know, who got married
at that, you know, at that similar time,
around ten/eleven years ago, and she would notice that I was, like–whenever we would go
to any wedding, I would–you know,
just like now, I would just dance my heart out, but I wasn’t
a good couples dancer. I was, like, a selfish dancer, so my wife would always
accuse me of being, like, you know,
“You know, you”–she says, “No, you think you’re
dancing with me, “but you’re really dancing
at me, so…” so, if there was anything
going on, like, we would do,
like, a couples dance, “Oh, this is really nice,”
[whooshes] and then…[singing]
That girl is poison [spoken]
You know, you know, like that, and there’d be,
like, a whole circle around, and then,
you just get carried away, and so–we did a whole episode.
– [chuckles] – We did a whole episode
based on that. Like, how Ken’s
a very very selfish dancer… – That’s hilarious.
– But he makes amends, yeah. – But you actually are
a good dancer. You have to be a good dancer
to do that.

100 thoughts on “The Very Funny Ken Jeong

  1. I watch his show once in a while, but his facial expressions and attitude are over the top for me. I wish he would tone it down some. 😟

  2. I love Ken he is my hero truly a great father funny a doctor super smart all around awesome guy!!! and his family is super cute too!! Luv u Ken!!!!! Luv u Ellen as well!

  3. this guy is a perfect example to show you, a man doesnt need to have a big penis to win in life. he is already bigger than alot of you who measure success with penis sizes.

  4. oh my gosh I need to be on Dr.Ken I'm also a Doctor just not a medical doctor lol please Netflix UK get this show!!!

  5. He and his daughter Zooey was in the music video boombox and Zooey say YOU DIDNT PAY ME ENOUGH TO SAY IT

  6. Finally, a funny good educated Asian man who is proud of his Asian wife and has a good marriage. I'd love to have the kind of relationship he has with his wife; one of love and support.

  7. The wya he talks about his wife, is how I want to be able to talk about my wife, much respect to this man. He is so down to earth, you can tell he is genuinely appreciative of his fans and the love he recieves

  8. Actually, as comedy being therapeutic, Ken is still being a doctor. Ellen too. This video must've been titled, "When Two Doctors Meet Up". 🙂

  9. He's more like a comedian than a doctor but in all seriousness he's very funny, i can't remember the last time i laughed this hard

  10. "You're dancing AT me"😂 His wife seems as funny as him man! And you can tell he's totally in love with her 😄 What a couple

  11. He’s an embarrassment to the asian race – promoting asian nerdiness and creating a rather laughable image.

    White males you’ll never relate….

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