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The Winner of Bring The Funny Is Announced (Finale)

-Judges, Kenan, Chrissy, Jeff, any final thoughts
before we reveal our winner? -You know what? All five of the acts
in the finale, fabulous. Fabulous should be
in this business making people laugh every night.
[ Cheers and applause ] Everybody.
-Excellent. Chrissy?
-[ Chuckles ] [ Laughter ] I’m really emotional.
[ Laughs ] -No, speak your mind.
-No, I was just thinking it’s just been so fun to see everybody put yourselves
out there for us, and it’s just such a selfles
job, and thank you, guys. Everybody, you two acts deserv
to be up there, of course, but everybody down here, too
you made me so happy. [ Applause ] It was the best job on Earth
I’m such a dork. I’m sorry [ Laughs ]
[ Cheers and applause ] -You are such a dork.
-[ Laughs ] -[ Indistinct ] -I mean, I understand
why she’s crying. You know, like, I feel like we
been on this journey togethe and we’ve arrived at this point. And, you know, it is unfortunate that there can only be
one winner, but I think you’re all winners
in my opinion. You know, I wish I could giv
you all the [indistinct]. [ Cheers and applause ] -Alright, it’s time
for the big reveal. Judges, I believe
the winning envelope is right in front of you. -Get it. Get it, get it,
get it, get it, get it. I’ll get it. Get it.
-I clearly am not doing it -No, come on. Do it. -No. I don’t want it. I can’t.
[ Laughs ] -I don’t want to do it.
-I’ll do it. I’m the old guy. I’ll do it.
-Alright. -I’m not scared.
-Who knew I had, like, emotions? -Right?
-Isn’t it so weird? -There’s —
There’s nothing in here. -What?
-Look. It’s empty. -You have to open the sides.
-Come on! [ Laughter ]
-You’re gonna break it. You broke it. Oh, she just broke —
-Okay. -Yeah, did y’all really thin I was gonna let you
announce the winner? Come on!
I’m the host of the show! [ Cheers and applause ] Y’all. [ Cheers and applause continue ] Alright.
-Oh, I can’t do it! -The winner of “Bring the Funny”
is… …the Valleyfolk! [ Cheers and applause ]

96 thoughts on “The Winner of Bring The Funny Is Announced (Finale)

  1. Elliott : Wait, really?
    Steve : Haha, are they crazy?
    Lee : Oh my God, Why?
    Joe : "Takes 1st deep breath since the creation of "The Valleyfolk"

  2. They did it! Ohhh I’m so proud of the valleyfolk. I’ve been a fan for such a long time, I love you all so much. Congrats 🎉🎈

  3. I’m legit crying. I’m so happy for the Valley Folk. They worked so hard. I’m so proud of them and all they’ve accomplished. Congratulations Valley Folk!!!

  4. Wtf seriously?????? Whyyyyyyy?????
    I never laughed even one chuckle when they were on each week.
    The single mom I laughed every week.

    And Im sorry but honestly they didmt even look too thrilled they won like they expected not to.

    I hope that mom gets a sign on in comedy central. Cause I'd pay to see her over them anyday

  5. well, it would have been a surprise if they didn't win (taking into account their AWESOME acts). I mean, the Smosh fam were rooting for them, there was no way they wouldn't have gotten the votes that led to them getting to the finale.

  6. I was completely surprised by the top two. I tht Ali and Chris and Paul would be top two based on the reactions from the judges. But they weren't voting so there ya go. Don't eat the cookies!

  7. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜☕📠💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  8. Wow. What an incredible journey this group has been on. I used to watch Table Talk before going to work back in 2013. So happy fo–What is that a coffee machine?

  9. Watching their reactions be so cute and awkward is funny cause it’s literally the way a normal genuine (and wonderful eek) person would react to winning a reality show, there’s none of that staged excitement bs

  10. I love the Valleyfolk so much!!! I’ve been watching them since 2013 on SourceFed! They deserve this so much… incredibly hard working, incredibly talented, and outrageously hilarious! ❤️

  11. lmao i don’t know what i expected to see when they won, maybe screaming, jumping around. but no, in extreme valley folk fashion, they stood around awkwardly

  12. I mean, there was a part of me that knew The Valleyfolk were going to win because they are in a similar circumstance to Cassadee Pope when she won The Voice: she already built up a following from her band "Hey Monday" which has disbanded but still she had weight to her name, she had a fanbase behind her.
    The Valleyfolk also had weight to them when Eliott, Joe, Lee, and Steve were part of SourceFed, myself included. Anyone can tell you that the SourceFed fanbase is an incredibly close-knit fanbase of individuals to the point of us not subscribing when NowThis swooped in and tried taking over posting the exact same content. We as a fanbase politely, and I mean to stress politely, told them to f*ck off.
    I am so happy for them, congrats Joe, Lee, Steve, and Elliot!

  13. What happens in Bring the Funny, stays in Bring the Funny. No, what happens in Bring the Funny is a crime where the funniest act gets runner-up.

  14. I'm proud of The Valleyfolk and Tacarra Williams, I have been rooting for the Valleyfolk to win this entire time but I am SO EXCITED to see what Tacarra does next!

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