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“Thermostat Wars” – Parody of “Cheerleader” by OMI | Millennial Moms | Laughing Moms

(lips kissing noise) (“Cheerleader” by OMI) ♫ When I’m cold in the winter ♫ My one solution is to turn up the heater ♫ Yeah, yeah ♫ Thermostat is down the hall there ♫ Hubby’s got it on a timer ♫ All these layers are so bulky ♫ But I’m freezin’ when
they’re gone and I say ♫ I’m so chilly ♫ Gonna turn up the heat ♫ Hubby laughs and says he’s sweating ♫ I’m like no that can’t be, ’cause ♫ Oh I’m feeling the start
of a snot stream here ♫ It’s so cold I think
I just saw a reindeer ♫ Oh it’s hypothermia that I fear ♫ Hubby’s sleeping now the coast is clear ♫ Like a penguin I waddle ♫ My only wish is a huge hot water bottle ♫ Yeah, yeah ♫ ‘Cause like Elsa I’m frozen
and I think I’m losing toes ♫ And my nose just keeps on dripping ♫ In this flipping temperature, and I say ♫ I’m so chilly ♫ Gonna turn up the heat ♫ Hubby laughs and says he’s sweating ♫ I’m like no, that can’t be, ’cause ♫ Oh I think I’m about to
be crowned Ice Queen here ♫ It’s so cold I’m gonna
cry some ice cube tears ♫ Oh this is ridiculous, hubby dear ♫ It’s so cold I can see my breath in here (instrumental interlude
of “Cheerleader” by OMI) ♫ Do you want my love and affection? ♫ Then I should mention
turn up the stinking heat ♫ Or you won’t get no action ♫ ‘Cause you need some heat
to make a chemical reaction ♫ So all you need to do is
just turn up the thermostat ♫ ‘Cause, Oh I’m dressed
in cold on winter gear ♫ I’m so cold it’s like
a deep freezer in here ♫ Oh licking spoons is
something I’m starting to fear ♫ Turn up the heat don’t
make me use this icicle spear (instrumental interlude
of “Cheerleader” by OMI) – Hey everybody, we are the
Laughing Moms, I’m Alisha. – And I’m Eden. – We had so much fun making this parody and are so glad the other Millenial Moms were able to join us. And if you wanna check
out more of our parodies, click on the link in the
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