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These DUTCH WORDS sound FUNNY to foreigners!  #2

Kontje… That means… eh… your bum… The ‘je’ on the end makes it cute or small. So, I guess when you say ‘kontje’ It’s… It’s a very interesting idea that you guys have diminutives. And then you can turn everything cute: ‘biertje’, ‘koekje’ ‘toetje’ ‘cadeautje’, ‘meisje’ For me, the diminutives are very sweet and funny. It’s a very Dutch thing. I think ‘poffertjes’ (=small pancakes) is funny, because it describes what it is… It’s like a ‘puff’… ‘puff’ little thing. I think it’s cute. I like all words with ‘G’. And they use it a lot. ‘grappige’ (=funny) ‘grappige’ because I like the sound… ‘graag gedaan’ (=it’s a pleasure) Say that quickly ‘graag gedaan’ and they normally give you a strange look like wow… You need to learn these sounds. ‘Verschrikkelijk’ (=terrible) I like the sounds ‘G’… ‘SCH’… also words that have vowels or diphthongs that are for me typically Dutch. ‘tuin’, ‘vliegtuig’ I like the look of the whole language when it’s written down. Because you have to have so many A’s and so many O’s and so many K’s… Not like ours. ‘ongeoorloofd’ which is unlawful and it has 5 O’s in it. Rij jij of rij ik? It’s several words. I saw it on a sign. It’s: R-I-J J-I-J O-F R-I-J I-K? So a lot of I’s and J’s… But it really means: ‘Are you driving or am I?’ I don’t know how you play scrabble. What I found funny about the Dutch language is that you put words together. One word that really sticks in my mind was: ‘handschoenen’ If you take each part of this word separately. It’s ‘hand’ (=hand) and then ‘schoenen’ (=shoes) so: the shoes for your hands. That’s really funny. ‘Pindakaas’ which is peanut butter but ‘kaas’ is cheese so it’s not peanut butter it’s peanut cheese so you can’t literally translate the Dutch language. ‘huisarts’ is kind of funny It’s just like my logical mind trying to translate it easily. So I thought that ‘huisarts’ is: house of arts but it appears to be: doctor. That doesn’t make sense. ‘Echt?’ (=really?) Hèhè… Oh, I love that! Hèhè… It’s so… It’s like from the inside. like it just… hèhè… Yes, it’s true. It’s like this sensory feedback. It just feels so good. Hèhè, and then they reply… Hhuhhuhh… I really like the word ‘doei’. No matter how… Yeah… ‘doei’ You pronounce the ‘i’ long… Doeiiiii… Oh, that’s so beautiful! I like ‘hoor’ a lot. When you guys say that… ‘jahoor’ (=yes indeed) ‘jazeker’ (=yes sure) ‘echt zo’ (=really) People don’t say ‘natuurlijk’ (=of course) but they say ‘tuurlijk’… like everything is OK… ‘tuurlijk’.. ‘Echt waar?’ (=is that true?) Almost all animal names are funny or sweet in some way. Like ‘spin’ (=spider) or ‘schildpad’ (=turtle) or ‘neushoorn’ (=rhinoceros) that all of them have a descriptive name is beautiful. For me ‘kakkerlak’ is very funny. ‘Kakkerlak’ ‘Kakkerlak’ (=cockroach) It doesn’t seem so disgusting as cockroach. It’s ‘kakkerlak’… It’s like… It sounds… eh… funny! ‘Schatje’ The meaning is: darling but it sounds to me like killing people. ‘Darling I love you’ is: ‘Schatje, ik hou van jou!’ Oh… sorry, sorry… ‘Kop op!’ (=cheer up) It’s a funny word. I like the sound. It gives you the idea: OK, cheer up! ‘Paraplu’ (=umbrella) I find it funny, because… What is ‘paraplu’? You say ‘paraplu’… I don’t find any reason with saying ‘paraplu’. I like the word ‘schaamstukje’ which means: shame piece. So, when Dutch people organise a party they serve many pieces of cheese or something. The remaining one piece is ‘schaamstukje’. I really like this one. We were learning about relationships and I asked my teacher how to say a long distance relationship… and the word is absurd: ‘langeafstandsrelatie’ or something. I would be never able to say that casually. ‘Ik heb een afstands… lang… relatie…’ Like… what?

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  1. Not super funny but I love the way numbers between 20-100 are pronounced. It sounds old-fashioned when translated to English: vijfentwintig, achtentachtig, tweeënzeventig.

    And it's in my favorite tongue twister! Achtentachtig prachtige Oegstgeestse grachten.

  2. T is zo grappig om dit te kijken, alle woorden worden anders als je het zelf nog eens uit spreekt

  3. As Dutchie I laugh so hard🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🇳🇱🇳🇱

  4. joh love dit hahaha
    meisje: lonke afstoands rrulatie
    me: zegt drie keer gewoon normaal 'lange afstands relatie' en vraagt zich af waarom zij dat niet kan zeggen

  5. 0:25
    Ik kom ook uit Portugal xD maar ik kan tenminste wel goed nederlands en engels XDD grapjee ik wil niet gemeen lijken ofzo die mensen zijn ook redelijk goed in het uitspreken van woorden :3

  6. Hallo ik woon in belgie daar praten we nederlands it means hello i live in belgum ther we speak dutch

  7. I like how you can clearly see that some of these learned Flemish and some learned actual Dutch, like in the Netherlands

  8. This vid is realy offensive. As a Dutch I have not got a clue what dutch words they are talking about. But we know Evilgelics are there. Hail Satan

  9. Maybe they should try to say this:
    Mentale molestatie van intolerante lantefanters worden gekoloniseerd omdat zij kokosnoten in plaats van specerijen retourneerden aan Jan Pieterszoon-Coen, die overigens niks verkeerds gedaan heeft, en omdat ze Spanjolen als Balthasar Gerards hielpen aan een arbeidsongeschiktheidsverzekeringsuitkering te komen.

  10. I don’t get how putting two words together is special/weird though. I mean we do it in english to with for example sunglasses

  11. They like the "G". I'm surprised with that, but then again I'm from Belgium and everyone here finds the Dutch G weird

  12. “Paraplu” is borrowed from the French “parapluie” meaning something that “wards off” or “protects against” the rain.

  13. Spanish have and use alot of diminutives, event for salutes, u can make cute everithing or ugly with augmentatives

  14. Okay so people who don’t speak Dutch have difficulties with the g

    Try saying this: het erg gekke grietje gooide de gele gebakjes weg

    Edit: it means the really crazy girl throws the cupcakes away

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