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31 thoughts on “These Jokes Are So Modern, You Might Even Not Get Some

  1. You should rename your youtube channel from "Funny Humor" to "Crappy Tumor", because your videos are cancer. See ? This is a modern joke

  2. 2:13 this is why I text my parents instead of having a group chat. At least only one will be roasting me at a time.

  3. This isn't modern, dammit, all of these read like they were written by middle aged parents trying to look cool to their kids.

  4. I hate Uber. It makes me feel so fucking unsafe. When I was thirteen I went to New York with my dad for spring break. We took an Uber everywhere and every time I would always ask for an Uber pool because being around other people made me feel safe.

  5. Ok the last few really made me angry. Who thinks of that as funny. The weird jokes you get from tv comedians are better wth

  6. … me and my bff used to both have the shirt from the thumbnail and we would wear them every friday. Kill me please.

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