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that joint was a little dot right there
little dot then that joint said Shoot over to the middle Joint when she replacing
bmw whole piece gotta come off this take this whole piece off Oh yes it did putting in work easy as
one-two-three convertibles ain’t got no glass you know
what I’m saying some people ride with a convertible I’m
out here with no blades that’s how we doing at 9:19 you just take the
windshield off and right I’ll just come Oh let me show y’all just crack I already
got the insurance company gonna tighten it up footing look at it get John was a
little dot right dude we were done then that John said soup all over to the
middle chunk it’s all good baby got good insurance and got money so goo the
baby’s heart dollar deductible yeah instead of eighteen hundred dollars may
dream come true around here man we’ll be doing man whose name

3 thoughts on “THEY CRACKED MY BMW I8 WINDSHIELD! How to REPLACE I8 windshield

  1. I had a crack in my windshield a few months ago. It started above the rear view mirror, right next to the roof line, and as it traveled toward the GPS, it forked in two different directions, towards the A pillars where the doors were mounted. No indication of an impact, so the dealer replaced it under warranty as a stress crack. I think the doors eventually pulled so much on the windshield it created the crack. I've seen the same crack posted by other i8 owners on the Bimmerpost forum. At first, I assumed your crack was the same but it looks like yours was due to an impact. I'm glad you had a good deductible. After my crack, I changed my deductible so I wouldn't need to pay so much out of pocket. I had a higher deductible to reduce the premium, but it only made sense to get the lower deductible. Glad you were covered! This glass is thin and we can expect more cracks.

  2. Have been doing ecom for virtual goods since 6th grade. Im in 9th now and I just have launched some stores for real products. Im looking positively and trying to get the i8 when i turn 18. Keep up the vids tho. New sub

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