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This Instagram Comedian Needs Help (TrackaBangBang Reaction)

What’s up guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new here. Hello. How are you? And if you’re coming back hello How are you? It’s good to see you again Do you see what happens when you subscribe? You get a whole other greeting, press subscribe button for an extra greeting Well, I don’t I fucking need a haircut Jesus Christ. Jesus don’t I? “Yes you do.” Today We’ve got a video and this isn’t just any video. Okay? This is monumental, really. So I got Instagram, you know Um I’m on there sometimes and I see these people that are trying really hard to be funny and they call themselves Instagram comedians. Dude, like still it’s crazy how like no one has talked about these people before but I think it’s time that we addressed this and Really just get to the bottom of it and just you know what, just see what they’re all about sarcasm *laugh track* Wow, good joke dude. I don’t know why these Instagram comedians keep making these videos, you know And there’s only so much you can do with that format. Guy cheated on girlfriend, but you got a hide – you got to like make sure your girl doesn’t find out. Adultery. Lol, ha. No, that’s fucking funny – Wait. Oh wait, you can’t be trusted and you’re not loyal? LOL my guy. Why does adultery sound like a soft rock band? Thank you. We’ve been Adultery, cheat on your wives! They’re English for some reason. But folks, we got – ow! – dude, why did that hurt SO much? I have the thinnest hands ever. Wow, skinny legends these are. Someone sent me this Instagram account and, um Folks we’re in for a goddamn ride Hey, I can’t tell if this Instagram account is an Instagram account, or a gosh dang roller coaster, dude Because every time I’m on I’m like, okay. Well, this is a ride, isn’t it? Cuz that’s what you say when you’re on a roller coaster. You don’t scream or have fun You just say “well, this is a ride.” Okay, so their name is TrackaBangBang. Public figure, obviously. Director. Action director. Pretty redundant, just say director. Chef. Food chef. Currently in Los Angeles. YouTube. Just put: Director. L.A. YouTube. There you go. You know simplifying fractions? I’m simplifying bios, baby. I’m a mathematician now. We’re gonna go through his page because it’s really something else, but I want to show you the video that I first saw from Jordan Tracka, and it’s fucking crazy. So let’s give it a watch. The classic catch-22, you know You know when your girl is like, “isn’t that girl beautiful?” and you’re like, “my girlfriend is setting me up in a trap, dude” “Because because our relationship is a constant battle between us, and we don’t get along so we do this to get at each other.” “You see, and so we can always one-up each other, because we’re both unhappy and that’s the only way we communicate with each other LOL Jesus Christ, man. Holy shi – *dies* So this is the premise: Two girls. The one girl was a friend, the girlfriend’s Like hey, isn’t she nice and pretty? and he’s like no matter what I say My girlfriend is gonna abuse me, so I’m gonna kill her, and not only kill her but tie her up put her in the back of a trunk and explode the car. And not only that, but put on sunglasses as you’re walking away and with a beat drop. When people put on sunglasses and walk away from explosion, it’s to be like “yeah, I fucking finally did it it’s crazy it’s done” “What a cruel a fight that was.”But all that happened was your girlfriend asked your opinion on someone so you blew her up, dude. ♪ Cool guys don’t look at explosions ♪ ♪ They blow things up and then walk away ♪ So that’s who we’re looking at today, I’m very curious to see what people are commenting on this I’m gonna hope that it’s “hey, this is crazy. That’s-” “This is um, uh oh, this is a big Uh Oh, buddy.”
“Happen all the time with me. You know, I’m married.”
Married life, you know? Nothing like hitting detonate on your bae *laughs* Date night? More like detonate night. *Explosion sound* That was a stupid joke. Sorry. Just such a fucking weird premise. Like first off, the whole premise is hack. It’s done – It’s been done fucking millions of times by these Instagram “Comedians”, or fucking “Action Directors”, or whatever they are and then second of all – wha – what you did with the punch line It’s just downright scary and murderous. Okay, so this one is called “Stereotypical breakup issues – Asian girl is the best. *cry face emoji.” First off. Let’s take a look at this thumbnail Ah – Holy shit. The time for subtlety is just fucking out the door. We’re done that. “I’m an action director, here’s an ass.” Fuckin’ top-notch dude breaking up over text, you know? First off I want to say, uh, that fucking girl is Nicole Arbour So. We all remember her. The one who was like, “Hey fat people are – are – they should fucking die.” “Dear fat people, what are you gonna do fat people? What are you gonna do? What – What are you gonna chase me?” Remember that? That’s her, now she’s in Instagram comedy. Fat people parking spots should be at the back of the mall parking lot It’s funny how the world works. And then the rest is just, you know, just fucking bla- It’s just blatant racism, you know. The Spanish girl is you know yelling in Spanish and stuff the black girl is yelling at him and stuff – cuz you know these, you know girls are just crazy, you know? You’re like relax, all I did was break up with you over text message, dude. That has never happened in the history of breakups. You break up with someone and then they’re like. “Well, you’re gonna miss this ass” and then you twerk for them? He says in the – in the caption “Asian girl is the best.” Haha. Let’s wait for that one. What the fuck was that? “Once you go Asian, it’s a no exit situation.” Was he trying to rhyme? That doesn’t really even rhyme, really. Still doesn’t make it okay, even if it did rhyme. What the fuck was that? What was that? Hey, hey, what the fuck that I just watch? I usually have something to say about everything I see but I literally I’m baffled by that. Let’s go in the comments and see what people are saying about this awesome video.
“Get it girl, that’s how you do it” *clapping track*
Yes fucking poison your boyfriend. Fucking commit murder. Yes. Slay. Literally, slay him. This is a good one, “I really don’t like this account”
You and me both dude. Next video is called “How to keep your girlfriend in love” – that’s a classic problem everybody has and you know, the first thing you should do is go to an Instagram comedian to find out how. Okay, hold on real quick if you want to keep your girlfriend in love, probably shouldn’t be wearing a fucking Majora’s Mask fitted cap, dude.
*laughing* *coughing fit* It’s a great video game but fucking not on a hat, dude. *gunshot sound effect* *gunshot sound effect* *rapid fire* That’s how you keep her girlfriend in love. You uh, mislead her, make her very sad so sad that she needs to leave and then you’re like, “No, what I said before – we should like – I’m saying it because like, I, because I like love you.” So much. You get it?” You know, I could have just said yeah. I love you. It’s great. You’re amazing But nah, wanted to make you sad for a sec, bang bang. Alright, let’s take a look at one more cuz that’s probably all I can take before I start shoving (what) my head through this wall behind me. So, let’s just take a look at this one, Okay, so she comes in asking for a sandwich, cuz she’s hungry and um It goes into the classic dilemma situation that, we’ve seen before where he doesn’t know what to do. Let’s let’s see what he picks. What is the worst that could happen if I make a sandwich? What’s the worst that could happen if I made my girlfriend a sandwich? *COUGH* This is like really concerning. Do I – ? Do something for my girlfriend? Nah, no, that’s crazy. What the fuck? What? “Dude I fucking told you dude, he’s – he IS a good boyfriend. I fucking told you! What a piece of shit.” “I bet he sits down when he pees” Implying that he has a vagina, dude. Because he’s a woman. Only women are nice, and boys are mean Give me a man to punch. You’re lying to yourself if you’ve never sat down to pee. Dude, sometimes I wake over the morning I don’t want to fucking stand up and pee. Dude I’ll fucking pop a squat. Especially if you’re pooping dude. Are you gonna poop, Finish your poo, stand up, turn around and pee and be like, “yep “This is what men do.” If peeing while pooping makes me a girl. Well, then call me Jessica (♪ Perfect day ♪) All right So embarrassing, he buys all her tampons, dude? That must mean he has – the is – he has a period, dude That’s so embarrassing to buy something for your girlfriend that she needs because of nature, dude. Whoa. *fighting noises + censor beeps* *laugh track* Obviously, when asked if he can make a sandwich for his girlfriend, he beat the shit out of his friends and his girlfriend. Classic dude.
Hey, babe. Can – can you run to the store for me, and get – and get me some some uh cough medicine? I’m sick. Yeah, I just gotta go fight – I just gotta go fight my friend first, and then ultimately you, and then not get your medicine. Because I don’t sit down when I pee! I don’t, all right? Who wants to fucking fight? That’s this guy’s answer to everything If you have a crazy dilemma – which isn’t that crazy, could’ve just fucking made her a sandwich But hey, if you have any sort of dilemma where your fragile masculinity could be compromised, you either kick the shit out of your friends or Detonate your BAE. Okay, I know So many people have um made videos about Instagram comedians. I don’t think there’s – that should ever stop Okay until they’re done making that bullshit on there. Um, this needs to keep happening Okay? People need to be calling this shit out because it’s bad. It’s so bad and you realize how like that guy – the guy, like the man, the fucking, like the fuck – the fucking man, dude He’s he’s always in the right, no matter what in the video He’s always – he’s always right, and the girls are always hysterical, crazy. Even when he’s blowing, like, a girl up he’s like, “I’m fucking cool dude, check out my fucking sunglasses dude”, and then people laughing at that shit and they’re like “yeah, dude girls are crazy dude, like I’m -” “Guys are always right!” It’s subconscious but if people keep seeing shit like that, it’s gonna affect the way they see relationships and it’s not a good way to go about Relationships. If your girlfriend wants a sandwich, you make her a sandwich, dude And then she’ll make you a sandwich and then she’ll be like, “Hey,” “this is for the time you made me one. Cuz, you know we love each other.” I don’t know, man It’s just fucking – it’s weird, it’s lazy, it’s hack, It’s stupid. And this guy has obviously has some Video-making expertise. You have all this money to spend on equipment and stuff. Spend that money on anger-management classes relationship counseling and Hire, like, a comedy writer who knows how to just write a joke. One that doesn’t end with you know, exploding a woman Just a thought. I mean, what do I know? I probably fucking sit down when I pee All right, that’s gonna be it for this video. Leave a comment if you want to see some more explosive videos like this one And press the like button if you enjoyed it, and also don’t forget to press the subscribe button, dude You can’t forget about that one, you get an extra greeting with every video if you subscribe So that’s pretty amazing. And I make videos every week, and they’re just the most fun, dude Also check the description for all my stuff: my Patreon, my podcast, my Twitter, Instagram, all that fun stuff It’s all in the description, so check it out if you would want to see more content from me Other than that, keep it real and never make a sandwich for your girlfriend. See ya (Fuck yeah) (Bang Bang) Alright see ya. Hey guys. Thank you so much for watching the video If you want to see more from me Just click on some videos on the screen there and don’t forget to press that subscribe button. Alright. Peace out. Hopefully I’ll see you around.

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  6. the vid where the guy rejects his girlfriend to make her sad (the second or third one, i think?),, what he's doing can actually be perceived as a form of manipulation/mental abuse called gaslighting. what he does is just an example of the many ways an abuser constantly tells lies and contradicts themselves so that their partner begins to question what is and isn't the truth, and eventually questions their own sanity.

  7. 8:32 I'm crying not at the fact that he didn't love her but at the fact ZAYN'S music was played in this mistake of a video

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  14. Maybe I'm blowing things out of proportion, but these "comedy" videos feel like they're unintentionally priming children for abuse. Like, these are literally the thought processes of an abuser. For example, "gf asks me to do something and it makes me Mad, so I physically attack everyone around me until I'm not mad anymore, and then she'll learn to not ask me to do things or make me mad anymore."

    This is how an abuser acts and thinks, and its very scary to see 10-12 year olds being led to believe its a normal way to think and behave(or a normal thing to put up with)

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  18. The one about misleading her emotions makes me feel kinda guilty because I used to do that shit as a kid, because I was scared people didn't like me and I was a fucking sadist.

    Thankfully, I grew out of it

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