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THIS IS AMERICA 2 | Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos

Jack: H e l l o *thing: “hello!”* Jack: Yes, and welcome back to “Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos™” more like jacks funnies’nt home videos It’s me your dad… *awkward silence* We’re all very worried about you. Okay, please come home. Alright, stay at home for a change StOp GoInG oUt WiTh bAd PeOpLe, s t a y a t h o m e And watch Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos. *Pops from the abyss of hell* As always My tiny little elves have been out there on the internet. My tiny little leprechauns as people want me to call them N o They’re my elves. They’re tiny, and they build and they make them… funny memes and they send them to me and then I can Unpackage them and show them all to you at home *stares deep into your soul* right straight to your eyeballs Remember how you used to sit in front of the TV at home all the time? Watching “Honey– Funniest Home Videos?” “Honiest Foam Videos™” Sure, let’s go with that! Jack off-screen: fuckin idiot But let’s face it I chuckle at everything (you dont chuckle you die from laughter) You could show me a picture of a chicken and a ball ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and I’d probably laugh at that for no reason! Other than the fact that I know it’s stupid. RRRRRRROOOOLL T h e v i d e o. Last time we had a video that was “Let me hear your war cry” and it was a Jacksepticeye screaming video Those are always hilarious. Brilliant. This one is also called “Let me hear your war cry” so I have no idea what to expect out of this one. Oh No OH NO Gee-no! I hate this! What- no I hate this! It’s supposed to be Funniest Home Videos. Why are you guys sending me this creepy shit?! *Nightmare fuel* That’s–no, that’s that’s gonna be a big nope for me Jerry. No, thank you! Video: Hey Megan *Pug screaming* *Jack laughs* Oh my God. Video: Hey Megan. Hey. *Pug screaming intensifies* YES! Oh Yes, screaming dogs are one of my favorite things. It’s so unnatural They sound so human, it thinks it’s people, it thinks it’s jacksepticeye mixed with R2-D2 Hey Megan *Pug screaming* If you? Wait close your eyes and just listen to the second part of this. It… it sounds like a child *Jack replays the video* It sounds just like a kid! *Jack imitates the video* Maybe…maybe I’m a dog in another life, cause I… I relate very heavily to these things *animal sounds* Oh my god! *Jack laughs* Do it again Do it again! I wanna hear it again! *animal sounds* *Jack laughs* It looks like the goat out of Goat Simulator! *Jack’s goat impression* This is just like the screaming pug again *animal sounds* *starts laughing* *Jack’s goat impression again* What’s it trying to say? Does anybody out there speak goat? What’s the goat trying to say? What’s it trying to communicate to the people? Maybe the goat has the secret answers to the world! It’s like “don’t go outside on the fifteenth the world is gonna end”, but I’m just sitting here laughing at it The goat has the knowledge Jack: *reading the video title* “Airport workers need fun, too” Oh my- *Jack laughs* Yeah! Look at him so happy! *Jack laughs* Aww! I love seeing that..that’s one of my favorite things in the world. When people celebrate – like over celebrate the littlest things He just threw – well, this is not a little thing But I like the way they celebrated. This is a pretty big deal. I would be very happy if I was able to accomplish that Also, that was a lot like the fortnight dab I mean, it just looks like a regular dab, but who the fuck is calling me?! I’m busy! I’m in the middle of recording very funny video… Stop it! Okay. Now I’ve seen this already But I had to put it in I…Somebody sent me this and I…I found it or maybe it was just on my recommended page. This is amazing. This is America um… There’s a new YouTube music web player. I don’t fucking care! This is called this is America two. It’s made by flying kitty Very very funny video and I just I have to share it with the world This is jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos, but playing kitty did amazing with this *Jack laughs* This must have taken so long to edit This is so good *Jack laughs* That’s a cream *Jack laughs* Some of this is so good *Jack laughs* *Jack laughs* *Jack laughs* *Jack laughs* Jack: Imma go fuck a gorilla! Look at this shit…oh my god. *Jack laughs* *Jack laughs* *Jack laughs* Country country conser conser conser conser. Oh *Jack laughs* Oh my god, that’s Well done! That is fucking incredible, I love that video so much That wasn’t like…a lot of that is really like just over the top memes but even that that must have taken you hours and hours and hours to make *Jack laughs* Yeah, smash me Sonic fan frickin Fricks up the fight *Jack laughs* Does he shove a remote up his ass? Yay! Donald’s back! The smash bros – he’s S tier *Jack laughs* By the way… this is I… love that video that-that Power Hour where they do the-the mouth thing? This section where Arin’s doing this like eating, jus-what you just saw That is like my favorite like 20 seconds of GameGrumps they have ever uploaded because I… I’ve never laughed harder than when I saw that part in that video and then Somebody did like a content aware scaled version of it as well. It’s so good! Oh my god I love that video as well *Jack laughs* Send your souls to Sesame Street *Jack laughs* The smash memes are really good! Oh– don’t…oh (gross) Don’t do it – ew! Aaaah! Ah- no! Oh shit there’s a new challenger, y’all Fucking Felix. Meme review, meme review! Welcome back everybody to meme review. YouTube’s favorite show. Have you guys bought the new merch yet?! Walmaaaaaart! Alexa, this is so sad. Can we hit 50,000 likes- Can we get jack spidicey, green PewDiePie to host LouI The people all want it! The people need it! Wouldn’t that just be the same as Felix hosting it .. in a lot of people’s eyes? Felix: I have an army of sixty million subscribers! Returning Veteran! Unleashes nine-year-old armygeddon SS+ tier, holy God. Felix is gonna destroy everybody. Get me in there! Get Jack for Smash! JacksFilms send me in I’m ready. I can I… can beat up the competition – I can “Top Of the Morning” the competition. *Jack reads the video title* Jacksepticeye ignores crying fan? Oh no, this is gonna be really cringy, isn’t it? Oh god dog beef. What did you do? Video: Adele the singer, has over 16 million subscribers This was when I was on the Late Late Show earlier in the year. Video: the next guy you’re about to meet an Irish fellow has over 18 subscribers *Jack laughs * GreenPewdiepie420 *Jack laughs* That’s good. He has over 18 subscribers Video: has over 18 subscribers this is what he does. *Cue Jack’s April Fools Video* He’s not wrong – that is what I do! *Jack screaming* Video: Oh you might not have heard of them, but to millions he’s kind of a big deal would you give a welcome please to Shaun McLaughlin also known as- He said my name right. Video: JackSepticEye, ladies and gentleman! *Jack laughs* *Jack laughs* Oh, that’s so good! Oh – no! *Jack laughs* *Jack laughs* It’s so awkward! Oh, make it end! No! *Jack is distressed* Video: Where’s Adam? Adam Mooney? He’s here–. Hi Adam Adam in Video: Hi *Jack laughs* Showed up to say “hi” Video: You’re fourteen and you’re from Wicklow and you have a question. Adam in Video: uh… yeah, um- do you have any advice On like people starting Youtube channels that can’t get more subscriber-subscribers to their Channel? Jack in Video: I Don’t know if I should say or not. *laughs* Video: you could try Jack in video: uh no I-I’ll keep that under raps *Jack laughs* Oh, this is so well edited! Oh no! Oh no! No! That’s not me! *Jack in video laughs* Oh no! That’s so mean! oooh If any of you didn’t see the original interview, by the way, I Was very nice. I went and hugged the the girl and everything. This makes it look much worse than it was that was good though that Was really good. I liked that a lot Oh Dog beef good shit. I’ve seen a lot of those videos of their like the Like where everything gets super quiet and nobody’s doing anything and I always cringe super hard at them cause I can’t do that I can’t live in that like Awkward silence sort of face. It makes my body all like curl up. I hate it. That was good. *Jack laughs* Oh my god it has 14,000 dislikes Jesus Christ. Guys It’s okay to joke about these things the original interview was great and lovely and I loved it and it was a really fun time to do but it’s okay to make Fun of stuff every now and then. Yeah, we don’t take ourselves too seriously out here., *Jack laughs* (mockingly) Oh my go- *Jack laughs* Jesus Christ What the hell did this guy do? There’s a chopper and everything *Jack laughs* they ain’t catching him God the straggler, that is so comedic What the hell, what did-what did that guy do? How many cars was that? It was all those cars and a chopper chasing this guy and he was not even traveling that fast But they ain’t catching him. Holy shit. They catching him. What if he’s still out there? Wonder if that guy is still out there driving away and Somewhere someone somewhere is filming him going. Holy shit. They catching him. Oh, no It’s kids kids kids are gonna break me kids doing silly. Shit is the thing. That makes me laugh the most *Jack laughs* Aww he took it in his stride Aww no*Jack laughs* Oh she knows Jesus Christ Aww She’s so cute Aww no you can’t scar them Like that some of them…it’s crazy to see the reactions out of them It says a lot about the kids mentalities at the time when some of them are just like yay, I love this Maybe they’ll grow up to be Psychopaths. Who knows? But… Aww that last boy (imitating boy) ‘no’ ‘No’ *Jack laughs* When you see Logan Paul in trending No No No, all right folks that’s all the time we have for on this episode of Jacksepticeye’s Funniest Home Videos. If you see my elves out there, my little leprechauns running around, give them some videos Give them the things that make you laugh because the things that make you laugh would probably make me laugh and then we can all Laugh together because at the end of the day, it’s all about having fun and spreading positivity But as you’re dad, seriously, please come home. We miss you Good night everybody! (I realized most of the subtitles are jack laughing)

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  1. Working at airport and i can relate to that, nice to see that im not the only one doing that shit. Well done bro ../

  2. 2:27 its saying "END MY SUFFERING,KILL ME, I DONT HAVE ANYTHING TO LIVE FOR!!!" That is basically what the goat is saying.

  3. alright i get scared easily and may or may not have cried at the beginning, but jacks reaction made me laugh after a while so that’s good

  4. I, a goat speaker, have determined that he, at first was saying, hiI'm Billywhatisyourname? Very excitedly. After the human moaning he said ouoaouwhataverynice- oh. Are you okay are you? PLEASE DON'T BARF ON ME!!

  5. Actually I do speak gout he says uuuummm this ones hard haha umm oh he said why are you filming me wait AAAAHHHHHHHH

  6. Its saying sub to jacksepceye he is the beast and please do melee kindergarten 2 I have been eating for number 4

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