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This is Stephen Hawking’s Last Inspiring Message to Humanity | Goalcast

became clear something was not quite right with me I fell over and had great difficulty getting up again my mother realized something was wrong and took me to a doctor I spent weeks in Bert’s hospital and had many tests they never actually told me what was wrong but I guessed enough to know it was pretty bad in fact the doctor who diagnosed me washed his hands of me and I never saw him again he felt that there was nothing that could be done at first I became depressed I seem to be getting worse pretty rapidly there didn’t seem any point working on my PhD because I didn’t know if I would live long enough to finish it I had come to Cambridge to do cosmology and cosmology I was determined to do then the condition develop more slowly and I began to make progress in my work after my expectations had been reduced to zero every new day became a bonus and I began to appreciate everything I did have and there was also a young woman called Jane who might had met at a party getting engaged lifted my spirits and I realized while there’s life there is hope there are many ambitious experiments land for the future we will map the positions of billions of galaxies and we will better understand our place in the universe but we must also continue to go into space for the future of humanity I don’t think we will survive another house and years without escaping beyond our fragile planet it has been a glorious times of Neil life doing research in theoretical physics the fact that we humans who are ourselves mere collections of fundamental particles of nature have been able to come as close to an understanding of the governing us in our universe is a great triumph and I’m happy if I had made a small contribution I want to share my excitement and enthusiasm about this quest so remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist be furious and however difficult life may seem there is always something you can do and succeed at it matters that you don’t just give up well there’s life there’s hope [Music] you

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  2. Amazing to me is that people tell him he's a hero and have no idea what he actually did except saying "he's a genius physicist"

  3. If the world leaders would unite and listen to this man on putting aside piety differences for the sake of propelling humanity forward we'd all be in a better place

    But whatever it's not like we can only move As fast as our slowest person :/

  4. His phd sparked evedientual debate that there is a god but this bothered him and his obssesion with god caused him to try and disprove god the rest of his life.
    enstein said its 2 ways to live life.
    You live like everything in life is a miracle and special or you can live like as if its not.

  5. For atheists (no offence no offence no offemce) so you guys don’t believe in afterlife and souls right, doesn’t that bother you to think that you are an empty soulless purposeless ape.again no offence

  6. A lot of people have said this already, but it's hard to even fathom he's gone. Like, he was so beyond us that it's like he's omnipotent in a weird way.

  7. I see some edgelords in this section who dare say things as, and I quote: "it's funny cuz he suffered as he died"
    I am dissapointed such trolls exist…
    But this man truly was a blessing, and those people who dare say that, once more prove that humanity does not deserve such great and enlightened thinkers

  8. This is honestly heartbreaking. It's really hard to believe he is still gone… Rest in piece.. You will be remembered.

  9. Of all the contributions this man gave to the world of science, his greatest gift to us all was his message of hope. "Where there is life, there is hope."

  10. Devoting your life for the good of humanity, not a country or a people but for the good of all mankind. Is there a more noble cause?

  11. Gets teary eyes while listening to such brilliant and kind words…
    Im not crying. You are crying

    Leave me alone. I got a fragile soul.

  12. This guy didn’t change anything. He has no idea what he’s talking about and just makes up random statements and opinions everyone believed. 95% of the stuff he said was inaccurate or fake.

  13. all of scientis or fameous physicist
    there nothing special but the one that only makes them special is beeing courius there courios into something and that made them a very special

  14. "And however bad life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at" – Thank you Hawking, you've been an inspiration to millions, sir.
    Rest in peace. The world will always remember you. ❤️

  15. The biggest question of my life:
    What happening after death?
    Where we will go?
    If God does not exist what we will do?
    What if all people dies??
    I need answers please

  16. My pastor at home, after Hawking died, stated "I don't think, that Haeking went to heaven, because he was and atheist." Back then, I didn't really said anything… now… I regret that…

  17. Funny how a book questioning how Hawking managed to live 40 years longer than the max lifespan of 5 years. He then suddenly dies hmm Hawking despised poljtics yet was oft found engaging the public with political discourse.

  18. THIS is a role model. Not the people posting abs, pouts and butts as YouTube clickbait. RIP sir. This generation will never see a legend like you.

  19. Our hope may not lie in this universe. It's quite possible it's just a wrinkle in time an illusion that this is all there is. It's quite possible this is known by others who use technology to hide here in this wrinkle to escape the inevitable, or truth of what lies beyond our short lives. Death of the body is proof of what I'm saying. Don't live in fear but look past your horizon. ..there's much more to come😑

  20. Its like the wizard of oz. Puppets to the elite. Pull the curtain back and see the LIES.
    Wish I could ask him why we cant go back to the moon after 50 years and 2019 technologies. I smell BS.

  21. I can’t believe that we have finally got a picture of a black hole, and one of the most intelligent people in the history of our planet, a man who has made amazing contributions to science, will never be able to see it.

    RIP Stephen Hawking

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