Laughter is the Best Medicine

50 thoughts on “This is Why Dads are Awesome | Funny Dad Videos

  1. Rewatch the "i farted" clip! I'm not trying to take away from how wholesome this is but uh…did anyone see…something, erm, strange popping up when the girl said she farted???😶

  2. Seeing the kid eat butter reminds me of me, my parents and grandparents have found me eating raw hard green handsoap, butter, pure lemon drop bottles, and also one time sharing a whole bottle/1 litre of fish oil with the cat. Maybe thats why i cant drink fishoil anymore.

  3. 1:12 ohhhhh noooo wtf was that ????😯😯😯 His D**K ???????
    How they didn't notice when they shared this clip ??? FFS

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