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This Restaurant Is Actually a Sex Cult

(upbeat music) (elegant music) (fire blowing) (butter melting) The first time I made Lub, I was 15 years old and it was with a boy in my class named Toby. We were at a bonfire on the beach, and we snuck away behind the breakwater to discover one another. I could smell the smoke
from the fire in his hair, and the salt from the
cold ocean water nearby. For me, these are smells of passion. Food has these smells because food is passion. Food is freedom. Food is liberation. Food is sex. (intense music) (gentle music) Tonight is our monthly
banquet, and rather than having a restaurant that’s open every night, and people are wandering in whenever, we say, “Come in at this time on this night.” “Sit with us.” “Be with us.” (gentle music) (preparing the meat) – Oh – Ooh – Ohh, (kissing) – Cards on the table, its an orgy (kissing and moaning) – (Tommy) and people show up they eat good food and everybody gets nasty and hits the hay. (laughing) I mean it’s incredible! Fresh produce, great wine and a few orgasms? Pshht.. Get the heck out of here. That’s awesome. – (Frankie) Full is a garden of sensual experience the fay of earthly adrenaline a restaurant with no silverware because we eat off each other’s genitals – For a number of years, Laura was a member of a commune in southern Argentina. She ran the kitchen I think it was a sex cult. – I didn’t even know that I had a passion for cooking but when I saw the communal nature of it how it brings people together how putting soft items in our mouths heals bodies and souls for all eternity how powerful it is to lock eyes with someone as they say “oh, yeah, uh-huh, mhmm, mhmm, right okay right oh” (laughing) (deep breath in) “oh my, mmhm, mmhm, (breaths in) Mmmhm!” what were you saying? – I mean, it was definitely a sex cult. (gentle music) – (voiceover)At the commune,
I was working with vishmanger who brought me the most beautiful red snapper filets. She was impressed with my cooking and (deep breath in) and she had amazing shoulders I had always thought in terms of the communal I’d never reserve love for just one person but suddenly, I was head over heels. For once, I was focused on one person. She was my world but it didn’t last long (gloomy music) she was eaten by a whale that is how she always wanted to die. Which I guess is nice, but it still hurt and I felt empty (crying) how was I ever going to mend that whole in my heart? How was I gonna get back to my old way of being? How was I ever gonna feel full again? And that is how the concept of Full came to be. I needed to answer my calling I needed to reconnect with community to to fill my void with people and pleasure. – Laura, came out of a sad life event and now has a lot of sex to feel less lonely. I don’t think it’s more than that. – There’s no bounds to
her bafound and brilliant genius and that includes her first signature dish called Savage Desire. (happy music) I scorn the typical dining experience the stuffy table settings, the individual placemats it’s so inhibiting. When you dine with me (voice over) I want you to dine with me, not dine at me. No one is ever alone at Full. (happy music) (intense music) – It’s just meat I don’t even know what kind of meat I think it’s ribs, but no one ever said ribs, so it could be anything. (moaning) (intense moaning) – Believe it or not that’s just a taste of Gods of Food for more episodes, go to and sign up for your free membership. – Hunger, is our body’s way of telling us what we want. It is my job as a chef to listen to my body and to the bodies of those around me. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “This Restaurant Is Actually a Sex Cult

  1. Looks like another great episode that I can't watch because you still won't allow people to pay for Dropout with anything besides credit card.

  2. I love these, but I can't stand that fat bandana dude. "Wild West" Bob I call him. The only thing worse than hearing his voice is seeing him try to sell me some Amazon pyramid scheme thing in the ads lol

  3. It's a weird day when collegehumor's parody restaurant sounds like a better idea than the magician restaurant someone in real life wants to make.

  4. I like how there was only one heterosexual pairing in the whole video. You can really see the millennials trying their fucking hardest to be "inclusive"

  5. you know i actually got sad boy hours when she said "she was my world" and then the piano dropped but then she also said " she got eaten by a whale"…

  6. You don't understand it was the rome of restrants there was no rules on table edacite no script people were honry after eating the sexual magic of the food and they did it made woopie underneath the chairs underneath the table on the table you name it people didn't care if it wasn't the person they came with it was just a different time

  7. I was scared that this sketch will be only about "funny" food shales but clearly people at CH know actually how to make something a comedy.

  8. Atleast this one actually cooks something edible.
    So is her, the Buddhist nun and the saddest old man in the world.

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