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Thorin “I just want to win” CS:GO inspirational quote

They see these people,
these incredible players who sacrificed everything and
worked constantly to improve and be the peak of their level
and gave up almost everything and battled, and really all
that was in these guys’ minds was trying to win and
trying to be the best. They hear the way they talk. They have this logic of, “Well if he talks that
way and he was a winner, “then I’m trying to play
and I’m trying to be good, “so I’ll talk that way and
I’ll adopt that mindset,” and while the mindset is good, they don’t bring with it
all the other aspects of it. What they don’t realize is that mindset, that philosophy, is the end stage. It’s the verbal expression of an actual philosophy of their life which took place in action, in small decisions that took
place every day of their lives to have a hard practice,
to practice with purpose. All the things that went into it, these people haven’t studied. They’ve just heard what’s said and then they’re parroting the
same things and thinking that if they just try, that trying is enough. It’s not enough. The actions that these
people take do not match up. For example, they might say
that they practice hard. Okay, they might practice hard, like the practice might be there and they might play hard
within the practice, but do they do the hard practice? That’s a different thing. Those are the things
that are difficult to do. They’re very draining
in the amount of time you have to put in, or the
amount of mental effort and concentration on this practice, whereas you could just let that go a bit and relax a bit more
and be half in, half out in the practice, and you’re there at the practice. You’re playing in the practice. Maybe you’re even
succeeding in the practice in a relative sense. You’re winning the games or
you’re doing decently in them, but are you actually applying
yourself with purpose? Are you doing the boring practice? Are you doing the
practice where all you do is work on the basics that
even the beginner learns and you’re just making
sure these are refined, these are perfected, and then
pushing for that extra 1% that might not seem like
much in the context of it but could be the difference
that makes you the great player, that makes you win this next match. Are you doing these things? Most of these players are not. Do it right so that you don’t have to spend more time doing it over later. It’s the idea that to fix something later might be harder than putting
in the initial hard effort to make do it the correct
way now, refine it now. It’s about practicing with purpose. It’s not about just
playing to win the practice or to win a single game. It’s about practicing so that you improve and that you get the
best aspects of your game to a high level, you minimize mistakes, and then a natural byproduct of that will be success and winning. You don’t need to focus on
winning the actual game. You need to focus on playing your best and making the best decisions
and minimizing your mistakes, then you will win games. You will win series, you
will win tournaments. You will improve as a player, and as long as you’re
improving as a player you will ascend through the ranks. It’s irrelevant whether you win this game because you can win this game
and you can win the next game, but will you win the third game when you play the better player, who you needed to have all these aspects in full refinement to be able to beat him? No you won’t, because you
haven’t worked on them. It hasn’t been a goal of yours. Your goal was just to win. Do you DM every day with
all the different weapons? Do you practice your
proper technique in DM? You don’t just go for head shots in DM but in a real game you
just spray into the body. When you’re in a practice game, do you practice the actual strategy? Do you do it in an
off-handed manner and go, “Don’t worry, in the
real game it’ll be okay?” Well the way that you practice is the way you’re gonna play in the game. It’s the way you’re going
to be most comfortable. It’s where your habits will be formed. So if you practice
sloppily like a fuckhead, then you’re gonna play sloppily
like a fuckhead in the game and then when it happens you’re gonna go, “That’s not who I am. “I’m a better player than that. “I know my skills better.” No one gives a shit, mate. Do it in the game or no
one gives a flying fuck what you can do in practice. There was an all-time great
player called Pott1. He was one of the most well
rounded players in history, he practiced incredible
amounts even in empty servers. He was someone who’d
studied the game a lot. He’d played incredible amounts of hours. He played tons and tons and tons of LANs, and he was so clutch
and so amazing on LAN, and so when he went to these CPL events, North American and European ones, the best tournaments at the time, he had something like nine
where he made the finals, or won like five or
six or whatever it was, and the thing about this guy was he was so used to being excellent and always figuring out how to get back to that excellent level, but there was a tournament once where he went with a newer lineup, tried out a couple of younger players who hadn’t had a lot of
experience at that level, and it was CPL Winter 2002, and he was used to winning events. He was used to coming top two at worst, and at this tournament he came third and his team did well to come third and they had matches
where they were outmatched and outclassed by some of the better teams and things broke the wrong
way at key point, like 11-11, on Inferno, whatever it was, versus the GameOnline team of elemeNt, and okay, he could have
said, like another player, “Well good tournament. “New roster, yeah we still got third. “Third’s good, right?” I remember looking at this guy’s face when he was on the podium and he received the third-place check, and he looked on his face like somebody in his family
had died, ’cause he realized, “This is nothing. “I have the potential to be a champion. “I have been a champion before. “I will probably be a
champion in the future. “What have I done wrong to be “in a position where I’m third now? “What could I have done differently?” Now to other people, they say, hey relax, enjoy third place. Those are the people who
aren’t doing everything to win. They are willing to accept failure. The champions of all time seriously say, the day you win, you’re jubilant. You have this joy. It feels incredible. You feel all this energy coming forward. You love your teammates. You love the things you’ve accomplished, but the next day it dawns upon
you if you’re a true winner, someone who sacrificed
everything to be a champion, you realize the next season is
gonna begin in a few months, and this last season now
was amazing but that’s gone, and so I now have to win the next season and it’s that obsessive
drive that makes these guys the greatest champions of all time.

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