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46 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Racist Or Funny? | Gabriel Iglesias

  1. Keep it up fluffy you are hilarious keep up the hard work. Enjoy your videos on Netflix and laughing my ass off

  2. I'm blonde and I think dumb blonde jokes are usually really funny. The guy was his friend, not a stranger so no, it's not racist. It was all in good fun.

  3. racist is subjective and generally most cases its some over-sensitive,
    under achieving,lower than a snakes belly i.q ,flower pedal soft,socialist/commie
    snowflake looser with severe could also be a confused,recent college grad with
    A DEGREE IN GENDER STUDIES and very confused ideals of "what they think the world

    should be like" compared to "what the real world IS LIKE" if someone immigrates and cant or wont integrate with a

    country they want to call home,they are not were they should be.are they???????????dont bring home with you when you are running away from it

    they shouldn't of left the utopia they are trying to recreate when it was right were they lived all along and they really didn't need to leave .

    watch some Clint Eastwood movies and understand the "north american working mans mind" and how average situational bullshit and how "sensitive issues" SHOULD be dealt with.
    specifically watch the part in grand torino were clint goes and saves the young asian girl from the 3 hard working "men of color" and pay attention to what he says and does.

  4. People of every color need to quit being so stinking sensitive about the color of their skin among the millions of other things. There is no two of us on Earth that are the exact same so either we're all strangers in our own way or that's just the way God meant it to be… deal with it!

  5. Nothing worse than a fat tub of lard homo with hate in his speech. You are no Chris Farley or Jon Candy. Get off the stage you fat piece of shit. I can see only stupid Millenials would waste their money on this shit. GARBAGE. This guy is NOT FUNNY.

  6. When did we as Americans get so scared of offending people of a different race. All races like different things. We can all have fun with each other without worrying about being called a racist. Its the dumb-ass liberals who have us all scared of offending someone. I say, if its all in fun, then who cares. Laugh a little and quit getting butt hurt america.

  7. Off the rails Liberalism has destroyed comedy. What could we put in a SJW gift basket?
    Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals
    1st class ticket to Venezuela
    Black mask

  8. See, comedians can play these kind of jokes on each other. They get the joke. Us normals, we get offended. And that's fine, because we have life experiences that make us sensitive to this stuff. But a racist joke between comedians… LMFAO… it's funny as hell.

  9. 0:50 is it me or this sounded like canned laughter? like 70's/chavo del ocho type. they crack loud and have a hard fade out. not that fluffy needs any.

  10. I loved how he had G. Reilley come out and tell his side; and the funniest part was when he comes out of the bathroom and they are all eating his gift basket. So he never got to eat his food.

  11. Hilarious! I still would have eaten it. 😆 I like those things too. Except the malt liquor. I have some watermelon in the fridge right now 😂😂😂😂😂

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