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Tie Two Jigs on ONE Line with Dropshot (Dropshot Crappie) EP.22 of 30 Day Challenge

welcome back ladies and gentlemen to another video in the 30 day video challenge today I I filmed the I did the video on a double jig drop shot or I'm sorry just a double jig video and a lot of you really liked that one two jigs on one line and the one downside to the double jig video is you don't quite know the depth right you're really kind of guessing how how deep you are on the water column and that's why I'm going to show you the double jig drop shot setup today I'm going to show you how to tie it up and what this drop shot setup allows you to do it actually allows you to know exactly where the baits are in the water column you can raise it up to where you see the fish on the sonar right now these fish are 20 about 20 feet of water or the total death is 20 feet of water these fish are suspended 15 to 18 feet up so first thing I'm gonna do is basically tie my double jig set up but I will leave I'm gonna leave probably for three and a half four feet of line below my bottom jig to where I can tie on my drop shot weight so let me just show you the hooks I got here now I have two one sixteenth ounce jig heads there's just plain LED head jig heads and I know a lot of times I've been using eighth ounce jigs or quarter rounds jig saw right bottom jigs but when I've been using these double or these the double jig drop shot setup or any type of drops up setup with a jig I don't really want to go too heavy I find that when there's too much weight especially if you're using a crappie fishing rod the the tip of the rod is so sensitive that it's gonna be really hard for you to feel a strike so I prefer to go lighter on the jig heads might be able to go up on the hook sizes so actually I don't even know what hook sizes these are these are pretty good size hooks so compared to some of the other ones well here's a let me just show you a 1/8 so it's pretty much pretty close to the same size here pretty close to the same size a hook so this is 1/16 and that's a 1/8 they're pretty much the exact same it's just going up in in Jake head size and then I'm using a 1/8 ounce drop shot that's a pencil drop shot wait I'm gonna link all these hooks and these weights below in the video description if you want to check them out now I know some of you talked about using 1/2 ounce drop shots I just for crappie fishing rods the rod tips are so sensitive I don't really like throwing out a ton of weight when I'm using a drop shot setup I'd rather have it a little bit lighter where I can actually still feel the bottom base ounce drop shot weight with 16 out 16 pounds of jigs it's still enough to where I can feel when this this drop shot weight hits the bottom of the lake I know where I'm at as far as where I'm up in the water column or where the lures are in the water column so you could probably go to a 16 or go to 1/4 ounce drop shot weight half ounce half ounce just seems like an awful lot unless you're using a plain Aberdeen hook but if you're just using a plain hook with like a minnow set up or even a plastic set up then I'd understand using a heavier drop shot but when you're using jigs with a drop shot you don't want to go to heavy rod tips really sensitive so let's tie this up I'm basically gonna tell him I if I can find the line I'm using 6 pound mono and this is slime line I finally got the I'll link this this exact spool in the description below I know some of you really just like to find the entire set up so I'll link it below that should be about good so I pulled out about my wingspans roughly six and a half feet something like that I'm 6 1 so I think that's what my wingspan is something like that so about 6 feet now why 6 feet well I'm gonna tie my first jig on I wanted my second jig to be about 9 to 12 inches below my first one 8 8 to 12 inches something like that I don't want it too far down and then I'm gonna pull out I'm gonna have four feet three and a half four feet of line below my bottom jig and hook on my my drop shot weight which 6 feet gives me plumbing a line to wear with I'm not going to come up short if you do come up short you can tie the Alberto knot I might do a separate video on that because that's gonna make this video too long so here we go all you're gonna do got your jig you're gonna put the line together you're gonna pinch it together with your index finger and your thumb with both hands gonna leave about two inches of line and you're just gonna flip that jig over three four five times put the hook through that loop that we created as you flipped it it's kind of hard to do in some wind and waves but you'll get it try not to poke yourself that's a sharp hook holy smokes put that one through and then you're gonna tie the next one on about eight to eight to eight inches to a foot down below that all right so there we go we got our two jigs they're about eight inches apart eight nine inches apart something like that there you go and now I'm gonna pull out that's probably about right right there I know if I can get the old thing in camera so pretty much what I got left that's what I'm gonna use for my drop shot way I'm gonna pull about four inches of line through this now some of these pinch drop shots if they're using thin diameter line they might not they might not lock into place I think I'll be okay with six pound if you're using four pound test you might need to well you either might need to tie it on which isn't ideal or you can take a pliers pliers like this guy right here and what you can do is you can actually you can pinch the you can pinch that these two Barb's or these two wires so you can pinch it together and make that that line actually stay in the slot so once you get it through the line all you're gonna do is pull it straight up into that knotch don't kind of pull it too hard just so enough so it sticks like that you don't want to yank it because it will break the line I'm gonna go with minnow style baits today so Charlie Brewer slider on this one and then it's more of a grub tail grub paddle tail but they're both I think this is a two inch and then this is a two and an eighth so that's what I'm going to set up I'm gonna try these out I might try some different colors it's pretty windy today so I'm just gonna drift with it because I don't think my trolling motor is going to take it so I'm just gonna drift her hard bottom soft bottom transitions there's a fish below the boat I'm gonna drop it straight down it looks like there's a bunch of them actually see if I can drop it straight down and get on top of these guys it's like there's some good fish below the boat to suspend it way up there just got them that time got them whoa whoa dude there he is furious I've seen some bigger marks I'm gonna bring you up to the sea so you can see what I'm seeing on the 2d all right so it moved a little bit it's not it's still windy but it's not huge waves these waves are only like a foot and a half the other ones were almost three feet so there were some fish down there so again kind of I can maneuver the boat a little better than this type of wind then and these type of waves and the other ones okay last spot for this double jig setup it is wind is picking up and it's getting to the point where I can't even control the boat really so there are fish down there seen them a scene to see if we can catch at least a couple more here and then when I get off this water this is this is some pretty gnarly stuff right now I'm not gonna lie I left 15 to may 15 mile an hour winds straight line gusts up to 30 it's it's pretty bad right now this lake is almost starting to get unfishable when you have an underpowered trolling motor well unfortunately I only caught the two fish they're pretty windy day it's really hard this is pretty tough conditions right now I don't know if you can see behind me there's it's at least three foot rollers right now it's hard to fish this especially when the trolling motor that guy yeah when that guy sucks don't worry I'm looking I get a new one looking at getting doing so try this double jig setup out fish those deeper breaker those drop deeper drop-offs hard bottom soft bottom transitions and then you'll be able to once you go over the fish or where you find the fish that's we're gonna want to set your two jigs somewhere in that area probably about a foot apart okay you're covering some water call them any farther I know some people talk about setting them farther apart because they're covering a lot of depth in the water column problem with that is they're more prone to tangle okay so just understand that but I'm gonna really shadow the water I got to get out of here appreciate your watching be sure to like and share the video comment below if you tried to set it before and what you thought about it okay and as always if you haven't subscribed red red subscribe button click that and click that bell Belle's going to let you know when I post a video alright we'll see ya

16 thoughts on “Tie Two Jigs on ONE Line with Dropshot (Dropshot Crappie) EP.22 of 30 Day Challenge

  1. Hey Davis, you mentioned that it's not ideal to tie the weight onto the bottom of the line. Why is that? I've not used this set up before. Just wondering. Thanks!

  2. Do you find that a certain type of lead head jig works best? I've seen these "crappie jigs" like the Mr. crappie slab slasher with the odd shaped hook. Have you tried any? Do they work better?

  3. Are they suspended at 2 & 5 feet or at 15-18 feet? You said 15 – 18 feet up. I'm confused. 😂😁.

  4. Have you tried a 2 arm crappie rig with jigs or live bait? Would like to see a video on that vertical fishing deep water. It looks like the lines would be kept separate better due to the wire.

  5. Why don't you explain your technique? Like what your doing? How far down are you just holding it why you drift? Is the drop shot bouncing bottom? How fast are you going?

  6. Great video, Davis. Glad you got off of that choppy water. Always be safe man. I'm diggin that hoodie too …. lol

  7. Nice video,
    I have been watching your videos for just a short while now, you seem to have a lot of knowledge, like you have been fishing for crappie 30+yrs, have you been fishing all your life? And if you don’t mind me asking how did you get all this knowledge,
    Thanks for the video,

  8. Flopping crappie do u have any advice for me I am starting a fishing channel and I'm using a phone what tips do u have I'm probably going to make videos next year

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