Laughter is the Best Medicine

37 thoughts on “Tiffany Haddish (Def Comedy Jam)

  1. I'd fuck then, I'd fuck now. I don't care if she funny or now. She goofy so we can laugh at dumb shit together. All that matters

  2. Who every took over need to be shot in there fucking head for fucking up all the good comics bring the good ones back please kenvin i hope is was not you that fuck up like this cuz you ant good like u think to weak as shit you be coming with over the years you be a lil batter i hope but we dont need you and the game went miss you either okkk😒

  3. She just a crazy hood ho but not funny like she really supost to be the way they hip her name up you real think she real funny but who say she is most be trashy they self..back in the days they had real good funny people you will die for just to see and listening to them

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