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TIK TOK TROLLS funny compilation TikTok – Part 2

*Girls go to college to get more knowledge.
Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider.* *distorted TSERIES DISS TRACK*
BOBS OR VEGANA, WHICH EVER WILL IT Tik Tok – the absolute state of humanity right now. I did a video last week mentioning that trolls have been starting to appear on Tik Tok. Making a blank face to a serious topic or making an epic silly dance while someone says they’d lost their mother and such and so. *depressed girl: And then when I realized you didn’t…* *I felt so stupid…* Pewds: OOOHHHH He did not just hit her with it! (savage 9000%) Now that has just blown up completely and it’s amazing. bhhahahah Let’s go through some of the epic Tik Tok trolling, guys. Let’s just jump into it! *Grace:: You said you were in love with me.* *???: I say a lot of things, Grace* *Grace: But you’re in love with me. I know you’re in love with me.* Pewds: Aww, that’s so sad. pfffpf That’s right! That girl thought some stranger was gonna add in some cute lil “Oh, I love you.” INSTEAD He kicked her in the face! That was epic (dab) Why? Why!? I still have no answer to my question. Why do all these kids record this to begin with? *handsum man: I’d say things are going pretty well for me on here.* *Thank You, Tik Tok.* *I’m on the cover of a cringe compilation.* hehe I’m moving to LA To become a famous TikToker Damn! The next Logan Paul everybody We found him! You know the Paul brothers, people don’t know, they started on Vine. But I think, in a way we should be thankful to Tik Tok, because Tik Tok saved us from emigrating into YouTube. It’s good that we have it in one spot, so we know where to send the nukes. I literally want to get out of my body and go somewhere else. oh no Guys, I cannot tell you enough how important it is to love yourself. Love your body and who you are and find that inner strength, and show it. You can also be beautiful. What a great message, everybody. If your abs look like a poor drawing of Peter Griffin: then that’s okay! In case it wasn’t obvious in Tik Tok, you can make a reply. I don’t know what it’s called. It’s called something else. But how do you do fellow kids? I don’t know what you call it And that’s what led to this Tik Tok trolling. Sometimes they just push it to the next level like this one. *we got what we deserve* So this started with the girl with.. You know A+ for creativity *and way down we go go go go go* *way down we go* Oh my god Some of the trollings are just bad I’ll say that. But some of them, damn, A+ A+ Hi Take two steps forward if you’re amazing Now you better have taken two steps forward because you are wonderful and beautiful and just if.. Does he have a gun behind.. like a knife behind his back? What is he gonna do? I don’t trust this man. This reminds me of those vines where the guy just be like bheheh You so beautiful. Oh my god. AH! So to all those who think I was just bluffing about telling the kids parents. I wasn’t. I actually sent them a message Telling their parents what their kids are doing. Oh snap They’re onto us. There’s his mother as well. It’s amazing So I need to know something, why do girls these days have to dress half-naked? I mean, didn’t your mama teach you to cover up your breasts? Girls, keep it classy not trashy! You can’t get a good man any other way. Why are moms using Tik Tok? Why is anyone using Tik Tok? Speaking of Tik Tok? Here’s a Tik Tok ad! That’s right everybody! You make a video about Tik Tok Tik Tok… advertisement through Google has just been like We gonna pull an ad on that It doesn’t matter if you’re making fun of it Or if you’re trash-talking it. Put a Tik Tok ad in there. Every tweet I got from last video was this like I got a Tik Tok ad on this video You know what? Maybe I can cheat the system. What if I just.. I want to get those premium ads, right? What if I just start saying like? expensive car Incredible jewelry I just bought a rolex and so should you Buy an expensive watch expensive luxurious INCREDIBLE RICHNESS WATCHES AND CARS Hopefully you got an amazing ad there If it’s not a premium ad. I’m gonna be so disappointed. Oh my god. I love these the ones that are just heh Like what’s the original video? It’s just some kid making it rhyme *get my knowledge both go to Jupiter to get more stupider* She did not just say they go to Jupiter to get more stupider! ?????? *If you don’t like furries go away. If you don’t like furries go away* *I’ve got a lot to do not any time for you if you don’t like furries go* *away* *now* I’m not going anywhere Cause no animal can tell me what to do. You know what I eat for breakfast? dogs You guys want to see a magic trick? I’m gonna pull this out of my hat really quick Gotcha..mhemhhe Oh my god, is this again? *now lets both go to Jupiter to get more stupider* Can we just have a.. Thank you Brad 2 for editing out all the copyrighted material of this video Appreciation. Thank you. Brad 2. Is it cool if I bring my sister? No, dude, it’s bro time Yeah, she can come If only my friend’s sister looked that attractive when I was younger. goddamnit it’s not fair Wearing like a jeans corset or what? What even is that? * If you don’t like furries go away* *If you don’t like furries go away* *I’ve got a lot to do and not any time for you. if you don’t like furries* *go* *away* *now* This is so sad *Girls go to college to get more knowledge* *boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider* How long is it gonna go on? *I’m a new soul, I came to this strange world
Hoping I could learn a bit ’bout how to give and take* He’s gonna tug her! It’s the tugging one OOhhhh OH WHAT? oh I love this Oh! It’s supposed to be like you’re making out with her. Oh my god Why do they do that? That’s an epic very quick rubric solving win Good job. So parents have started to notice this how.. Kids are just making fun of kids on this site. And of course the response is.. I think there needs to be a parental contact on Tik Tok Because obviously some of these parents don’t know what their 10 year olds are doing. And, I mean, some of these screen names Thot 69? What’s a thot? She must be trolling. I don’t believe that You don’t just go: “Thot 69. What’s a thot?” “What the frick guys? I was…” So you guys.. SO YOU GUYS IF WANT A SHOUT OUT YOU JUST NEED TO DO A DUET WITH ME AND I SHOT YOU OUT What is happening? I feel so old I never felt this old as when I look at these Tik Tok videos You know I thought it would just be one trend with the.. *good boys like bad guys* *a dadadadaa* already And I thought we would be done But it just keeps going And it’s epically Tik Tok! I love it You know what? I never thought I would say that I actually never thought I would say that If you are under the age of 18 years old Do not get on my profile Do not do duets with my profile videos Do not even look at my profile. Keep moving. Why are you a over 18 and on Tik Tok? That’s the appropriate question here All right more for dancing after 40. This is the fortnite hike dance I’m gonna turn sideways so you can see You’re gonna kick your leg You’re gonna pump your arm And then you’re gonna move it down low Ready? Don’t let kids intimidate you That’s the thing Why are all these adults on there? I’m stuck in between these kids and these adults? What am I? What am I supposed to be? Where do I belong fellow kids and adults? Guys Comment Thanos if you made it to the end These kids must be.. STOPPED and adults as well Thank you very much I hope this a .. Tik Tok cringe thing keeps going God bless everyone. I’m PewDiePie Brofist out

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  1. Reversed: Boys go to collage to get more knowledge, Girls go to Jupiter to get more stupider
    Normal: Girls go to collage to get more knowledge, Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider

  2. If girls go to college to get more knowledge and we go to jupiter to get more stupider, who is the stupid one WE MANAGED TO GET TO JUPITER

  3. To be honest i hate it when it says "boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider" idk im bad at spelling i want to go to Jupiter to im dumb!

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