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Tik Tok Very Funny Haha Epic Compilation Montage TikTok – Part 7

What’s up (epic) gAmERs It’s your number one bro here, PewDiePie Here to review some TikTok videos, that’s right. I’m gonna take this off ’cause I do like ads… …on my videos. Thank you very much, Tik Tok ads, for basically saving Christmas “How many more are you gonna squeeze out, Pewds?” As many as I god damn please. Now you keep watching, ’cause I need the watch time, that’s right. Shall we just, jump into it? “But you can he jump into it if he doesn’t have legs?” SHT–THE–FCK–UP Can you just, stop? No I don’t have a saliva problem. Let’s just JUMP into it. [Music] “I baked you a pie!” “Oh boy, what flavour? “Pie. Pie. Pie.” “Dad, I’m hungry!” “Hi hungry, I’m Dad.” “Why did you name me this way?” “Why, why, why?” Haha…..damn. I just lost a life. God damn it, that was too funny. What is this? 2012 PewDiePie? Disgusting. Get it out of my sight. “Oh boy, what flavour?” “Pie. Pie. Pie.” What a way to ruin a good song, ugh. Totally. The fact that I cannot listen to the Muffin Song anymore… It makes me SO angry. “It’s muffin time!” “WHO wants a muffin? Please, I just want to dieee” [Japanese Anime music] I do like this song. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH That’s great That’s the thing I’ve noticed recently, is that these handicaps I can call it a handicap, right? For the first time, 2018 Handicaps can finally…get better memes. Oh my god, this is so good. [Music] I hope that wasn’t what I thought it was ‘She got big hands.’ Ok. I’m glad you noticed. This is a perfect example of why I enjoy TikTok, just making fun of these thirsty for attention girls. Aw yeah, this is fire. Oof. Uh, oh Damn! Oh. ‘I wanna effing punch her.’ Jesus Christ. [Lively music] Alright, next TikTok everybody, let’s just jump into it. Let’s just keep jumping into it. Let’s just keep jumping into it. LET’S JUST JUMP INTO IT [Halo theme music – atmospheric] What is happening? Oh… my… god. That’s honestly impressive. I have no idea how he did that. Man:Does it taste good?
Wahman: Yes, it does OOOOOOOOOOOH SHE GOT TROLLED oooooooooh Smash ‘like’ if you laughed so far and smash ‘like’ if you haven’t. Just so I can keep track if you have laughed or not. [Traditional Eastern music] What is this? What kind of T-Series sh*t is this? Ok. That was…that was legit. Almost legit as T-Series subscribers. Good job, you did it. INDIANS! [Questionably sexual screaming] Oh… Oh… [Still screaming] [Sounds like a dying chicken] Jesus Christ. Oh my god… I think I’m officially too old to review these at this point. 1950: “We will have flying cars in the future!” 2018… everybody We all- we did it, congratulations. [Screaming] “I know its a lot…” “the hair, the BOD!!!” “WHEN YOU’RE STARING AT A DEMIGOD!!!” “WHAT CAN I SAY EXCEPT, YOU’RE WELCOME!” “THE TIDES, THE SUN, THE SK-!” That’s it. I’m not doing this anymore. I’m not that desperate for views. I know TikTok is popular and all… NO! Who am I kidding? “I wanna be Tracer!” “I’m already Tracer!” “I wanna be Widowmaker!” “I’m already-” “Fricking Widowmaker!” God damn it. I think that’s it, I think that’s the point with TikTok. They’re all so god damn stupid. But that’s what makes it funny. Clever, original, well thought out joke. ‘I’m already Tracer’ “I guess they never miss, huh?” “You’ve got a boyfriend.” Oh god.
“You’ve got a boyfriend.” “You’ve got a boyfriend” “I bet he doesn’t kiss ya.” “Mahweh.” “He gonna find another girl and he won’t miss ya” Mahweh?
“He gonna find another girl and he won’t miss ya” “He gonna find another girl and he won’t miss ya” Ohh. “He gon’ skrrt and hit the dab” -Hit the dab “Like Wiz-Kee-hafa” Kee-hafa? Wiz Kee-hafa! My favourite artist! ‘Hit or miss?’ ‘I guess they never miss, HUH?’ “Turn your faaace” Woah!
“Turn your faaace” “Turn your faaace” “Towaaards your mooom” “And may the shadooow” (Slurred) “Fall behind youuu” OOOH MY GAAAAAD! FINALLY! Finally, a useful hack. Stupid printers. ‘Turn your faaace’ ‘Towards your mooom’ ‘And let the shadows’ ‘Find youuu’ WOAAAAAH! [Upbeat Music] “Can I have a peppermint?” “You can have a peppermint” “That’s too hot for me. Bleh!” “Hey!” “Aaah!” “I don’t like the peppermint!” “You don’t like-” OK! Moving on everybody! Moving on, that was great-shshh… “Somebody once told me” “I want to be Tracer” Ooh!
“So I skrrt and hit the dab like Khalifaaa” “So I skrrt and hit the dab like Khalifaaa” Uh, uh. “Man, I think it’s Muffin time, so go sub to PewDiePie” “‘ ‘Cause the gaamers gotta win this wa-ar” Ayy!
“‘ ‘Cause the gaamers gotta win this wa-ar” “‘ ‘Cause the gaamers gotta win this wa-ar” “So, we won’t stop subbing, and we won’t stop fighting, and we won’t stop subbing, and we won-” That was great. That was really great. TikTok, you know what, we’re not so different, you and I It’s kinda like you have to… Search through all this trash content to finally find something funny It’s great. “You know- yeah, I just didn’t know like, if you would accept me for who I really was…” “Of course I accept you” “Let’s eat this pie.” “Ok.” “I love you Dad.” “That’s kinda gay.” NO! I mean yeah, it’s not You Laugh You Lose so it doesn’t matter I’m just disappointed. Why do I only have 75 million subscribers? What is this? Here I am: crunching it, working hard making the best content. Making the most f– most… Whatever, just subscribe god damn it! [Dance music] AAAAAH! Ok, that’s pretty good. Fine! You know what, every episode of TikTok I say ah- NOW we’ve peaked. But THIS is it boys. NOW we’ve peaked. It’s a good play on perspective as well, I-I must say. Next would be to actually move your arms as well. Oh, he is moving a little bit, oh- GOD DAMN IT! I was giving you praise.
Don’t ever do that again. (Copying music lyrics) ‘One two seven three’ ‘Penis is inside of me…’ (Mumbling) ‘Manenenene….’

100 thoughts on “Tik Tok Very Funny Haha Epic Compilation Montage TikTok – Part 7

  1. Renai circulation comes on..

    Me: *immediately takes off headphones* I AM NOT ABOUT TO RUIN RENAI CIRCULATION DAMN IT

  2. Para el tipo que hizo los subtítulos en español:

    Si quieres decir algo acerca del video, ponlo en los comentarios, no en los subtítulos.

    Mafia Boss : well then boys, lets see how far you’ll keep the secret

    Me : WAIT DON’T D-
    Me : 9:17

  4. Thanks for crediting the song at 1:40. I know you probably were forced to do it but it saved me some searching.

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