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time travelling sofa | ODSS comedy sketch | by Rosa Fairfield

The crazy mind of Rosa Fairfield
brings you a sketch about a time-traveling sofa because who wouldn’t
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watching this video… to the very last second. I know where you live. Why are we shaking in completely no way
that’s voluntary. TIME TRAVELLING SOFA. What, why did you let me sit down on this thing. I have things to
do, people to see, in the present. Calm down. No, it’s gonna be excited. Are you
sure? Yeah, you always like staying in your comfort zone, I thought you should branch out into the wide world of the unknown.
I suppose. This is crazy. Okay, don’t look behind you. Why, what’s behind me, everyone knows if
someone says don’t look behind you there’s normally something terrifying
there. Well, go on and look behind you then Mr. Smarty Pants. Calm down little bro, whatever will be, will be, whatever we’ll see, we’ll see, if it’s fated in
the stars for us to get eaten by dinosaurs, it will happen. Dinosaurs have
been extinct for millions of years, how can we, how can we be eaten by one. The universe works in mysterious ways little bro. Sit up and maybe we will go to someplace new right now. We’re on fire. It’s just the witch trials, I’ve always wanted to see these. Oh yeah, and
have you always wants to be set on fire. I was starting to get a bit cold. Oh well, at least you won’t feel the cold after we’ve been burnt alive. Where are we now are we gonna be eaten by
an army of futuristic robots? Oh look, you were right. You’re not religious. I’m up for trying anything right now. Calm down, it’s just one of those hardships of life. Oh yeah, it’s just one of those hardships
of life, being killed by robots, completely normal. There you go, looking on the bright side again. Look at you, Mr. Positivity. That’s an interesting sign. Ride. So you
seriously thought we were travelling through time? I almost wet my pants…
and it was in no way, in no way whatsoever funny. Funny was it? You have
to be the worst sister EVER, start running! Thank you so much for watching this
video. I am a massive weirdo, as always I don’t know what I’m doing with my Iife , I really don’t. Thank you, this was inspired by my love of sofas. Okay,
um please like subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe. It’s a tongue twister and I’ll see you next week.

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