Laughter is the Best Medicine

Times Students Deserved An A+ For Their Creativity And Humor

Hey guys here are some students who deserved
an A for their sense of humor These students decided to troll their Principle
by hiring a Mariachi Band to follow him around for 4 hours. At least he seems to be enjoying
their company. This person had to do an art project when
he was in college. He decided to draw a stamp and mail it to himself. It worked and he received
an A. When you graduate from an online school, so
you take a picture with the mailman who hands you your diploma. One of the teacher’s student said that he’ll
have a dinosaur crush his car, because he failed him on his exam. This is what the teacher
saw. This was found during a routine locker check.
It seems like they were interrupting a tea party. Also how did the student even get that
chandelier to work. This guy was left in charge of designing the
t-shirts for the graduating class of Peninsula High for 2015. He decided to be a bit cheeky
with the design. Someone decided to put this notice on a study
room door. Observe. Engineers in their natural habitat. Please do not tap on glass or make
eye contact with them as engineers are easily frightened by normal people. Please do not
feed the engineers as they are on a strict diet of energy drinks and cold pizza. Some students thought it would be funny to
pass around a pineapple shirt on picture day. These Students noticed a hole in the floor
allowing them to see the class right below them. So to make use of the situation they tied
a Cheeto to a piece of yarn and tried to communicate with this girl, but unfortunately it was a failed attempt
as the girl didn’t notice it. Most would think that people grow up when
they get into University, but I think it’s nice that they haven’t yet. The ground is lava For Attention Of whomever keeps adding O G
to the end of my door sign, Stop It. Sincerely Dr Hedgehog. Poor Dr. Hedgehog This student wears this sweater every Wednesday
just to screw with everyone’s head. This was found in a family bathroom at a university.
Place Sacrifice Here. Students were told they could us a 3 by 5
inch notecard for their final exam. This is what one student did. This kid is
going places. After days of grading papers I stumble upon
this connect the dots. Ooooh, wait a second. 100 Ya got me. What a fun teacher. A kid in this class spent the whole period
plotting the calculus teacher. Normally I’m not one for decorating graduation
caps but this one works. I do wonder what she was studying though.
Human transmutation? This note was seen on a car parked in the
college campus. Wait if you’re thinking of breaking into my
car again, for the third time in less than a year, you should know. I am a broke ass grad student. Here is what’s
inside my vehicle, protein bar wrappers, a book of Clementi piano sonatas, old crumpled receipts, windshield wiper fluid
and one ice scraper that is broken. If any of these items sound appealing please
ask me for them instead of breaking my damn window. Again for the third time. Many thanks. The elementary school teacher was grading
papers when he/she saw something interesting. If someone in the audience cannot hear you,
you probably need to increase your, volume. If the speaker never changes his rate or pitch,
he might be speaking in a, monotone. If someone suggests that you are slurring
words, you need to work on your, alcoholism. I guess it works, it’s just too bad the student
spelt alcoholism wrong. In grade eleven this guy secretly changed
his name on photo day. Nobody noticed, so it got printed on his student
card. Jaffar from Aladdin. I’m just glad that the school moto maturity
through responsibility really resonated with this guy. The assignment was for a 16 line poem, this
is what one of the students turned in. Hashtag deep. Some poems will leave you perplexed, but this
poem is just profane, here are four lines of text, and twelve lines of cocaine. Disclaimer I don’t actually do cocaine. Too
bad most schools don’t appreciate this type of creativity. Sean was an editor of his College’s newspaper. He liked to hid Easter Eggs. Sean is the best. There is a guy at this college who rants everyday
about sins. So someone decided to make a bingo sheet to
go along with his ranting. Here are some interesting words from a University
Student. My grades are telling me to be a trophy wife.
But my looks are telling me to study harder. Students at this high school knows what’s
up. Nothing like a cool unforgiving burn to help
you locate that wound. A student was spotted with this hilarious
pencil case. Pen orgy. In here tonight. Pencils welcome too. A second grade teacher received this shirt
from one of her students. This teacher survived the 2016 to 2017 school
year. Dab, fidget spinners, and bottle flips. These seniors thought it would be funny to
leave their school with a lasting memory of them. Class of 2017. Suck it. The Seniors of 2017
will live on in infamy. There are 10,000 of these hidden around the school. Good luck getting rid of us. When students are left to use their class
3d printer without supervision. Kim Jong The Hutt is born. This senior got away with using a hip flask
as a prom clutch. Surprisingly nobody noticed. Extra credit up to 5 additional points. What
does the program in question 5 do? Make your students cry. Not intentionally. Plus 1 point. These students
really know how to poke fun at the teacher. If A square divided by B square is the answer,
what is the question? Please write A square divided by B square. You can see how the student was attempting
to answer it at first but then just gave up. This was found on the school’s gong. 10 out
of 10 would bang. No one has a clue who put it up. These students made their teacher a snack
pack as a gift. It made his day. Thanks for watching If you enjoyed this video
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