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Timon & Pumbaa The Laughing Hyenas Cooked Goose Part 1 – Alicia Miller

Thanks you very much! It’s a three Carnivale pileup This is after all the 13th time in 13 days that those heinous hyenas have succeeded and sullying our sustenance how unlucky Why don’t we simply eat them out of the way Oh Tater by their skinny this smelly them Well, just look at them. Hi, Tina. Yes, I see what you mean That still does seem prudent that we dispose of them in some expedient manner before we suffer severe stomach upset Perhaps the laboratory constructed ruse in the interest of occupying their microscopic Minds We hate to interrupt an intellectual debate Who you and what do you want from us? You big big bold brave cheetahs? Suitors Oh kind of you to ask Well, hey, wait just here to make you happy As long as it doesn’t involve being chewed on this wah. Oh No, we just drop by because we couldn’t help noticing you drop this Because we knew how important it must be to you when we saw that it was infecting treasure map One carefully follows the map all the way far away One shall reach the exit as find the treasure Alright answer me this when you say treasure, do you mean gold and diamonds and riches or just a bunch of chopped liver? Well, just a bunch of chopped liver, of course. Hi there Johnny and broke Well done well done which is exactly how I prefer my wildebeest steaks prepared. Oh, yes Yes, we talked it over and we just have one little question yeah, um, I use Bill With all due respect if you don’t buy me inquiring what exactly have you done Janata why I’ve carefully Calculated the trajectory vehicle in accordance with the height and weight of our participants chose to Perfectly determine the rapid ascent into Cline of the shuttle thus landing them directly in the angry mouth Allen out erectus Okay now let me get this straight you’re calling mr Waring Getti whatl no the satyr and get his shuttle the most magnificent means of transportation this side of the Sahara Exactly. Why not only do you get the best view of the jungle, but you get the best view of everything to eat? Did you say eat? That’s what I heard. I heard him say eat eat is whatever

42 thoughts on “Timon & Pumbaa The Laughing Hyenas Cooked Goose Part 1 – Alicia Miller

  1. Timon & Pumbaa The Laughing Hyenas Cooked Goose Part 1 – Alicia Miller
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  2. Haha! Omg! I never thought of it Before but the pose they are doing at 2:41 is pretty much the exactly same pose they do in "Be Prepared" when they are singing -Yes, our teeth and ambitions are bared!"

  3. IRL, one hyena can easily take down a wildebeest. Plus, three hyenas can chase off and even eat one leopard or cheetah.

  4. Plus, real life hyenas are actually the smart nerds, so while cartoons show smart cats and dumb hyenas, it's the other way around in real life.

  5. Clearly, the writers have never studied African animals. Cheetahs are lightweights that get pushed around by everyone. Those hyenas should be able to send them running with little more than an angry look.

  6. I would like to point out that Cheetahs are no match for a Hyena. They get chased off and get their prey stolen from Hyenas literally all the time.

  7. Lol guys it’s a cartoon. Yes, we all know cheetahs can’t take on hyenas in real life. Just enjoy the show for what it is! No need to be so serious.

  8. They should have gotten their own TV series! Too bad Ed is now considered "offensive" and was ditched in the remake 🙁

  9. I thought they were leopards at first that would've made more sense 🤔😂
    Cheetahs are awesome though but not really fair to an hyena pack

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