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Timon & Pumbaa The Laughing Hyenas Cooked Goose Part 3 – Alicia Miller

Thanks you very much! Hey, watch what you’re going what do you mean? What’s what I’m going? Hey, where are you going? Like could ask you the same question Something tells me you’re here to chase a while Zeus God you know Because I was told I am the brains of the bunch. No way. I was told I’m the brains of the bunch Gentlemen, I think this whole Fang with nothing but a snow job You know G Taylor, I believe I prefer the rotisserie Rhino to the hash round him, huh, ah Yes, three months unrestricted unsurpassed and unbelievable gourmet dining. I Feel like a new man eater Didn’t anybody ever tell you cheaters never prosper Yeah, since you all sent us on a wild goose chase. I think it’s just about time for us to chew the loot back Hey, you’re kooky groovy coasters listen, I’m just on my way to a wild goose convinced Can you tell me which way is the south? Oh Thanks so much babe. You are beautiful animals, you’re happening. I love you. I mean it I’ll get there you don’t use mine, but do be nice yours was my idea You

10 thoughts on “Timon & Pumbaa The Laughing Hyenas Cooked Goose Part 3 – Alicia Miller

  1. Timon & Pumbaa The Laughing Hyenas Cooked Goose Part 3 – Alicia Miller
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  2. 2:02 I'll get him, I'll get him.
    back off, but you're so on first.
    Oh no you don't he's mine. But do you mean it was yours was my idea.

  3. This was similar to how those hyenas felt about Scar. At first they feared bigger predators like Scar then when they felt cheated, they got the courage to kill them.

  4. Those hyenas felt the same way with Scar. They served their fear and when felt cheated, revenge. That time, Scar was too wounded (from the fall) and too afraid to fight back alone.

    Scar tried to make Simba believe that the hyenas started it and the hyenas that heard this jumped to conclusion. So first they feared those cheetahs, then when the cheetahs fooled them and got vulnerably full, the hyenas seek revenge on whom they feared.

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