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Tired of Thanksgiving Cooking – Laughing with Mary

Rita from Boise writes, “my three boys and
their families come over for Thanksgiving day every year and I’m always expected to
cook the entire meal. I just turned 72 and quite frankly, I don’t feel much like preparing
all that food and I can’t imagine that I would even be able to lift the turkey in and out
of the oven. My sons are worthless in the kitchen and I don’t want them to think I’m
lazy. What should I do?” Rita, I wonder if it’s possible that the boys think you want
to do Thanksgiving dinner and would be heartbroken if anyone suggested that they should begin
taking turns hosting holiday meals. After all, are these not the same sons who think
babysitting their children is your greatest pleasure in life? If you can’t bring yourself
to suggest that it’s time to pass the torch, I think the answer is pizza. I would suggest
that pizza is now an acknowledged American tradition. You don’t have to get up early
to bake pizza for hours. You don’t have to have innumerable side dishes. You can choose
a number of large pizzas, a family sized salad, and maybe—because it is a holiday—several
dozen breadsticks, all of which can be delivered and all of which you can lift in and out of
the oven without breaking a sweat. If anyone suggests that it would be unpatriotic to replace
turkey with pizza, agree with them and ask what you can bring to their house for Thanksgiving

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