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ToastMasters(English presentstion & Public speaking): Humorous  English Speech “Just Forget It”

Life is short Just like the steps I took But life is long if you break it into each segment particularly if you have many memories into it depending on your memories your life could be miraculous or miserable good ones, you can laugh at them bad ones? you would cry at them Fellow ToastMasters, guests, and for those who have only a long life because of your embarrassing and humiliating stories Just forget it Sometimes forgetting it prevents you from being mentally disturbed Back in college, I used to go to this Indian restaurant It’s a little bit expensive for students, so I went there only once a month Every time I visited this Indian restaurant This Indian chef welcomed me Hello, our curry is the best quality It’s always a good one One day, I went there by myself after class And I sat on the very first table from the entrance So I was facing everyone in the restaurant I felt kinda left out Because everyone was well-dressed And most customers were couples And I was the only person eating alone with training pants and flip flops Like a homeless I didn’t care, because There was this huge table cloth covering my entire legs So no one knew what I was wearing I dropped curry in my thigh So I tried to erase it off my pants, but it wasn’t easy So I tried Soft Hard And harder Oh, some girls were looking at me, I noticed And they were whispering, I don’t know why “Yeah, I’m good-looking”, so I smiled back at them They seemed shy Trying not to make eye contact with me So I continued what I was doing Finally over The girls were still looking at me So I gave them a huge, satisfactory smile That night, I happened to read a post on my school’s community website It went like A crazy pervert and bastard guy He was masturbating in the restaurant, don’t go! I never went there I would never go there Do you have an embarrassing story? Just forget it I went to Denmark for an international summer camp as a leader back in 2009 Me and other friends, during the camp, went to Copenhagen and we stayed in one of the leader’s places in the city We had a whole lot of fun Drinking and dancing the night away Next morning, I woke up And I went straight to the bathroom and did my business Looking good But tragedy happened after I flushed the toilet, but it got clogged Second, third time,… it didn’t work! What’s worse, there’s a female friend knocking on the door And she was urgently saying She urgently needs to use the bathroom She was such a gorgeous girl from Spain And I definitely didn’t want to show my dung to her So I came up with three options Number one, dump the dung in the bottom hole Number two, put it in my pocket, and throw it away later Number three, place in the closet, and deal with it later #1 didn’t work because there was no hole Nothing, just flat #2 was just simply disgusting #3 maybe? but maybe not Because I didn’t want to be remembered as a psychopath to my host friend While thinking, the girl outside the bathroom was screaming and trying to break open the door I had to do something It’s the fourth floor And there’s a window I put my hand in the toilet and scooped it up And threw it away outside the window 3 times Pedestrians were looking up at me and they were shouting Because a crazy Asian guy was throwing his shit outside the window And a lot of shit was flying over their head I didn’t care Because I din’t want to show my dung to her and I succeeded After cleaning my mess, I walked outside the bathroom like the king And she rushed back in And I heard the most horrifying sound (Toilet flushing) She flushed the toilet, and it worked I lost my dignity and pride that day Do you have a humiliating story? Just forget it I get to live too By the way THis is the hand I saved the other hand Life is short But it is very long if you have memories into it Good ones, laugh at them Bad ones? JUST FORGET IT

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