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Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump – The Graham Norton Show

top lots of your fans in the audience a few fans everywhere but is it always the same what do people mostly ask you but what women mostly say to you and shout out to you when they see you oh it it they used to yell houston we have a problem that you see all that the young run Forrest run that’s a biggie but now they just they just yell is it the same everywhere like if you if you’re in you know I think yes yeah evidently Wilson is a universal language world they don’t bother dubbing into any other life so it’s in it’s in Hindi it’s in Japanese Chinese this time that in Forrest Gump the famous voice to use as as Forrest it came from a specific person the young Michael Connor Humphries who played young Forrest Gump we were trying to Bob Zemeckis came in he said hey we got a problem on this there’s Michael right there the Sally and Sally and Michael oh he was a very young man he’s now a veteran he served in Afghanistan Bob said oh we got a problem here you have to teach this kid how to talk the way you want to talk and I thought why don’t why don’t I just talk the way he talks right now and so we started hanging out with him and he was from Mississippi deep in Mississippi and he had this he had this hard G at the end of his if they said it wasn’t thinking it was thinking it wasn’t making it was making and said what does what does your father do my god my my dad it makes grace that’s what he said and he said he’d make I don’t understand this Greece something you make yes he says what do you do with Greece well Greece goes into all different sorts of products like what products Oh Greece goes into lipsticks that was like well I’m not this is it this is it so somewhere I have cassettes hours and hours of me just making chitchat with a very young michael banck on but he doesn’t talk like that anymore no no no he doesn’t I was just uh you know we have seven eight years old he was a young man and that’s that’s that was the vernacular that we spoken and it was priceless that’s adorable and of course a huge success for you and the year you when you’re using that was your second Oscar was their first well yes yes it was if I put it this way it was my last one but it was 1995 and that was a very special year for the man sitting beside you Peter Capaldi yes because that was the year you were lost over there I won an Oscar yes for a little short film I didn’t even know that they gave Oscars for short films but I’d made this little short film because I was interested in filmmaking and the next thing I knew I was being telephoned and being told that you’re nominated for an Oscar we didn’t even have any money we didn’t know how to get over there all right but so we managed to cobble together of money to get over there and we find ourselves at the Oscars with yourself but and lots of other film stars and they call my name and I got up on the stage and I looked down and it was a huge auditorium like this and it just looked to me as if it was full of um you know an Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike look-alike a Tom Hanks look like except that was the real thing and it was sort of orgasmic I don’t know how it was for you but for me what I knew is my last Oreos well it wouldn’t last because obviously when you’ve just made a little short film it doesn’t have quite the same impact on your career not half as an actor so that just confused when three billion people saw you yeah but as you know they take you backstage and they put you on a kind of conveyer belt and they take you into like a hangar which has got the world’s press in it and they put you on a stage and all those pictures you see if people holding up there Oscar they’re sort of taken on that stage and then they say would anyone like to talk to Peter Capaldi winner of the short film for 1995 have you got what is the theme of this show we don’t have we got one because it looks like they’re pretty easy to get yeah let me beam them you because I haven’t finished yet all that great fries even if you just win for a short film they treat you that you were there we were booked on economy to come back to London because obviously we’ve done that so far or back and I thought if I turn up at at the airport Los Angeles Airport I’m plate plates my Oscar surely I’ll get upgraded I didn’t it was great we handed right everybody in the economy held up the Oscar like a Night at the Opera people in the Titanic underneath we enjoyed the Oscar chap but I hate I go to the ward for that he won the hearts of the nation when he swam the channel for charity we’re not recording toy store at 4 so we were doing that it takes a long time boy you’re not proud of your lad back a 42 million books of this these days he just might win an Oscar

100 thoughts on “Tom Hanks On Becoming Forrest Gump – The Graham Norton Show

  1. I actually yelled Wilson when i saw him one day, i didn't know he didn't like, i was crazy when i saw him

  2. What amazing is when I watch son who just listened n didn't watch said 'did you watch toy story,mom? Coz that's woody I heard..'

  3. Back in 2009, I went to the UK when I was 16 and I fell in love with (authentic) fish & chips. I still have some binoculars from a play we saw that says "please return after use". Our tour guide persuaded me to take them lol, great guy

  4. Tom Hanks is an actor that you don't want to see grow old.
    He is defiantly one of my all time favourite actors of all time, maybe the favourite.

  5. Tome Hanks is a pedo! Ask him about the red shoe fedish. Ask him about the eyes wide shut Hollywood party's.

  6. Como o Tom Hanks é fofo!
    How tom Hanks are so cute!
    Peter Capaldi and your peoples's Oscar in airplane! The Doctor has a Oscar !
    And the other guy only can dream lol
    Great TV show!

  7. David always has that attitude over him. I for one am glad that Tom made that comment and shushed him. Props for Peter though for defending him

  8. To bad Tom is a left wing whackadoodle. Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies. I really like his acting. Too bad he has to be so public with his opinions.

  9. Tom Hanks flew with Epstein on the Lolita Express to Pedorapist Island…ffs!
    Gump is a child rapist it seems…

  10. Watching Bosom Buddies back in the early 80's, I never dreamed the young lead would one day turn into Tom Hanks.
    Coincidentally, the character he played in that sitcom was named Kip Wilson… or should I say WILSOOOON!

  11. My all time favourite film as a kid , way before I knew it was going through actual American history, then I was mind blown , greatest film ever made in my opinion, love from Uk 🇬🇧 x

  12. Tom plays dumbasses in most if his work and then he walks around like he's the most intelligent and enlightened person ever. Tom, you're a muppet!

  13. I swear one of my wishes in life is to see tom hanks here in the Philippines and yell "Run forrest run!". i hope i'll get to do that atleast once in my lifetime

  14. You all it to yourselves to answer this question: Was Tom Hanks on Epstein list of Hollywood elites to fly on the Lolita express to pedophile island?   And finally: Are you ok with that?

  15. 2:31 "lemme put it this way, it was also my last one (Oscar)."
    Fast forward to now, he's acting as Mr Rogers in the A Beautiful Day in The Neighborhood movie which he might (hopefully) win an Oscar for !

  16. Love how the three guests suddenly take over the show and improv a little comedy skit just from the concept of "A 2-time, a 1-time and a 0-time Oscar winner sits on a couch… go!".

  17. For some reason the comfort level in GN's show made me think the audience was like 20 people in like small foldable chairs or something. When they panned to that audience I was shocked.

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